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  1. Yes it is .. Every module I have had including zencart has never had the correct option and you always have to edit text to correct this. Then every update it is yet another thing to remember where it is
  2. Module is coming along nicely ... Can I ask 1 for the people in the UK .. We don't use States , we have "County" Any chance there could be a option to choose either
  3. Been experimenting a bit with the module.. Am I imagining it or has the name changed from Chex... Anyway my question on the state drop down list I have my normal live ones that people can click on but also have the list of disabled States in the drop down list but greyed out ( I can't screen shot as list disappears every time I try ) .. In countries list in TB they are all disabled with a red X.. Apart from deleting them from the country list in TB is there a way to remove the greyed out drop down list
  4. I too actually like Chex , sadly I bought Knowband checkout first as Datakick had only just started developing it.. But yes it does need a error message then if even just a line in red if something is amiss.. But thanks for managing to point me in the right direction.. I've only just upgraded tonight... Am loving the way you can change details and add new items
  5. Oh bugger .. I see your point .. I am East Sussex with facebook .. I had West Sussex as my county .. So they didn't match .. Now that I have corrected on my account it is fine at checkout ...oops me at fault again
  6. Do you mean at checkout ..It's just blank ..Hop you can see it as I had to make it quite small to fit into 1 screenshot
  7. Please can I ask a general question ... I've got the full module installed TB 1.1.0 Chex 0.5.0 If I log in with my facebook account (that has my address registered under account) if I then checkout I am asked to fill out my address again ... If I do this on my Knowband website it doesn't ask me to fill out my address again.. Although if I make a account (via log in) it seems to work fine
  8. AndyC

    Google Search console

    @rubben1985 .. I found a site that helps with redirects and it gave me from the first / ... It worked fine Have to leave out https website address Been going though my old version of website on another hosting and found my last sitemap file , so will try and work from that
  9. AndyC

    Google Search console

    Not really. A lot of product names have changed somehow when importing them .. My real problem is trying to get hold of the old URL's ... I still have the old version sql database, but not sure if they are kept in there or if I can retrieve them
  10. AndyC

    Google Search console

    Hi ..OK just figured it out ,have to use only from the first / and not site url and my first 1 is forwarding to right url .. Was always trying to use https etc which is why it was always failing..Will have to be next on my list as I am almost finished tidying up my meta descriptions Redirect 301 /es/concepto-lesielle-cosmetica-personalizada/13 /es/concepto-lesielle-cosmetica-personalizada_13
  11. AndyC

    Google Search console

    It would be 1 at a time as I will have to go though the list and find the new live link
  12. AndyC

    Google Search console

    I do have a list of old urls , but everything I have tried leads to errors with TB as not sure how to do a redirect correctly for multiple urls
  13. AndyC

    Google Search console

    Yeah the order I mentioned was a repeat customer. I remembered the name as it so unusual. But will keep plugging away and finding things to improve
  14. AndyC

    Google Search console

    Yes I have tested payments and so has Knowband tested it all too. Also had a order about a month ago.. I have matomo installed and it shows you when someone goes though the checkout
  15. AndyC

    Google Search console

    Yeah I have json installed and filled in.. I see the errors on the link but have no way of figuring them out or how to fix it. I know they only warnings
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