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  1. Hello I did some testing today an I think there might be a bug or the image settings in backoffice need more explaining. Everybody seriously into selling products online needs high quality images that are at the same time not to big in size... I got some product images from my supplier. I do not know if these are already compressed but judging from size I say no. Original jpg is 514K Lossless compression of the same: 412K Lossy compression (85-90% Qual.) of original: 65K Settings in Thirtybees backoffice for images are: Use PNG only if there is a PNG 🙂 JPEG Qual: 100 !! PNG Qual: 0 I use this settings since I like to compress files my own with my own software (Riot Image compression tool and FileOptimizer). Then I uploaded images via backoffice and found that the source file, e.g. 3766.jpg, remains untouched as far I can say. Then this one is resized due to image settings in backoffice (theme). My problem is I do not understand why the resulting images 3766-home_default.jpg, 3766-home_default2x.jpg, 3766-large_default.jpg, 3766-large_default2x.jpg are always of the same size? I mean the lossy source variant is 8 times smaller. I can testify that there is small difference for bigger images like 3766-thickbox_default.jpg but not worth to mention. So, either the settings for images compression in backoffice are not working or there is a functionality/process I do not get. At the moment it looks to me that it hardly makes no sense to compress and optimize files before I upload them (also since I use Webp on the frontend but this need better sources else quality gets blurry). Another point I noticed. If you delete product images from backoffice mostly all 2x images and some other remain on the host in the folder structure /img/p/...
  2. Pedalman

    thirty bees 1.1.0 is released!

    I have and found no issues (except entering custom css in Theme Editor of Warehouse goes without 'formatting' but it is no issue at all). All is working great and I am super happy. PS: Nevertheless I will buy Panda since it is superbly supported by Johnny and I like to try new stuff 🙂 and also the same with Niara and a nice page builder I am still looking for.
  3. Pedalman

    Customer password when Admin Created

    I am in a hurry but I think the following information might be relevant. It is about the way how passwords are sent via email. Might be that Thirtybees handles this now different than Presta did once but I do not know. I use this Module form Saxtec : "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiDsiwDQzLM https://addons.prestashop.com/de/sicherheit-brechtigungen/31295-rechtssicheres-kundenkennwort.html
  4. Pedalman

    thirty bees 1.1.0 is released!

    I want to mention that I shamefully forgot to say thank you! Thank you to everyone who commited her/himself so much to get Thirtybees so far. I am really happy to have come to known of it and to use it. It is a great project!
  5. Pedalman

    [solved] unknown "wordpress" code in all HTML forms

    I could slap myself. If I knew how to delete my post above I'd do. Sorry 😞 I did a bit more googling and really found the culprit. A Firefox extension 😞 WTF https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/image-info-1/reviews/ If that is installed you get this coded added each time into your forms and there fore UX and SEO hampered.
  6. Each time I enter something into html/css forms unkown html code is added! I have this issues for at least a month and I have no clue where it comes from. This means it is not related to the great Thirtybees V1.1.0 since my shop was already on the branch up to git commits dating to 18th January 2018. For a long time I thought this was a problem with latest changes to TB and Warehouse theme from IQUIT since I noticed it when I entered my custom CSS code into the relating form. Now I noticed to my horror that each time I edited a product, category or ... this code has been added. Since I do most stuff in the module StoreCommander I thought that it is a problem between SC and TB but after I digged the sweeping amount of this code I had already in my 'frontend' data I did a test. I created a new product in Thirtybees BO and went to the form description. It was empty as expected but then I hit the 'css code' button in tinymce? and saw the code already there?! I googled it and found that Wordpress users had the same problem and found this snipped already two years ago 😞 <p></p> <div id="ir-ext-ui" style="color: #000000; font-size: 16px; line-height: 16px; background-color: #f7f7f7; border: 1px solid #999999; border-radius: 1px; bottom: 1px; left: 1px;"> <div class="ir-ext-dimensions"><span class="ir-ext-rendered" title="Rendered image dimensions (after any scaling/resizing has been applied)"> <span data-ir-ext-width=""></span>x<span data-ir-ext-height=""></span> </span> <span class="ir-ext-natural" title="Natural image dimensions (without applying any scaling/resizing)"> (<span data-ir-ext-width=""></span>x<span data-ir-ext-height=""></span>) </span></div> <div class="ir-ext-filesize"><span data-ir-ext-value=""></span> <span data-ir-ext-unit=""></span></div> </div> How can I get rid of that and be sure my shop isn't starting to grow an autonomouse life?
  7. Pedalman

    DB charset not updated?

    Hello If I remember a year or so ago Prestashop and Thirtybees had some problems with passwords. Part of the solution was to move a table or all to utf8mb4. Anyhow should my DB's charset be 'upgraded?: Today I wanted to have a closer look at the superb Thirtybees module PRESTOOLS and I got the warning: Char set is 'utf8' instead of 'utf8mb4'.Collation is 'utf8_general_ci' instead of 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci'.
  8. At least I know that in Warehouse you only have the option of either top or bottom. Here, Waka, adds a module that allows both ! Advantage? Better UX and SEO perhaps. You start with small cat descrpt. at top and continue at bottom without "JS more..." button. That it I think it is about.
  9. Pedalman

    custom css code escapes

  10. Pedalman

    thirty bees 1.1.0 is released!

    I am having issue with latest V3.40 Mollie payment module. They changed stepped from 3.35 to 3.4 and the new version can no more send order confirmation to Thirtybees 1.1. I just reinstalled V3.35 and orders are coming in. No orders/transfers are being booked in TB anymore. Very annoying since over the weekend some dozend oders have been booked on Mollies side but not in our orders section 😞 Since Mollie still supports PS1.6 their might be a conflict between Mollie V3.4 and TB1.1. It would be very great and helpful if someone could look into this since I supect that the Mollie support won't be interested to do so. PS: There seems to a new person in charge for the repo on GIT now.
  11. Pedalman

    Official Mollie Module

    I am having issue now since I updated to TB 1.1. latest with Mollie. No orders/transfers are being booked in TB anymore. Very annoying since over the weekend some dozend oders have been booked on Mollies side but not in our orders section 😞 Moreover, I updaed with TB Mollie too. From 3.35 to V3.4. So what triggers the problem I do not know. Very annoying 😕
  12. Pedalman

    Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

    Great Petr that you still find the time to support our needs and your fine modules and the rapid development and polishing of Thirtybees.
  13. Pedalman

    thirty bees 1.1.0 Preview

    When I install the pre1.1 and I want to have the latest fixes on GIT... I thought I could use the CoreUpdater module set to bleeding edge. This seems not to be the case. Why?
  14. Pedalman

    incompatibility with BELVG Sticker module

    Hello I could get it working again after totally deleting module's folder and also! /img/belvg_stickerspro. Eventually I could install it as new module and stickers appeared again. I want to add that resetting and normal deinstall did not work. So, all is fine at the moment. Thank you
  15. Hello I do not know whether there is a difference between PS1.6 and TB's image controller but my BELVG Sticker PRO module fails to create my "sticker badges" on product thumb. Here is code of two admin controller overrides it needs: AdminImportController.php <?php class AdminImportController extends AdminImportControllerCore { public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); if (Tools::getValue('entity') == $this->entities[$this->l('Products')]) { $this->available_fields['belvg_stickerspro'] = array('label' => $this->l('Belvg StickersPro')); } } public function productImport() { parent::productImport(); $this->receiveTab(); $handle = $this->openCsvFile(); for ($current_line = 0; $line = fgetcsv($handle, MAX_LINE_SIZE, $this->separator); $current_line++) { if (Tools::getValue('convert')) { $line = $this->utf8EncodeArray($line); } $info = AdminImportController::getMaskedRow($line); if (Tools::getValue('forceIDs') && isset($info['id']) && (int)$info['id']) { $product = new Product((int)$info['id']); } elseif (Tools::getValue('match_ref') && array_key_exists('reference', $info)) { $datas = Db::getInstance()->getRow(' SELECT p.`id_product` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product` p '.Shop::addSqlAssociation('product', 'p').' WHERE p.`reference` = "'.pSQL($info['reference']).'" '); if (isset($datas['id_product']) && $datas['id_product']) { $product = new Product((int)$datas['id_product']); } else { $product = new Product(); } } elseif (array_key_exists('id', $info) && (int)$info['id'] && Product::existsInDatabase((int)$info['id'], 'product')) { $product = new Product((int)$info['id']); } else { //$product = new Product(); continue; } //Belvg StickersPro logic $belvg_stickerspro_module = Module::getInstanceByName('belvg_stickerspro'); if (is_object($belvg_stickerspro_module) && $belvg_stickerspro_module->id) { $stickers = explode($this->multiple_value_separator, $info['belvg_stickerspro']); if (count($stickers)) { $ids_stickers = array(); foreach ($stickers as $sticker) { if ($sticker) { $ids_stickers[$sticker] = 1; } } if (count($ids_stickers)) { $sticker_flag = TRUE; $sticker_flag &= BelvgStickersProProduct::deleteDataForProduct((int)$product->id, $ids_stickers, Context::getContext()->shop->id); $sticker_flag &= BelvgStickersProProduct::setDataForProduct((int)$product->id, $ids_stickers, Context::getContext()->shop->id); if ($sticker_flag) { $sticker_flag &= $belvg_stickerspro_module->applyStickersToImage($product->id, $ids_stickers); if ($sticker_flag) { $sticker_flag &= BelvgStickersProIndexer::deleteItemsByProductId((int)$product->id); } } } } } } $this->closeCsvFile($handle); } } AdminImagesController.php class AdminImagesController extends AdminImagesControllerCore { /** * AdminImagesController::__construct() * * @return void */ public function __construct() { require_once (_PS_MODULE_DIR_ . 'belvg_stickerspro/classes/Belvg_StickersPro.php'); parent::__construct(); $this->fields_list['stickers'] = array( 'title' => $this->l('Stickers'), 'width' => 50, 'align' => 'center', 'type' => 'bool', 'callback' => 'printEntityActiveIcon', 'orderby' => FALSE); //Belvg StickersPro $this->_select .= 'belvg_sit.stickers'; $this->_join .= ('LEFT JOIN `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'belvg_stickerspro_image_type` belvg_sit ON (a.`id_image_type` = belvg_sit.`id_image_type`)'); $this->fields_form['input'][] = array( 'type' => 'switch', 'label' => $this->l('Stickers'), 'name' => 'stickers', 'required' => FALSE, 'class' => 't', 'is_bool' => TRUE, 'hint' => $this->l('This type will be used for stickers feature.'), 'values' => array( array( 'id' => 'stickers_on', 'value' => 1, 'label' => $this->l('Enabled')), array( 'id' => 'stickers_off', 'value' => 0, 'label' => $this->l('Disabled')), )); //Belvg StickersPro } /** * AdminImagesController::renderForm() * * @return */ public function renderForm() { if (is_object($this->object)) { $stickerspro_values = BelvgStickersProModel::getImageTypesData($this->object-> id); if (!empty($stickerspro_values)) { $this->fields_value['stickers'] = $stickerspro_values['stickers']; //$this->fields_value['sticker_height'] = $stickerspro_values['sticker_height']; //$this->fields_value['sticker_width'] = $stickerspro_values['sticker_width']; } } return parent::renderForm(); } /** * AdminImagesController::postProcess() * * @return */ public function postProcess() { $return = parent::postProcess(); //$id_image_type = Tools::getValue('id_image_type'); $stickers = Tools::getValue('stickers'); $products = Tools::getValue('products'); if (empty($this->errors)) { $is_add = Tools::getValue('submitAddimage_type'); if ($is_add) { //$is_exists = BelvgStickersProModel::checkExistsByImageTypeId($id_image_type); //if (!$is_exists) { $object = $this->loadObject(); if (!$products) { $stickers = 0; } BelvgStickersProModel::addTypeByImageTypeId($object->id, $stickers['stickers']); //} } } return $return; } /** * AdminImagesController::processDelete() * * @return bool */ public function processDelete() { $return = parent::processDelete(); $id_image_type = Tools::getValue('id_image_type'); BelvgStickersProModel::deleteTypeByImageTypeId($id_image_type); return $return; } public function renderList() { $html = parent::renderList(); $this->context->smarty->assign(array( 'belvg_stickerspro_submit' => $this->context->link->getAdminLink('AdminStickersPro'), 'belvg_stickerspro_list' => BelvgStickersProIndexer::getItems(0, 0), 'belvg_stickerspro_last_records' => BelvgStickersProIndexer::getItems(0, 5), )); $html .= $this->context->smarty->fetch(_PS_MODULE_DIR_ . '/belvg_stickerspro/views/templates/admin/indexer.tpl'); return $html; } } Can someone see on the run if there is a conflict or might provide a solution?