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  1. Hi Have been trying to add Nochex to my 2nd site but it is not showing up at checkout, All I have is PayPal in the drop down list thanks
  2. Was intrigued by the new addition and had a look. OK I see now , if you use the tick it is there .. Makes sense now thanks for the improvement ... Now if someone could just get rid of the "In Stock / Availability " boxes it would be great for me as i still haven't sorted that bit out
  3. Ever since I installed and setup No Captcha reCAPTCHA Module I have not received a single email. I was getting around a thousand a day
  4. Error Permission denied page cannot see anything resembling efivfj and have gone over every link on the email , they all say email action id.. Suppose I will have to wait until a customer contacts me asking why they can't leave a review
  5. I thought it may be un-subscribe , but I see it says unsubscribe&secret in the link so it isn't that. Any ideas as to how this could happen
  6. Sorry another weird issue It's the 3rd 1 I have seen where revws URL brings up Error Permission denied page, does thsi link make any sense https://www.mywebsite.co.uk/module/revws/EmailAction?id=43&action=efivfj&product-id=142&rating=3&secret=92748d03aafbbdce2e738aa6e99b9c3a I've just made a test purchase and all went as it should with being signed into my account and not signed in
  7. Oh yeah .. Forgot about that 1, I have also been caught out like this before too
  8. try clearing all cache, also if you have cloudflare on hosting
  9. AndyC

    New Panda Update

    Yeah I see now, I was just copying and pasting those bits. Yes never got mine sorted either If I have to I can as I have a list of edits I need to do ,but is such a pain lol
  10. AndyC

    New Panda Update

    There is a new Panda update which came out yesterday. V1.5.4 for TB 1.1.0 Last update: July 4, 2020 How is the best way to upgrade to the new version so you don't have to go though the whole process of having to edit all your files Are you able to just modify these files or is there more that that to do Changelog ----- Modified themes/panda/modules/productscategory/productscategory.tpl Modified themes/panda/js/cart-summary.js Modified themes/panda/css/rtl.css Modified themes/panda/sass/rtl.scss Modified modules/stthemeeditor/config.xml Modified modules/stthemeeditor/stthemeeditor.php Modified modules/stthemeeditor/DemoStore.php Modified modules/stowlcarousel/views/templates/hook/stowlcarousel-script.tpl Modified modules/stinstagram/stinstagram.php Modified modules/stinstagram/config.xml Added modules/stinstagram/upgrade/install-1.1.php Added modules/stinstagram/upgrade Modified modules/stinstagram/views/css/admin.css Modified modules/stinstagram/views/js/stinstagram.js Modified modules/stinstagram/views/templates/hook/stinstagram-footer.tpl Modified modules/stinstagram/views/templates/hook/stinstagram.tpl Modified modules/stinstagram/views/templates/hook/user-form.tpl Modified modules/stmegamenu/stmegamenu.php
  11. Thanks for this answer.. Has been 1 of my questions to get answered
  12. Which version are you using of PayPal ,PS or TB & what checkout system are you using + which version on TB . Any other info you can give
  13. It's been a while since I used them , so not sure.. I am taking money but haven't finished signing up lol so can't withdraw money yet ... So it does make a good savings bank.. I need to send in a bank statement but with banks closed it makes in neigh impossible as everything is paperless
  14. If you can add costs to that and add a text box with a cost I would jump in too
  15. Have you added shipping weight in the product this is what my shipping looks like under my products
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