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  1. Sorted it .. I used the main folder and did the changes using winmerge required to get me back to where I was before thanks
  2. I've upgraded my Panda ...But can I ask have there been any changes to the product.tpl... Every time I mess with it it goes back to the default layout and my tabs are missing thanks
  3. It was only a trial run with my product.. I have had tabs added to my site and will take a bit more work. I have a engraving section that unfortunately takes a lot of space , so have to do some file merging
  4. 1st update attempt failed .. Featured products and panda blog ended up a single line down the middle of the page rather than as a slider
  5. Thanks.... I'll try and upgrade this weekend... I've a few mods to sort out as well first on the Product.tpl as I can assume those will be overridden
  6. Oh OK ... I'll wait for the official update as well as Have some backing up to do first as I have a couple of files that have been changed so they will get overridden
  7. That's weird ...Why am I up to date but lower than you are at 1.1.5
  8. AndyC

    Product Features

    hi I was just talking about the features tab when adding new products .With things like width , length etc.. I only as because all my products on google search have warnings because I don't have info showing.90% of it is on my website already..For example I have the Full rewvs module ..I think there are only a few missing for the global identifier.Obviously descriptions are there etc
  9. AndyC

    Product Features

    Hi Just a quick question regarding features.... Is it better to use the Product Features tab or is it any better to have it on the product page ...Or even on both thanks
  10. lol I had this as well, but yes browser or in my case cloudflare also causes this.Happened after upgrading to 1.1.0
  11. KnowBand will more than likely fix for you (We should really get them on board for TB) , they spent weeks on their google shopping module for me and I think they have done it in the end
  12. Which 1 , not that I can help with that but knowing which 1 may help with others
  13. By the way I have done this and given them the file and they said they would correct the issue
  14. I know Panda is ... Why not just upgrade and find out as you can always revert back again if there is an issue .Like I had to with my checkout until it was fixed
  15. I tried many places and couldn't get it to work.. In the end I used the google module and and was very simple to setup