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  1. ..Just when I thought all was going well I find this module is STILL giving grief... It works fine for me ,but a customer has emailed me saying they fill everything out but it wont let them checkout so I have no idea how many other people this has affected All I need is a way to add a fee to text boxes + a drop down list with a fee and a tick box to add extras with a fee .If possible include a single image and be in a tab... I emailed the guy above and never got a response.. How much would it cost to do something like this in a module form
  2. But if you get stuck use the panda forum or search as there will be a post about it already
  3. AndyC

    Belvg Theme

    Hi Made capital C small and it seemed to install but there is no Select a theme under preferences / themes but did get warning messages pop up (I've had to edit all lines to hide for security)
  4. AndyC

    Belvg Theme

    Yes I gathered that , I put the config.xml that was outside in and re-zipped it but it still failed to install Is this a proper config.xml I have uploaded Config.xml
  5. AndyC

    Belvg Theme

    Hi All I am trying to install a theme from Belvg but when I go to install the theme I get this error message Uploaded zip file doesn't contain config.xml file. It is not a valid theme package .. I have checked and it is a 1.6 theme and turned on debug mode but nothing showed up mode. Any help appreciated
  6. AndyC


    Hi. Just a quick question about Addresses Most of you obviously use the same payment methods like PayPal and Stripe. Is there a way to stop the customer having to enter their addresses twice , once on the website and then again when checking out. I have 3 payment methods and all 3 you have to enter your address again (unless you log into PayPal) ..Or is this just par of the course and have to live with it. Or is there a way around this thanks
  7. Hi Have been trying to add Nochex to my 2nd site but it is not showing up at checkout, All I have is PayPal in the drop down list thanks
  8. Was intrigued by the new addition and had a look. OK I see now , if you use the tick it is there .. Makes sense now thanks for the improvement ... Now if someone could just get rid of the "In Stock / Availability " boxes it would be great for me as i still haven't sorted that bit out
  9. Ever since I installed and setup No Captcha reCAPTCHA Module I have not received a single email. I was getting around a thousand a day
  10. Error Permission denied page cannot see anything resembling efivfj and have gone over every link on the email , they all say email action id.. Suppose I will have to wait until a customer contacts me asking why they can't leave a review
  11. I thought it may be un-subscribe , but I see it says unsubscribe&secret in the link so it isn't that. Any ideas as to how this could happen
  12. Sorry another weird issue It's the 3rd 1 I have seen where revws URL brings up Error Permission denied page, does thsi link make any sense https://www.mywebsite.co.uk/module/revws/EmailAction?id=43&action=efivfj&product-id=142&rating=3&secret=92748d03aafbbdce2e738aa6e99b9c3a I've just made a test purchase and all went as it should with being signed into my account and not signed in
  13. Oh yeah .. Forgot about that 1, I have also been caught out like this before too
  14. try clearing all cache, also if you have cloudflare on hosting
  15. AndyC

    New Panda Update

    Yeah I see now, I was just copying and pasting those bits. Yes never got mine sorted either If I have to I can as I have a list of edits I need to do ,but is such a pain lol
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