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  1. hedgehog

    Itemprop tags within product description

    Wow thank you so much! This actually helped. Editor still deletes span tags, and automatically edits source code a little bit, but now i was able to use itemprop tag within div, which solved my problem. Tested markup in the google tool right now and it recognizes the markup just fine.
  2. hedgehog

    Possible bug with SMTP Email v1.0.8

    Okay, maybe false positive error then? Have you tried to place an order on your store to check if mails working?
  3. hedgehog

    Possible bug with SMTP Email v1.0.8

    For me, changing the email config via different browser (IE instead of chrome) worked well. Also one strange thing - it may still say that there is an error during authentification, when you change the settings; but actually everything works ok, so it's like false positive error notification or something.
  4. Is there any way to use itemprop tags within product descriptions? Whenever i try to attribute itemprop to <p> <div> <span> or any other tag via source code editor (on product edit page), it just get corrected back to <p>/<span>/<div> without itemprop attribute. For example, if i want to use those tags within my content https://health-lifesci.schema.org/Drug . Same thing with both tb and ps
  5. hedgehog

    Custom canonical urls

    The urls are not duplicate, the names too. But the descriptions are identical. So it will be a duplicated content for google. And if someone links to the 2nd product, the link juice will not pass to the 1st product as I'd want (if no canonical tags are set)
  6. hedgehog

    Custom canonical urls

    is there any plans adding it in the next versions, by chance?
  7. hedgehog

    Custom canonical urls

    Its the page which you consider the main one, and want it to be shown in google instead of the other, duplicated page. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/139066?hl=en
  8. hedgehog

    Custom canonical urls

    I have a lot of mostly identical products, e.g "marbles 20pcs" and "marbles 50pcs". So, i want to make a "marbles 20pcs" a canonical page, and place a relevant canonical tag on the "marbles 50pcs" product page. Is there any way to do it? There is a paid plugin for PS but no options for TB. I know that the best solution would be to merge the two products into one with options but still would be great to have an opportunity to edit canonical. Right now they just point to the product page itself, with no way to edit it.
  9. hedgehog

    Possible bug with SMTP Email v1.0.8

    I've had the same problem. Admin panel says Failed to authenticate on SMTP server when i try to send test email. But for some reason test emails are ok with IE (before that i was using chrome). Also, i've noticed that mail passwords are stored in the database as plain text - is it supposed to be like that? Seems like a security issue
  10. hedgehog

    Cannot add new category in Bees blog module

    Tried again on the different store and category added without any errors. Still does not work on 1st store, dont know why
  11. Whenever I try to add a new category in blog module, I got 500 error. Server logs show the following error: [Fri Jan 04 06:41:22.389934 2019] [:error] [pid 106490] [client ip:46291] PHP Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 5 in /var/www/www-root/data/www/domain.com/modules/beesblog/controllers/admin/AdminBeesBlogCategoryController.php on line 378, referer: http://domain.com/admin###/index.php?controller=AdminBeesBlogCategory&addbees_blog_category&token=c004163d7e98cfad041ebe500041765f [Fri Jan 04 06:41:22.390009 2019] [:error] [pid 106490] [client ip:46291] PHP Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /var/www/www-root/data/www/domain.com/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 306, referer: http://domain.com/admin###/index.php?controller=AdminBeesBlogCategory&addbees_blog_category&token=c004163d7e98cfad041ebe500041765f
  12. hedgehog

    duplicate TB website

    @piet so, in multistore, i can delete all products from 2nd store and upload the new ones, and the 1st store will stay the same (unchanged) am i right?
  13. hedgehog

    duplicate TB website

    @the-rampage-rado Oh i'm not sure if this will work, since i need 2nd copy which later can be edited independently of the 1st website. I'm planning to delete all the products/categories on the new website, so i will end up with 2 websites with different products, just with the same design/settings. So if i will just point 2nd domain to the 1st website i think this won't work this way
  14. hedgehog

    duplicate TB website

    Is it possible to duplicate my TB website? I have a TB website set up, will all the design/setting i need. Can i just copy it to the another domain? So i can have multiple similar sites, rather than installing a new TB website and making all things i need from scratch.
  15. hedgehog

    CSV product import - Error copying image

    @traumflug said in [CSV product import \- Error copying image](/post/23713): >Where is this message which confused you? ![alt text](https://i.gyazo.com/aa5316dc998438f1def8892f9a1b7d61.png) Here, on the right side of the screen ("Available fields") when you choose "products" on "What do you want to import?" list. Also, @traumflug said in [CSV product import \- Error copying image](/post/23713): > Whether , or ; gets used inside fields is configurable. It is configurable only if you upload CSV, but it's not the case for xlsx