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  1. So I finally got this sussed! Go to Positions ->Click Paypal Modules and this brings up all the hooks associated with. Under DisplayFooterProduct, which hooks modules to the front office product page and this is where you unhook the Paypal module and it removes it from the product page! 😎
  2. Hi haha ok thanks, I can find that out I'm sure but at least I have an idea where I need to be looking. Thanks. I'll update here when I find out.
  3. Hello, So I've been trying to figure this one out to no avail. I'd like to remove the paypal image from the product pages but keep it on the checkout page. If I disable express checkout in the paypal module, it removes the paypal button image from both product and checkout page. Is there any way around this without affecting the checkout page please? Thanks in advance, Claire
  4. Ok so stupid me... it's in combination's - add your list of scents/sizes etc and put into one product listing for the multibuy discount to work!
  5. Hi, So, I've got it set up to offer discounts on selected products/categories whereby you purchase 2 or more from that product line, you save per item. This is especially good for the home fragrances, bath bombs and soap slices categories. However, the discount is only applied if they put the same item in their cart - for eg: they add 1 apple spice simmering granule and 1 vanilla musk in the cart, it should in theory discount both items added from that category. But it doesn't. It only works if they put 2 of the same scent into the cart. I've put a message on the category pages to state that they can add to cart and message me afterwards with their chosen scents, but this may put off some people. Don't know if I'm missing something or not - is there a way to get the multi buy discounts to work from products within the same category? Thanks in advance, Claire
  6. You're a starlet! Thanks, so for now I have just changed the wording, which I think will make it clearer to potential buyers now. I've put 'Either pay via Paypal above or sign in to pay via stripe' Thank you for taking the time to respond. Claire
  7. Ok thank you - If I were to just change the wording then rather than remove it; will it be ok? If I did remove it, what might happen please? TIA 😉
  8. Can I ask, which file in the back end would I find this wording please? I'm thinking remove it from there - I clicked modify in the back office and got an error message about needing to get in touch with my host company
  9. Hi, sorry perhaps I didn't make it clear what I meant. It's not the language I need to change - I just don't want that wording to appear on my checkout page... I can't see how translations does this but I'm not a coder so maybe I'm being thick here /)
  10. Hi, So, I've been trying to figure out this one to no avail (I'm not a web designer/coder) - therefore, my knowledge is a bit limited, although I do always try to work these things out before asking in a forum. When customer is not logged in and they have an item in basket, on the check out page it has '3 Please Choose Your Payment Method' and underneath Log In To See Payment Methods' - I would really like to remove that wording if possible as I think it may put some people off checking out, or it confuses them as I have the option to checkout as a guest. Can this be achieved please and how so? Thanks in advance, Claire - https://lovely-gifts.co.uk
  11. Update: It seems to have sorted itself out. Don't know how or why - but they are now appearing. Regards, Claire
  12. Hey Slick Sorry I disappeared off the radar yesterday afternoon and evening. Today I'm having a 'mare with the internet and pages not loading, or loading very slow -frustrating to say the least. Anyway, I am adding the images via the backend in categories - overnight however, two of the images I uploaded that didn't show yesterday even after clearing my browser - they now appear! I am adding the images that are missing in the categories and hope perhaps the same thing happens again - that they just re-appear. It's not the product images that are the issue - it's the sub-category images - so I'll just see if they magically re-appear again in a few hours or something. Thanks . ;)
  13. Hey, So, I am trying to re-add some sub-category images (I stupidly deleted some that were in there already) but they don't appear on the front end of the website. They are there in the back office when I upload. What could be the reason for this please? I tried regenerating images and this has not worked. Cleared browser etc. Categories and Products are ticked in Preferences / Images What causes this to happen? Thanks in advance. My site https://lovely-gifts.co.uk Claire
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