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  1. Hi sorry last few days I've not had the chance to get back on here. AHHH, what a great idea... haha, I should've thought of that really but that's brill. thanks so much.
  2. Hi, I am going to attempt to correct some google unstructured data errors myself - however, I can't seem to find which are the files that I edit directly in my cpanel file manager. So, for example, all the unparsable structured data errors I know are syntax errors and I've used google data testing tool and can see for myself where in the file it needs amending. However, I can't see anywhere what actual file that is. Where is the HTML hard coded files in the file directory please? (This will be my last question for a while haha I hope ;) Thanks in advance. Claire https://lovely-gifts.co.uk
  3. Bless you thank you. I've been reading and researching and I got the impression that if it's not relevant, I don't need to do anything. However, agree on the working progress of the overall website is my main goal. I shall focus on the parts that urgently need attending to and try my best to figure it all out. It's great to have this forum though and people like yourselves to just clarify things sometimes, especially since I'm not web code minded. Thanks so much for your guidance. Claire.
  4. Morning, yep done all of the above. I've started validation on Google so await the results. I've got lots of pages with warnings for missing field values such as price valid until, missing review field, missing brand etc... now, I don't have brands module enabled and I don't have expiry dates on prices of the products, therefore, do I need to concern myself with these warnings? Will they affect my ranking? If they are not relevant, should it not matter?
  5. Yep I've just cleared cache from back office dashboard just now but I did check the theme folder before... it says validation started so I guess I wait to see if that's fixed it right? Gosh this is so difficult haha I moved from zen cart because I thought this would be easier, which it is in many ways, but I never had these kind of errors before. ;/
  6. So I did it and Google says this: Cannot continue validation process Affected pages were found. Fix the issue and run validation again https://lovely-gifts.co.uk/blog/4-tips-to-keep-spiders-away-naturally https://lovely-gifts.co.uk/blog/essential-oils-for-tattoo-healing https://lovely-gifts.co.uk/blog/welcome-discount-at-lovely-gifts-pieces-2019 BELOW IS WHAT I DID AS PER ADVISE - <article> <div id="sdsblogArticle" class="clearfix beesblog-post-list-item"> <div id="beesblog-before-post"> {$displayBeesBlogBeforePost} </div> <article> <div class="clearfix beesblog-post-list-item"><div id="beesblog-post-{$post->id|intval}"></div>
  7. Thank you thank you thank you ;)... I found the files in my directory, it was just the rest of it haha. You are so kind. Ok I'll get that done.
  8. ok so that doesn't work.. I've tried reading the forum's and posts on the www. but I just don't understand it. I'm too thick for this!
  9. Would I perhaps change it to this: <div itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/BlogPost">
  10. Thanks so much for taking the time out to respond, it's much appreciated. I don't understand a lot of code jargon... I'm unsure as to what the fix is. I see where they are now in the files but unsure of what I'm supposed to put as itemtype and itemscope. .. thanks in advance.
  11. My apologies. The links it relates to are https://lovely-gifts.co.uk/blog https://lovely-gifts.co.uk/blog/4-tips-to-keep-spiders-away-naturally https://lovely-gifts.co.uk/blog/essential-oils-for-tattoo-healing https://lovely-gifts.co.uk/blog/what-actually-is-aromatherapy It's the thirtybees blog module that was already installed. Thanks
  12. Hi, So I've tried to figure out how and which files I go into to fix this problem. But as I'm not coder it's thrown me. Can someone please point me in the right direction....... This is my error(s) showing in Google webmaster: Unparsable structured dataInvalid value in field "itemtype"I can see it relates to my blog posts - so assume it's somewhere in there. What do I do and what should the itemtype be please? Thanks in advance, Claire
  13. Hello, as I've no real experience in css / html - I am unsure of how to put the homepage slider into the middle of the page. I removed the block that was on the right when originally installed thirtybees and I'm probably missing something else out I don't know. Can someone point me in the right direction please? www.lovely-gifts.co.uk Thanks in advance. Claire
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