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  1. I've always used SMTP as was once told it was the better option .If it's true or not I don't really know ,but don't get any issues with emails
  2. AndyC

    Error with a module

    Did a search and it may be your friendly URL's causing a issue .
  3. AndyC


    Thanks , I'll try that first as I can easily restore my site
  4. AndyC


    Had a look and there is indeed a update, will give it s shot this weekend , I gather it is just an un-install and reinstall
  5. AndyC


    Only have the community theme at the moment , but if theme comes with a 1 page checkout I may just buy it ,but would like to see it first
  6. AndyC

    Message for Lesley

    I am surprised he hasn't replied .. He has Pm'ed me 10 days ago about stuff.. I'm sure he will now once he sees this message
  7. I had a similar issue when I first set up ( couldn't sign up) .. I started from scratched and did 1 country at a time ...also try leave the postcode blank that gave me a hard time too
  8. AndyC


    Thanks.. I've already got that 1 and although it's nice it keeps breaking.. Right now I can't make any changes and it just disables itself when I do . The only way to get ti working again is to do a site restore
  9. WHat sort of error messages do you get. Try disabling all add ons and try. Double check address settings
  10. AndyC


    Do you have the 1 page checkout for this ,if so is it any good Thanks
  11. AndyC

    installing a presta module

    Or reset your website to a time before you did the change ... Although you should try and uninstall it first then remove via ftp
  12. I know you can remove the telephone number from module Configure Block Contact , not to sure about the rest
  13. AndyC

    Google Search Console

    I'm into Pewter.. For the past 8 years Xmas is my best time of year , but used to get quite a few order each month .. In January I compared 2018 to 2017 and was down by about 2 thousand pounds for the year ..Needless to say I was not happy
  14. AndyC

    Google Search Console

    There was google update near the end of last year that did the same to my main zencart shop , looked exactly the same
  15. AndyC

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    Judging by what's been said ,if you remove you wont see module updates until they finish the core updater