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  1. AndyC

    Admin Best Seller Tab

    Doesn't bother me would just like to see my best sellers since I started, so I know what's selling best and more importantly what is not. Zencart used to have this function and it was really helpful
  2. Hi I was wondering if there was a way to remove the date from the Best Sellers tab in admin, normally the center bit of your Admin . So in other words it will give me what are my best sellers since I started with TB. As at the moment I have to keep changing the date to see what i want and doesn't always work very well. Oh and also increase the amount from 50 to say 100 Not talking about Best sellers on a website,only in admin
  3. Thanks, have used consequences model ... I prefer not to medal with core code and much prefer adding code to custom code where I can,or use a module
  4. Also waiting for a solution.. Want to disable sending a email when entering a number
  5. Isn't it on there already, with Panda it is If you want to add a Barcode this is what I use ie <p id="product_ean13"{if empty($product->ean13) || !$product->ean13} style="display: none;"{/if}> <label>{l s='EAN: '} </label> <span {if !empty($product->ean13) && $product->ean13} content="{$product->ean13}"{/if}>{$product->ean13|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</span> {if $enable_google_rich_snippets}<meta itemprop="gtin13" content="{$product->ean13|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" />{/if}
  6. I'm using the No Captcha reCAPTCHA Module by thirty bees module. Since I started using it my spam is almost Zero
  7. Just means the page is loading to slowly, I think ... I had this all the time on my website till I upgraded to a better speed and the issue has never been back
  8. AndyC

    Facebook and Pixel

    Hi Does anyone know of a module that can connect TB to facebook business page that works. Can't seem to find 1.. I have a download version , but would prefer the alternative way
  9. I do when I see something new.. I know it's been the same for a long time , but it does catch my eye when it changes to a new post. Also you cover yourself when people start flooding you with errors about it , you can then say well it was on your Dashboard news 🙂
  10. Glad I read this first, otherwise I wouldn't have known.. Should this not be put where everyone can see it ,like on the Dash board under "thirty bees News"
  11. Is there anyone here that could create a simple TB to spreadsheet that would be compatible for uploading to a auction site Much like Ebay & facebook pixelfeed modules. Or how do you go about getting 1 made thanks
  12. OK thanks, wont take that chance... Was just hoping to tidy it up a bit .. Thank you
  13. Hi. Here is the review left by someone.. Is there a way to remove/ hide the 2 blank images..As you can see the images are missing.. It' not a issue really ,just looks untidy
  14. Anyone ever get to the bottom of this... I tried to send a WMA to a customer ,but can't seem to work out how.. Refunds are fine it's getting the customer to see it on their account
  15. Hi ,Been meaning to ask for a while now.Is there a way to delete images that are no longer available... I see there is a Image file under Revw, but there are no incorrect images , only the ones that are already showing correctly
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