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  1. Hi Have looked everywhere and don't have a webpoint folder or files
  2. No, but am still waiting for wrong country under company name
  3. I think you may be after the same thing I did that worked .Go to live view and there should be a removal button to delete the paypal button.. I know there are other ways ,bu tit was the easiest..Oops I see you say product pages , so may not work there.. If not try the positions there may be a way to remove there too
  4. Sorry 🙂 ..You did say that 😁
  5. AndyC

    Payment Method

    Why do I always seem to have issues with payment modules.... ex PayPal was working great on my 1 checkout module ,I am upgrading to Chex module but I get the same old return to checkout rather than going to PayPal so I can pay
  6. Also may have found another issue.. When using social log in ie logging in via facebook.When checking out it is still asking me for my name ..It should only just ask me for my address as the name is already there
  7. Find images under preferences / admin and regenerate them all and see if that works
  8. Gave up waiting for a extended trial and bought it Although I do have a problem with it already... I have added extras and they don't show up when you go though to checkout out. Also having a issue with payments not working correctly Image just a example of what is needed ..Hopefully it can be done
  9. It is a PDF .. It's the delivery note image I've added. I don't use invoice as the customer can do it themselves if they need to
  10. Hi Under orders tab when I go to print out either a Invoice or Delivery Slip on a order I end up with with the wrong country under my Shop Name.. I did a quick google search and there was 1 that said put the country under Contact details. But hasn't made a difference , it still says United States.. Any other ideas as to how I can get it to say United Kingdom Using Latest Version and Panda 1.5.1
  11. I know you would think these dev's would jump at the chance to revive their dead 1.6 modules as 1.7 is now the version
  12. Yes with signut.. Am pretty sure UK is Length, Width and Height as said
  13. I'm still waiting to find out what they all mean from a post from last year I think.. If there is no way to understand them I would also like to stop getting them
  14. I've had this before..Clear all your cache, browser in admin and host .. I think what is happening it is picking up a outdated version.. You may be different but try anyway
  15. I would update first to the latest versions of panda 1.5.3 and TB 1.1.0
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