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Where can I change the customer number & the invoice number & have it increment from that?


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I tried #IN00000000003257 and now it's this #IN00003257000001 :) Too weird! I entered #IN00000000003257 and it shows as: #IN00000000003257000001

A minor detail I'll just give up on. Thanks for the help, @Tomik (when you say your name out loud with the "at" word, it sounds like "atomic"! Was that intentional? :)

What about changing upcoming customer numbers, please?

Moving along.

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in prefix field you can save without # - it isnt required - i hate it for my numbers and i dont use this. if you have 3567 invoice, it isnt simple to override the next number. - you can change without problems a higher number. but a lower number i dont know, with ps i tryed for years ago, without luck.

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@zimmer-media I see it but I can't get it to change to what I want. Your English is excellent. No need to apologize. I can't speak other languages at all.

I put in yet another number in that field and it just keeps reverting to IN000001 (notice at least I got rid of the number sign!) :)

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