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  1. AndyC


    Are you getting the same errors as I was . I didn't have any Tax rules setup , which was my issue in the end, seems to need it even though it is disabled
  2. AndyC


    SH!T I thought it was a PM removed.... thanks Renamed both now
  3. AndyC


    removed post as posted website details
  4. AndyC


    Hi Ever since I have upgraded I have been unable to edit any product in presstools.. I can use categories ,but not product. Am using the latest version of TB and the latest version of Panda I thought I would try and reinstall today by completely uploading a new folder.. It now works to a degree , but I have to scroll past about a 150 error lines before my products start It shows my entire address so leaving it out as it shows my website name - public html - my admin name - prestools name and then quoted below but ends in
  5. Thanks , Will try and take a look on my work PC tomorrow... I've just bought a new Laptop as well, but doubt it has anything to do with it... I also tried another browser with same result I do get this error with browser console
  6. I've upgraded my site and have Panda theme.. Can I ask has anyone used Prestools after upgrading.. I only ask as I was trying to use it tonight and cannot edit any products anymore. If I tick the box to edit nothing happens .. Works OK on categories though
  7. No idea tbh .. I do get messages , but no seen any missing yet
  8. AndyC

    Customer data privacy

    Just extra tick boxes for GDPR ... I've disabled mine and coped the text over to the normal and where it is suppose to be on the Terms and Conditions under shipping , otherwise customers have to tick twice
  9. Can you not just remove them from your database.. I've seen a few old modules showing in mine ,but haven't deleted them incase something goes wrong
  10. AndyC

    Check out module

    If that fails see 3 step checkout it is very good as well
  11. Thank you for the long awaited update, all seems to work OK with my sites and my my an_products module is still working which I am happy about
  12. Hi Datakick have sent you a PM with log in details and links
  13. OK .. Will clear all cache and try again
  14. Hi ..Have logged out of my account and acting as guest, clicking on customers email review I get that is sent to my email . I sent 1 though early for testing and it goes to authentication after I had done the alteration you advised
  15. Hi ...Have done so, but is still going to authentication for me
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