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Adding delivery adress to foreign region bypasses delivery costs ?!


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I just checked out in my shop with a fakre adress in Poland via PayPal "buy button / 5er checkout" & "directly to PayPal" button. In both cases I digged that though the language in the PayPal frame was in Polish that the correct fee for a delivery to Poland was going to be charged. Namely, 12 EUR. I am charging foreign delivery via weight and the sum was correct.

However, I got a new order in BO via PayPal to Poland with "0" EUR delivery fee. I do not know at the moment how the customer made it so to speal, but fact is, that I have to cancel this order and refund the whole sum until I got a proper order since I do not know how to get the partial sum now via PayPal and correct invoices. My only guess is that there might be a way to use "PayPal login" with a national adress and change delivery to Poland or so. However, then I assume the national delivery fee should be used and not "0" Eur.

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some more information:

In PayPal self there is the right sum (article, tax, delivery charged) being charged. That is fine.

Not so great is that I phoned the customer and she said that it was very convoluted related to the delivery charted. She said she registered as guest and filled the cart. Added a delivery adress that goes to Poland. She notived that delivery fee changed to zero. Went to checkout step 5 and she tells me that then the delivery charge sum was correctly listed (that I do doubt since in BO there "0" Eur charged for delivery and I assume that she might refer to the PayPal "cart" overview that will have listed the correct fee indeed since it is being charged correctly).

Anhow, I strongly believe this might be a bug and need close scrutiny fast since it is Xmas sells time.

TB 1.3 with PayPal v5.3.2 ( and two files from the PayPal V6.x related to PayPal login)

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This mistranslation seems to be related to a wrong assignment of delivery tax and process fee on PayPal's side.

I could dig that the process fee listed at PayPal is excatly the tax fee on the delivery service sum: 19% from 22EUR = 4,18 EUR ! but this tax is already included in 22EUR due to TB BO settings for delivery service! So, I assume API is lost...

Please check two screenshots: Close scrutiny to delivery tax. In Germany it is 19% included.

alt text https://i.imgur.com/oNVsXyj.png

This is PayPal in German :) sorry for that but notice "Versandkosten = delivery fee" & "Bearbeitungskosten = process fee" alt text

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I can imagine that and will make some time a request for that. But I am a fan and strong believer in Thirty Bees cause it is the first time in half a decade of ecommerce that I got the feeling that one of the main concepts of the shop system is to get rid of errors/issues and bugs. So, before posting anymore fearure requests I want to give the developers the time to build a strong basis. I like to cite Michael Dekker here who constantly focuses on coding standards. An altered citation of a now famous German politician could be: "it is better not to code than to code with flawls". So, first TB project itsself and we shop owners should focus on a flawless ecommerce basis. And TB is best I know of :)

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@Pedalman Very well said! I totally agree.

Thank you on behalf of Michael Dekker, Lesley Paone and Traumflug

By the way, if you have the time and inclination, it would be wonderful if you can copy that into a review for TB, please?


Thanks! Stephanie

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