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  1. I would appreciate the additonal function to move arround / reposition the filed for customer registration. I am thinking especially about the forms/field "company" and "Vat ID" since >90% of our customers are private persons. Therefore it makes sense for me to move these two forms more to the buttom. If the integration is too time consuming at the moment I would like to know how to achieve this myself. I could not find any 'template' in the views folder of Chex.
  2. Hello since I am in the process of playing around with my local testing environment (I use XAMPP) I had the idea to set up a 'CDN' for my images. This could be handy, so I would not need to download all my images from my host (thirtybees/img ) each time I make a backup from my live shop. Each time I make a backup from my live shop I skip the img folder, setup the localhost copy of my live shop and link /img to a CDN... Typically I would end up as usual with several version of my liveshop under the XAMPP localhost but would have only one /img folder. I am sure that this is possible with system's symlink but if I could easily turn it on and off in shops backoffice... I would prefer that. Any ideas or comments if it is possible and make sense?
  3. Datakick, you made my day! Again!!! 😀 PS: How can I get this commit other than going manually to github? I assumed that the "core updater" would fetch these commits?
  4. Nice to notice that someone else looks at this. Well, as far as I can remember, I can't give you a positive. I postponed the image optimization since I came to the point I decided to overhaul my frontend (new template) first and then to have a look at an optimal image "upload" workflow. Perhaps you are interested in an experience exchange?
  5. How do you redirect non-available product to another? Only via htaccess ? It could become pretty lengthy then over time.
  6. I am looking for an option to connect the results, the marvelous site crawler "SeoFrog" can give, to Thirtybees (Prestashop) categories and products via CSV. Most of you will know that SeoFrog is an excellent tool to make a website audit and to crawl for interesting data of your own (and others) web shop. It is possible to export this data into csv for example. Today for example I wanted to check my categories for good meta data informaion (title and description length). This data I can get via SeoFrog easily and export the data into a csv. The trick is now to connect this data to the corresponding ID_categories so I can edit meta titles etc. in a fast way in CSV and re-upload eventually into Thirtybees. I wonder how this can be done?
  7. Hello I am looking for a template I can use that for 100% exports and imports all product (combinations) data from our shop. Can somebody share this if existing? Thank you and happy Eastern
  8. I am still with CleverReach since I thought it would be clever to a use a service that hosts in my country. you know these law regulations... But CleverReach is making me broke. They are much too expensive 😞 I need an alternative and prices as service from ElasticEmail look promising. Though they have their services not in Germany but are located in Canada. Above the module Newsletter Pro was mentioned. I looked the devs up and their homepage is down I would say. I do not think that it is still developed actively on this module. Do you know any other recommendations for this? I like to idea to have an email builder that has access to your shop's products (images and urls) so you can build emails fast!
  9. I have no clue about those errors but I always install TB via the 'standard' installer of TB V1.1.x and then I run the corer updater to upgrade to state 'bleeding edge'. This worked always. Perhaps you have to make sure that your version of XAmpp (php ?) does match the recommendations for Thirtybees bleeding edge?
  10. What happened`? Has Lesley sold TB to guys from Prestashop`? Anyhow, thank you for being so kind to develop TB /ME further on and to make it more userfriendly. The base PS has too many convoluted 'main' functions from I dont know when (2014? :) that are not polished at all. The whole refund system, warehouse system, cart policies, update system, translation. I still see these in TB and I have the feeling they have not been improved from merchants view. If this will ever happen with TB or ME who knows. But the first step for TB was to get rid of the endless bugs in PS and I am endlessly grateful for that. Furthermore I must say that other ecommerce systems are in these aspects more merchant friendly. However, I am running TB bleeding edge /ME as long as I can. Maybe the next 20 years? :) What I am missing the most is an order editor function and a straight forward and working refund system. I still have problems from time to time with order slips etc. Though I find my way. @Traumflug
  11. 😉 Yes it does, but there is no link to your merchant account ID or what so ever.
  12. You are absolutely right 30knees with that. But we are talking about different reviews. There is product and shop reviews that do matter. The first is handled perfectly via Datakick Revws but I am additionally interested in the later. The cheapest module for Prestashop (V1.7 😞 ) I found was around 30 Euros. So no big deal I surely I would prefer to pay Datakick for an enhancement of his module that could do this too. But at the moment it cant so I am looking for a recommendation that can 🙂 feed Google customer reviews.
  13. `Hello I am looking for a Google Customer Reviews Modul recommendation. I am a big fan of Datakick's Rewvs but I need to increase my shop's recommendations for ! google. Best practice for us is to collect these during xmas sales. What module do you use or what service? I am intending to use a module that feeds google directly instead another parasitic service like Trustedshops, eKomi etc.
  14. Size for weight in byte. And for information hwat I said about cleaing up generated mini thumbs I noticed that the behaviour is as expected on local install (xampp) but not on live store. A fresh TB install on my host shows the beaviour as stated: mini webp thumbs are deleted but not the jpeg variants.
  15. At the moment I doing some tests with webp and I try to understand this topic. I do not know how well 'native' webp support of Thirtybees (and moreover a compatible theme like Panda that officially supports webp - whatever that means) goes with apache mod: pagespeed_mod. The later is supported via my host Hetzner. I can activate it via host's console and some addings to my htaccess. I hope to benefit from pagespeed_mod in terms of pagespeed (and ranking). I hope that it may work better that Prets/Thirtybees CCC option in backoffice performance. Noteworthy is here that I am on a shared host. So ressources matter and I do not know how excactly pagespeed_mod works but I believe that on my host's server a caching folder exists next to my Thirtybees install where optimized css, js, htmk and webp images are stored for access. If this is fast that CCC in Thirtybees I do not know. So, when I use pagespeed_mod I deactivate all CCC in Thirtybees. I also do not know if pagespeed_mod detects in the case we use Thirtybees wepb option that the product image already exists physically in webp format and there wont try to recompress/reprocess since this would cost time. In a nutshell I would be very happy if some one could be so kind to explain these thing here to me. My aim is ofcourse to speed up my shop and loading time. On top of my htaccess I added: <IfModule pagespeed_module> # exclusion configuration (mandatory for some JS editors and frameworks) testen ob aktuell noch betroffen! 2020.10 ModPagespeedDisallow *js_tinyMCE* ModPagespeedDisallow *tiny_mce* ModPagespeedDisallow *tinymce* ModPagespeedDisallow */_adminfolder/* ModPagespeedDisallow "/js/*" ModPagespeedRewriteLevel CoreFilters ModPagespeedEnableFilters extend_cache ModPagespeedEnableFilters prioritize_critical_css ModPagespeedEnableFilters combine_css ModPagespeedEnableFilters rewrite_css ModPagespeedEnableFilters combine_javascript ModPagespeedEnableFilters rewrite_javascript ModPagespeedEnableFilters defer_javascript ModPagespeedEnableFilters sprite_images ModPagespeedEnableFilters convert_png_to_jpeg,convert_jpeg_to_webp ModPagespeedEnableFilters recompress_webp ModPagespeedEnableFilters collapse_whitespace,remove_comments #DISABLE #ModPagespeedDisableFilters convert_png_to_jpeg # ENABLE IF NOT IN CORE #ModPagespeedEnableFilters defer_javascript ModPagespeedEnableFilters insert_dns_prefetch ModPagespeedEnableFilters lazyload_images # Lossy image recompression quality (0 to 100, -1 just strips metadata): # !! This option sets the quality for JPEG and WebP formats. It can be overridden by any format-specific or application-specific quality. The default is 85. #ModPagespeedImageRecompressionQuality 85 # Jpeg recompression quality (0 to 100, -1 uses ImageRecompressionQuality): This option sets the quality for JPEG images. It overrides ImageRecompressionQuality, unless it is set to -1. The default value is 85. ModPagespeedJpegRecompressionQuality -1 ModPagespeedJpegRecompressionQualityForSmallScreens 70 # WebP recompression quality (0 to 100, -1 uses ImageRecompressionQuality): ModPagespeedWebpRecompressionQuality 80 ModPagespeedWebpRecompressionQualityForSmallScreens 70 </IfModule> #To turn off image rewriting completely, use this in your .htaccess file: # # <IfModule pagespeed_module> # ModPagespeedDisableFilters rewrite_images # </IfModule> AddType image/webp .webp
  16. I am testing some things with webp. At the moment I noticed that if I activate webp in Thirtybees and regenerate images that wep sizes are bigger than orginal jpg sizes. Moreover the quality option does seems not to work. I get the same sizes for Q=10 and Q=90. Also I noticed that the option to delete created mini thumbs before regeneratin images in backoffice does not work as expected. I deletes well all webp images if existing but does not touch created jpg images. I believe this is not ok. ****** PHP 7.4 Thirtybees bleeding edge 1.1.x
  17. Ok ok but that is a general answer. Fact is that Mollie V3.5.5 still works with Thirtybees V1.1.x bleeding edge. But the module has been under heavy development since then. The latest version on Git is V4.0.9. This I tested with old Prestashop 1.6.24 on my Hetzner hosting with PHP7.4 and all seemed fine. I tested it under same conditions with latested Thirtybees 1.1.0 that I core updated to V1.1.x and the problem still exists. Orders are listed with a total sum of 1 Eur in orders list. Despite the fact that Mollie test orders showed the correct sum during checkout. Both Prestashop and Thirtybees were vanilla installs with 1pagecheckout, legal terms off and phone number registration off. I am with Thirtybees as long as we can but I can tell you that I do not have the nuts and mental power anymore to switch shopping system base. I am very very happy with Thirtybees. However, I like to know what the culprit here is. Is it fixable? than you very much
  18. I am still hoping that I can get help on this topic. The module runs fine with PS1.6 but not with TB 1.1. bleeding edge.
  19. " yes, ideal scenario would be if there is a check if source image has a right size for example 1600px, then skip that one if possible (depends on compression format) " That is an important option a nice shop system should have nowadays. And of course for each image type. In my case I like to use webp. But best would be to skip webp or any compression for small image dimensions. My workflow is to shoot in high quality, to resize product image to 2024x2024 (I like the dimension 😉 ), and to export it to jpg via my photoedit tool in quality setting 100% ! Then I use a compression tool called Riot on Windows and compress files to 50-65 % .... mostly 65%. Finally I upload them. I did not notice during my last tests that Thirtybees with compression setting 100 compresses files but if so we really need an override that skips this until the option for image in Thirtybees are honed. I mean, look how many threads only in this forum exist about that and how many answeres came...despite the fact that this is extremely important I think. And moreover, the original image should never be touched.
  20. Vorraussetzung, dass es funktioniert ist, dass JavaScript ans Ende verschieben DEAKTIVIERT ist. So ist es leider bei mir. Außerdem habe ich noch Schwierigkeiten meinen GTManager (Modul) richtig einzubinden. Es gibt eine Anleitung bei usercentrics für den GTM, allerdings brauch man dann glaube ich ein Konto bei Usercentrics. Alleine mit PRIVE scheint es nicht zu funktionieren 😞 Wenn ich bei UC ein Konto erstelle, dann kann ich es nicht mit der ID von Prive verbinden. Alles nicht sehr nutzerfreundlich (Händlerfreundlich) und mehr als kompliziert. Ich habe zwischenzeitlich eine Anleitung bei cookieBot für GTM entdeckt, allerdings müsste ich wahrscheinlich auch hier ein Bezahlkonto aufmachen. Also mal wieder einen Dienst mehr bezahlen. Bei Euch läuft es?
  21. We use the payment provider Mollie. This is Prestashop V1.6.x compatible. But there is something wrong with Thirtybees. When we install the latest Mollie module V4.0.7 all order get the sum 1 EUR. total_order is wrong. Our shop is dependent on the Mollie payment options. It runs since early 2020 with Mollie V3.5.5 but this is rather old and we need to update to the latest V4.0.7. I tested the module on a clean Thirtybees install (after upgrading core to latest bleeding edge) and total_order is always wrong 😞 I did the same test with Prestashop 1.6.24 and all is fine! I really hope that some one can have a look at it and dig what the problem causes. Thank you
  22. Hi @datakick perhaps I missed something but today I struggled to translate some 'strings' from fields I use in Chex. First one is in new account creation field and second one in confirmation fields. Both refer to the Revws module. In English is the sting: "I agree to receive review requests for purchased products" I could not translate it via back office. I had to change the L s=" ... " in \revws-thirtybees-2.2.2\revws\classes\integration\chex.php \revws-thirtybees-2.2.2\revws\views\templates\hook\subscription-account.tpl Also if you find the time to add those "Fields" to the translations perhaps you can think about a way to make those fields positions moveable in Chex options.
  23. I had the same question in the past. I stumbled also about shops that had non-white product image backgrounds and if they choose to have a gray background it looked attractive to me. At this time I thought to know that Google and also Amazon had the "prerequisite" that product images have white background. Today I think it might be ok if it is consistent. As Petr and Oliver said you will need png images with 'transparent' background. Then you can make product image background in any color you like via css (theme settings). Right? But now I am interested in two points: 1.) I want to go in near future with webp images. Does thirtybees create these 'after' product image background for png was rendered? So, if I have product image with transparent background and choose a gray backfground via css does the webp then have a grey background or something else? 2.) I assume that if I have png product images with transparent background and I export my products via feed to Google (Shopping feed), Amazon etc. I would have no problems since they gather the png with transparency and add the background they like?
  24. Ich habe noch den Preis für meine Spediteure angepasst. Ich nutze einen Pauschalpreis für den Versand und wollte den alten beibehalten. Also prüft, ob ihr mit den Preisen für den Versand nach Umstellung auf 16% MwSt. im Backoffice zufrieden seid.
  25. I hit the fix button for all the hundreds of critical recommendations in the hope all will be more fine than it was. But one table is resistent to auto fix 🙂 Different unique key `id_product_2` in table ps_specific_price What is the recommendation how to deal with that one?
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