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  1. I'm using the No Captcha reCAPTCHA Module by thirty bees module. Since I started using it my spam is almost Zero
  2. Just means the page is loading to slowly, I think ... I had this all the time on my website till I upgraded to a better speed and the issue has never been back
  3. AndyC

    Facebook and Pixel

    Hi Does anyone know of a module that can connect TB to facebook business page that works. Can't seem to find 1.. I have a download version , but would prefer the alternative way
  4. I do when I see something new.. I know it's been the same for a long time , but it does catch my eye when it changes to a new post. Also you cover yourself when people start flooding you with errors about it , you can then say well it was on your Dashboard news 🙂
  5. Glad I read this first, otherwise I wouldn't have known.. Should this not be put where everyone can see it ,like on the Dash board under "thirty bees News"
  6. Is there anyone here that could create a simple TB to spreadsheet that would be compatible for uploading to a auction site Much like Ebay & facebook pixelfeed modules. Or how do you go about getting 1 made thanks
  7. OK thanks, wont take that chance... Was just hoping to tidy it up a bit .. Thank you
  8. Hi. Here is the review left by someone.. Is there a way to remove/ hide the 2 blank images..As you can see the images are missing.. It' not a issue really ,just looks untidy
  9. Anyone ever get to the bottom of this... I tried to send a WMA to a customer ,but can't seem to work out how.. Refunds are fine it's getting the customer to see it on their account
  10. Hi ,Been meaning to ask for a while now.Is there a way to delete images that are no longer available... I see there is a Image file under Revw, but there are no incorrect images , only the ones that are already showing correctly
  11. AndyC

    Add New Carrier

    Thanks I did. I tried again and found out the issue It now seems you have to have a "Maximum package weight (kg)" All my others were set to Zero (0.00), As soon as I put a weight in I could then save, removed it again and I couldn't save
  12. AndyC

    Add New Carrier

    Hi Yes it is sort of greyed out .... or feint, would think it means something is wrong that needs correcting. I've tried to edit every detail to get it to work.. I've edited another 1 to suite all my needs for now, but would like to improve it
  13. AndyC

    Add New Carrier

    Hi All I can't seem to add a new carrier to my store.. I have 4 already and need to duplicate 1 with a delay in dispatch .... I copied everything over manually as there is no copy option, but I just cannot finish.. There are no errors the finish button just doesn't let me finish. I've also tried every option available to to try and get it to accept.... Is there a way of copying thanks
  14. AndyC


    mmmmmm... Just started working again, haven't done anything out of the ordinary
  15. AndyC


    Since I couldn't get matomo to work I've tried a few alternatives. Each of the have had the same issue, installed and no visit recorded on any of them even the trusty statcounter. What could cause something like this to happen,as is surely pointing the either the Theme, TB or Database
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