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  1. That is pretty neat 🙂 ...I understand ,I suppose what I have is better then a no working solution.. What upset me most it must have been down for ages before I found out. return customer took the time to call me and tell me. I bought chex hoping it would work but it's falls well short on my site
  2. Quick question ..Was looking on mobile and the terms conditions tick box was tiny and hard to see also any chance you can force payment boxes to a size limit
  3. Great work ..Working perfectly for me ,including facebook log in ..Although I now do realize I had the order-address.js in the wrong place 😁
  4. Thanks,Tried that .But found another issue ..Happened to log out and can't log back in with facebook 😞
  5. Hi As my knowband checkout is rubbish and failing terribly I thought I would try this as I have panda. I used this post and all goes well until I get to carriers.As you can see by image there is nothing there.. I went though all the files again to make sure I did it right ..Even tried changing OrderController.php to orderController.php. If I put it back into 1 step checkout all is OK ..What could be the issue
  6. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    Seems that way .. I now have 2 cart modules that don't work
  7. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    Had a old customer call me up and said he was having issues going though checkout , I got him though it then he had problems paying with PayPal (the Prestashop version) but it wouldn't let him pay saying address was missing.. The TB version just sends me to a not found page .. Explains why I have had so many abandon carts...Thing is if I use them all works fine so I think nothing is wrong
  8. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    No it's different ,but have disabled it for now ... Just can't afford to keep spending money as have made 1 sale in 3 months
  9. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    Did you get the module.. Checkout has been the bane of my life ever since I changed over ,I really need this 1 to work as the paypal module doesn't work either
  10. Firstly delete your admin page ASAP ...I would also change it now I can't for the life of me remember what I did to get it back when I lost my password and couldn't reset ..But first try reset 2nd I managed to find this ,maybe give this a try https://mypresta.eu/en/art/tips-and-tricks/a-better-way-to-restore-prestashop-admin-password.html Also maybe try updating to the latest version if you are able to
  11. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    Sure thing .on it's way.. It has been adapted by nochex as well but obviously there is still a issue. Sorry should also add I am on the latest versions of TB and Panda with a slightly older version of Knowbands Super checkout
  12. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    ahhh never done that before .Thanks ..this is what I get Don't know if it's important or not but line 1036 is a red line
  13. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    yes looked at it but have no idea what that means or does , just a whole lot of numbers
  14. AndyC

    Checkout Test

    OK done have also cleared cache
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