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  1. Got the same issue, I got this for answer We have stopped supporting Thirtybees from Cloudways console. You can install it manually by creating a custom PHP application, then install Thirtybees in it.
  2. i have Mollie Payment Module v3.3.1 and it still works. havent tried the paylater option.
  3. @toplakd said in [Free Theme] Niara - Thirty Bees theme: @tommat Left column was not possible on original theme, the last time I checked (1.06 i think), and I want to use original theme or the one based on original, as it's most updated TB theme. It works since a long time. (always actually just had to edit a small thing)
  4. Tomik

    changing hosting?

    im using cloudways vps :) works perfect.
  5. dont forget to activate mollie at the modules > payment (bottom of page)
  6. Tomik

    Happy New Year!

    Happy newyear :)
  7. ligt eraan wat bij jou vol is, heb het met 6 in 1 winkelwagen getest en dat werkt.
  8. aslong as they both have their own database it should be fine.
  9. for that error message see Traumflug 3 days ago Easier way to fix it: Go to back office -> Advanced Parameters -> E-Mail In panel EMAIL (the 2nd) find field Email subject template and insert [{shop_name}] {subject} there. Click Save. This is the new feature which allows setting a custom email subject.
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