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  1. mmmmm Have I installed the wrong 1. it looks as though you still pay on my site Ignore overlap for now ..May be Braintree causing a issue
  2. I've started with 2 checkout as I want PayPal as a option as well... I know this is off topic but have just lost another sale (not the first) because they can't see the payment option.. I wish they would remove this
  3. OK. I am willing to try 1 .Or at least look at how it run on TB. Which ones can you recommend to be reliable and trustworthy
  4. Not a bug per say... But asking anyway... Can you remove the Demo button and replace it with Clear cache .. I've come close a few times to hitting it
  5. Yes I know .. But I don't store any card details ..All I store is the name and Postal Code and a Transaction Id that is only located in braintree.
  6. Used to use stripe but you leave your website to pay ..Well it used to that's why I left it for Braintree.. Or have things changed TB.. Zencart when people paid you left your site and went over to stripe url ,much like PayPal
  7. Hi .. I was just going by what I was advised at the time of started with Braintree so I have stuck with them as they have PayPal included. I would like to move away from having to be PCI compliant as it's just 1 less hassle Are there any (preferably) free modules now that let you take card payments from your website. I have seen 2 new ones arrive ..Are they any good
  8. Well if it failing PCI it doesn't just mean me .Anyone using Braintree is trading illegally. I don't really know but if there are vulnerabilities it can't be good for shoppers knowing they can have their details stolen. So there must be other modules that are in the same boat
  9. Have you enabled debug mode to see if there is a error
  10. More out of curiosity which Preferred Method does everyone use for getting people to create a account 1. Only Account creation 2. Standard account with address
  11. I have some additional coding on my Panda product page like tabs but am finding it difficult to merge files and it never seems to work for me and always seem to end up with a 500 error.Am using win merge. When I updated from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1 I just used the same tpl , but there seems to be more changes than last time and I am not really sure if it is my tab code is the cause of the issue thanks
  12. Just had a reply back and there is no way around it, I have to update.. My only alternative is to find another solution that will work with being able to take credit card details on site and include paypal
  13. Yes from Security Metrics .Anyone who uses Braintree needs this I've copied and pasted the failed results
  14. Hi I am trying to pass my certificate to be able to take money via my website directly.and am now down to my last 3. Quoted from my host company that has been helping me How can I go about finding these . I suppose if it's a module I will have to either disable or remove it till it's higher
  15. AndyC

    Search Module

    Yes a single word normally gives correct results , but 2 or more doesn't seem to do right.. Although using glass possibly wasn't my best example as I have many Thanks colorful-ant , I understand that point , I'll have to update with variations of words
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