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  1. LeeBrys

    Back to PrestaShop or stay with Thirty Bees ?

    @cdwebman I think your customer is making a good decision. I'm confident the TB community will grow faster in the coming year as support for 1.6 ends. We also had the tough decision between PS 1.7 and TB. We're in the U.S. and so far there are no sales tax calculation modules for 1.7 (that I could find). I'm surprised any shop of significant size in the U.S. can use PS 1.7 due to this. There are things I like about 1.7, but we are switching to Thirty Bees in the coming months. I would imagine there are many shops in the U.S. in our shoes, waiting until the last minute.
  2. LeeBrys

    Opinions on one page checkout

    Thanks for checking it out. If I decide to use it, it will be part of a custom theme. No intentions of developing it into a module.
  3. LeeBrys

    Opinions on one page checkout

    I've been trying to simplify the one page checkout and can't decide if I want to continue working on it or optimize the multi page checkout we've been using. The modules I've seen don't have the feel I'm going for. What do y'all think of it so far? Again, it's not done and some sections I haven't even touched yet (like vouchers, empty shopping cart, etc). I just want to get opinions before I put more time into it. Here it is on a demo site: [https://www.leebrys.com/30bees/](https://www.leebrys.com/30bees/)
  4. LeeBrys

    Remove Sub Category Images

    If you are using the default theme you can comment out lines 63 through 80 in the category.tpl folder. Be sure to use the proper smarty tags. i.e: {* unwanted content *}
  5. LeeBrys

    Shop Logo URL

    I also found your name in one of the javascripts as the store name. I was able to reproduce exactly what you are seeing in a test store. I verified that changing the store name under shop contacts updates the PS_SHOP_NAME in the tb_configuration database table. So I searched the database for the old name and found it in tb_shop. After changing it there and uploading a new logo the file name shows correct. Can you take a look at tb_shop and see if that solves the problem?
  6. LeeBrys

    Remove yellow from titles?

    If you're not comfortable changing your template css files, you can add custom css from the back office by going to Preferences, Custom Code, then add it to the appropriate field. Here is the css to change it to white. ``` .navbar-inverse .navbar-nav li a, .navbar-inverse .navbar-text, #blockcart-header, .btn-primary { color: #fff; } ```