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  1. although have you tried the module " Product Accessories v1.5 - by Presto-Changeo " .. I loved it but I can't add to cart I need a page refresh after every add to cart
  2. there must be a way as this is my accessories
  3. Hi Can you explain a bit more or have a step guide please, mine are huge and have been wanting to make them smaller ,just hasn't been high on the agenda as it works
  4. All this take time especially during this time . We've been waiting for stuff to be done with attorneys and it'll be a year next week and it still hasn't completed, although we got a email 3 months ago saying it's nearly done hahahaha
  5. AndyC

    Panda Theme Users

    Sorry haylau have only just seen your post, yeah it was enabled but I must have un-ticked the box to show in tab.. I have it working now but things are in the wrong place.. I tried with a product.tpl from a new download of TB and the issue was still there. But when I now have a product open on the left side I get a square which looks like it's got no recent views and on the right side I have a number of recent views for example 5 which should be the number in the small circle as per images. It must be javascript error as it obviously says it. I have tried un-installing and installing again
  6. AndyC

    Customer data privacy

    Datakicks consistency checks fixed HTML issue , fab
  7. AndyC

    Customer data privacy

    That's ok ...I going to have to try HTML block to see if I can get it there.. Just can't figure out why it's saying Controller not found ,as far as I know that's something I have never touched
  8. AndyC

    Customer data privacy

    I've just tried HTML block and it is saying controller not found ???? Tried to reset and uninstall still saying the same thing
  9. AndyC

    Customer data privacy

    thanks.. How did you get it to show in the same place. I tried to look lol but you don't see it till the end of you checkout
  10. AndyC

    Customer data privacy

    At the moment I have just put a message in red to tick box and I already have a order come though in the half an hour I did it .. But it doesn't look professional
  11. AndyC

    Customer data privacy

    Hi. it's not font sizes, if you look at the ticked box the text starts at the box whereas the customer data privacy starts below the box ,hence the red text I have written.. Would also like to bold the boxes if possible to make them stand out a little. I get a lot and I mean a lot of abandon carts that end at registration with repeat hits on matomo where customers have tried to sign up repeatedly then just go away.. On my previous cart I would get 1 or 2 of these a months
  12. Can I get some help please. After seeing yet another failed order as they don't go past the registration page and have multiple pages shown on Matomo.. I am beginning to wonder if it is this as I have noticed on a mobile it is very feint and you can't really see it.. Is there a way to bold the box and have some text like datakicks reviews below as it makes it obvious there is a tick box then
  13. AndyC

    Can't add to cart

    I accidentally renamed Cart block mod as it was also under theme's modules, so I gather it is needed in both
  14. AndyC

    Can't add to cart

    Don't worry now have fixed issue
  15. AndyC

    Can't add to cart

    Hi Please can I have some help .. I have just noticed today that I cannot add products to cart anymore .. I've restored my site back by a month, Disabled debug section 1 by 1,doesn't show up any error, have turned off all ccc cleared cache etc multiple times If I refresh the page it gets added to cart. I think it is something to do with ajax Am using bleeding edge version , have gone back to DNS 7.2 and am using Panda theme
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