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  1. when i changed tax to include vat price i can not reactivate them .blog not showing in front no more.in group settings
  2. I changed groups to include vat .Sitting with double blog settings .
  3. M5150

    mobile menu

    I found this free module .I uploaded it works but can it be modified for mobile and to add menu button maybe. maybe some one can play around with it . I would no where to start .im going to upload module.be cool if it worked on mobile. slideout.zip
  4. Bit Frustrated trying to setup this https://www.onasus.com/prestashop-module-free-catalague-mass-edition/catalogue-mass-editor/ to work . it connects through ftp .but i have to point to installation looking for thirty bees ftp directory. Has any body else got this to work with thirty bees. Thanks . Remember to back up .I just learnt the hard way .lost my whole data base. 300 products gone.Back to beginning .
  5. Im no expert everything by trial fire .Been on website i c you're images dont in large once clicking on them . I will have a look for you.
  6. Try and remove the hyphens ,semicolons in title .like example .Total Unwind Potion lavender&Orange&Sweet Basil. Thirty bees is great .I tried them all woo commerce ,open cart,Magento ,Presta shop. I upload my products with csv file in ods format .I had the same problem . try the top suggestion .I dont think product headings like hyphens and semi colons. clear browser cache and test in different browser.
  7. I had same problem with images not showing. So if you have 5 items with apple products. In the heading and say 2 show. Go to your product page heading try change the heading add something or make the tittle shorter.save it and check cattagorie images and product images should show. Also test in another browser. Clear browser cache. I had same problem cattagorie images wouldn't show.
  8. Try this i had a problem with uploading csv files .When uploading look at you're csv file that there are no incomplete data left behind ,delete them . should upload .use open office .convert to ods. format.
  9. I found the solution when uploading products with csv and some images show others dont .Go to the product and edit the product name save it there is conflicting name titles .change the tittle of the product save it and your product images will show.think its got to du with duplicate names are some thing in the product tittles
  10. I struggled to upload csv files and found this in the forum @hedgehog that's definitely enough memory. So the culprit must be somewhere else. Could you please try to modify this line in classes/Tools.php and change it to look like this: 'verify' => _PS_TOOL_DIR_.'cacert.pem',https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2380-2380/csv-product-import-error-copying-image/?page=0#comment-23653 after changing it i could upload csv file .you might have to regenerate images .
  11. M5150


    Since thirty bees using prestashop 1.6 modules. What happens to these modules when prestashop 1.6 reaches end of life. Will these modules still be updated for thirtybees. Just quick thought.
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