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  1. Hi all, Fist of all I wish all a happy and healty new year. I followed this whole story and waited to see what will happen in the end, since we also have a PS 1.6 store that will eventually need to be upgraded to something else. I have two feelings about the future of TB 1. I am glad that TB is not dead and someone is taking over. 2. I think TB has a small change to survive. This seems to be season 2 of TB fork from PS. But this time with much less passion from the community (@wakabayashi is a good example). When TB was started by @lesleyand micheal, we had the same senario as we have now with @Smile and @datakick , one on the bussiness site and one great dev. Soon micheal stopped working on TB I guess due to the lack of money. Wrong decissions where made (see elastix search) and with the health issues @lesley had, TB runned on autopilot by the community until now. But I think that biggest mistake was that @lesley and micheal where too much focused on the users they could migrade from the PS 1.6 eshops. They failed to understand that the platform alone does not mean much. The biggest issue are the modules and themes the merchands are using. So hours where wasted on fixing other ppl;s modules and themes instead of developing TB. Keep in mind that back then the whole 1.6 vs 1.7 was in a great debate, now I don't think that it is that much. Big ecommerce sites that need to be updated regullary have switched and small sites like ours are just waiting until something fails to migrade. Thing is you can't expect much donation money from small sites. So you are basiclly on the same path to failure. What makes things worse is that although the TB transission to the new owners is in the works for months. I was hoping that @Smile would already have a roadmap ready, since (from my understanding) there where two options, buy TB or fork. I sadly didn't see this. My 2c : 1. Find a way of raising money. Depending on donations won't cut it. 2. Find a way to bring more devs on the project. Give reasons to activate members that have contributed on the project already. 2. Stop depending on PS 1.6 users. Make TB it's own. Like any NEW platform give a basic working version and let other's worry about the themes and modules . If they need a basic module fixed either do it for free if it would not take more than 30min or charge a amount (smallest amount possible ) 3. Don't try to make everyone happy. You can't P.S. Sorry for the long post
  2. nickon

    migrading cms pages

    Yeah I missed the database name change. moving on... Thanks all
  3. nickon

    migrading cms pages

    I was hoping somebody could post a sql query on how to do this 🙂 I could copy paste them as txt but I don't want to risk loosing id's structure etc..
  4. nickon

    migrading cms pages

    Hi all, A prestashop site is too messed up to migrate. So I was thinking to do a fresh tb install and migrade thing manually. the only thing I don't know how to migrade are the cms pages. I was thinking to export the pages via phpmyadmin and then importing to tb Does anyone has an idea on how to do this ? Kind Regards
  5. Hi, Jonny, Don't leave us transformer theme users behind 😕
  6. nickon

    blog or cms ?

    Hi, So we have a website deticated to professional services. while reading about seo one thing always comes up. "Content" and I can understand that this is important. so since ps/tb are ecommrece sites there are not many things do do regarding articles etc. So I think about two options. 1. use the cms page to create landingpages/articles or install wordpress on a subdomain and link to the product from there. What would be the best solution? Kind Regards
  7. This couple of weeks I was forced(?) to look at oc from a client. This is a quick impression. OC is very fast (default setup) TB is far more complete. Complete + great community is better then speed.
  8. What problems did you get with opc. Is there a bug or something else? Meanwhile I tried to hide the carrier section by adding under your code $('#order_carrier_content, #order_carrier_content').hide(); (where order_carrier_content is the carrier section) but it doesn't work I must be missing something....
  9. The product section is quite nice. I like the product name and price on as the header. I miss the total product quantity. One thing I am considering on adding to my mod is to hide the content (not the title) of step 2 and 3 until the user login or sign up. Eg I find the "No carrier available confusing"
  10. Nice! Wondering how it would fit with my mod I must find time to do some tb testing....
  11. Didn,t get an email about the replies... Anyway, Thanks for the feedback, @datakick This has more to do with the cookies part of the gdpr. The gdpr module lists all installed modules and gives you the option to add them to a cookies category and inform the client about the cookie it is creating. If the customer does not select the cookie of that module, the module will be disabled thus removing the cookie. Reinstalling the module worked and since this is a multilanguage site the max_var_inputs where to low to list all the modules. the developer fixed that problem Thanks again
  12. Hi, I had created a module a few years ago and it still is working. Problem is that while trying a gdpr module the module is not listed in the installed modules. After contacting the gpdr module developer he said that it does not show in prestashop core as installed module (although the module is working fine). In short the module adds some code to the page so that it can work with a price comparison site. The install script is the following. <?php if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_')) exit; class skroutzAnalytics extends Module { protected $_errors = array(); public function __construct() { $this->name = 'skroutzanalytics'; $this->tab = 'front_office_features'; $this->version = '1.0'; $this->author = 'Niktaris Nikos'; $this->need_instance = 1; $this->bootstrap = true; parent::__construct(); $this->displayName = $this->l('skroutzanalytics'); $this->description = $this->l('Adds skroutz analytics.'); $this->confirmUninstall = $this->l('Are you sure you want to delete this module?'); } public function install() { if (!parent::install() OR !$this->registerHook('orderConfirmation') || !$this->registerHook('header') ) return false; return true; } public function uninstall() { if (!parent::uninstall()) return false; return true; } public function hookDisplayHeader() { return $this->display(__FILE__, 'header.tpl'); } public function hookOrderConfirmation($params) { // var_dump($params['objOrder']); $order = $params['objOrder']; $products = $order->getProducts(); // var_dump($products); $this->context->smarty->assign(array( 'order'=> $order, 'order_products' => $products )); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'confirmation.tpl'); } } Is there an obvius error somewhere that I am missing? Would be nice if a dev could help
  13. Hi, One minor issue I am facing with my tranformer theme in regards to my modifications is that when I hit the save account button and there is an error in the form, the page does not move enough up to show the error message. Can anyone help. What I basicly need to do it to if an error apears in the opc page instead of moving to the error positon I need to move to the top of the page
  14. Nice! Since we are talking about features. It would be nice if the "save address" button could be skipped and the shipping cost calculated with ajax. Also would be nice if it was not needed to go to payment module to confirm the order.. Just my 2c
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