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Abandoned cart emails in a third party email platform?


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Hi, I am using mautic really successfully with thirty bees, I now have the two hooked up together so I have a list of people who placed orders and a list of people who abandoned carts. It's working really well! Emails are fed into these lists about every 15-20 minutes, so I suppose a little time is needed to be sure that the cart is in fact abandoned.

I want to set up a drip campaign for abandoned carts, however, I would like to include the contents of the individual's cart in the email and I'm not sure how to do this. Looking briefly free prestashop modules it seems like they all send the email via the module, I want to send the email via mautic. I'm guessing it could be done by developer through the API however I'm wondering if anyone knows a simpler way?


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I know a simple way, but thats not with mautic . I guess you want indeed to proceed with mautic, so i hope other people can help you out.

When i speak for myself, i have bought 3 modules for handling my abandoned carts. They work, but i was not satisfied about the email content. Nowadays i just handle it with Mailchimp, and i am very happy with it. The email templates are nice and clean. The content of the abandoned cart is displayed, as well as some recommendations. So i am using this feature with hapiness.

Also the possibility to segment the abandoned carts(and other email marketing campaigns) are realy great!

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@annafjmorris said in Abandoned cart emails in a third party email platform?:

I have actually realized there is "cart contents" built into the mautic for prestashop module! It came to me in a dream and I checked and it's actually there! It didn't even occur to me that it might be head explodes - will keep you posted!

Did you manage to get content with link in mautic.

Looking forward to your reply.

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I also am not very fond of the developer. I asked him to pay him and fix his module for me, he answered many days later. He asked for way to much money. And after investigating the problem was just a mautic setting. So I can't realy say I like him. @annafjmorris what changes did he do for you? Mautic is great btw

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I paid him to set it all up, as I was working on another project at the time. He agreed to do the work but then I couldn't reach him for a while. Then he replied finally and did the work. Then I then had an issue where orders were not being passed over - that was when I couldn't reach him again, for a month. Then he fixed the problem. However, his fee was reasonable and the plugin is working very well indeed. He was very personable and polite though. My guess he is very busy guy and maybe is better on bigger projects that he is really interested in than in smaller projects that are less interesting. It's annoying, but common with developers I think.

So while I agree there are issues here, however, it is critical for me that these work together and get more features together, especially with this European privacy thing. Abandoned cart emails etc are going to have to work seriously hard for my business now, they are are so few emails I can legally send without detailed consent from the customer, I need them to work harder than they used to.

This is the project he is proposing and the cost:

he said:

"If you are looking for extended abandoned carts, this should be great https://github.com/mautic/mautic/pull/5098 . But it’s in progress by me, not finished yet. This bundle use extended AI machine learning, much better like Mailchimp https://www.fastcompany.com/3060416/mailchimp-brings-data-driven-product-recommendations-to-small-online-stores

Finish basic version should cost 300-500€. Next version should bring also dynamic product to dynamic content etc. "

He later agreed it would be 30 bees compatible and open source.

Let me know if you are interested in joining in on funding it.

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