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  1. Have you not accidentally disabled it , ie turned it off , or changed the seo Can you not restore from your host site..
  2. Yeah sure , will PM you. Just so you know I have messed up the review email, the stars boxes are missing now, just haven't gotten round it fixing it yet
  3. I have the Panda theme , and a few times a module has gone all funny ,Ie putting tabs all over the page or some other oddity.. What I have found to work is to completely remove the module by in installing and deleting files ,then restoring everything, that has worked for a couple of things.. I think the hooks get reset as well
  4. Have you tried Consistency checks by datakick. It can often solve issues ,,it has for me in the past Also which payment methods are not showing up , knowing which 1 may get more help
  5. I normally say Gift sector .. As it's tankards/hip flasks etc
  6. Actually a good 1.. Fonts seem to be a page killer and a few others too
  7. I would take this route to start with.. The TB google captcha is brilliant.. I used to get literally thousands of emails until I started using it..Not 1 since Good luck though
  8. I was doing around 120 or so with 4 options and got a time out
  9. I was just asking as every guest who tries to leave a review only gets as far as the log in page and never goes further as if they can't log in.. As the last page they are on is the log in page
  10. Hi Is there a way I can get people to go straight to the product rather than to the sign in page.. I am loosing a lot of reviews as people can't get to the product, as most of my orders are done by guests. works for me but I do have a account, seems to be guest accounts that are being asked to log in first
  11. Already sent to Data kick but essentially 1.Add costs to text boxes and tick boxes + drop down list ..Also make them available in a tab on product page. Use the 3 page checkout that was made instead of the 5 ..It does work really well too Search section really needs improving
  12. AndyC


    It only seems to be colours that does this, very annoying
  13. I would stay away from Siteground, I had endless problems with them.. They have awful limits and my 1 script which updates google shopping was a nightmare. I do how ever wish I had gone over to A2 rather than who I am with now
  14. AndyC


    It's Now Wednesday and have just gone onto my site and the price colour has now changed to Red as it should be below... I haven't touched my site since Monday
  15. AndyC

    Guest Tracking

    Thanks I have remove the link in shipping already. I guess I'll have to think up something to say that reflects to both but no link
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