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    though emails thank goodness , not contact form
  2. AndyC


    Hi All Over the past few hours I have received about 50 emails from badbot so far and they keep rolling in from differnt IP's it does say Amazon.com & data services but don't know if that means anything Should I be concerned / what can I do my end thanks
  3. AndyC

    Payment module

    Hi All (TB 1.5.1 - PHP 8 - Panda Theme) I have gotten round to adding stripe to my website. But it seems to have knock out my Custom Payment Module. While it is not a huge issue,it is nice to have when people don't trust payments from websites (yes I have had a few) I currently also have Nochex PayPal & now Stripe which would make 4 in total.... Also,how can I move these options around if I need to. Thanks
  4. Looks like there are more than 30 bees there
  5. Hi all Is it at all possible to add a message on the admin orders page. It's more about reminders. Thanks
  6. Hi I went and tried again this morning and it all worked fine. So no idea why it did that
  7. Any Help please Got this error come back while trying to edit a discount.. Not good enough to work it out myself, I wish I could though. Also, received the email error, but has URL details in Thank-you
  8. Found a few.. Can anyone recommend infinite scroll by Knowband as theirs seems OK
  9. Is that what it's called.. I may have more luck then ... Thanks
  10. Hi I've looked around but can't seem to find 1 for TB.. I was wondering if there was a auto page/scroll for you product. I see websites have gotten rid of page numbers, was wondering if there was 1 for TB
  11. Hi Does this include pricing now ,ie so you can now charge for text or a add a price to a dropdown
  12. AndyC


    Hi Want to get it all up and running on the latest core and modules theme as well Panda theme Product Fields manager v2.4.2 - by Anvanto ( later versions don't seem to work) Nochex APC Module v2.2 - by Nochex are the most important modules .Although Fields manager plays havoc with any payment module and has had to be modified to work
  13. AndyC


    I want to pay as I have some modules that may cause issues . I failed to upgrade myself so would prefer someone else to do it... I can ask on People per hour but would prefer it to be done my 1 of the team here
  14. AndyC


    I know it's been a long time since this post but I think it is time I bit the bullet and upgraded What is required if I buy the upgrade to the latest version as it doesn't really say. thanks
  15. Hard to say as it's all automated... I can try and email him and ask what might have happened and if he can help at all
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