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[solved] Different look in Safari and Chrome


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Can anyone give me a hint why my shop looks different in Safari and chrome?

Safari: https://www.screencast.com/t/Et1E4yfBu Chrome: https://www.screencast.com/t/iGOAiHxlf9

It looks like safari doesnt display the owl caroussel function.

Also the product imgaes sometimes look weird in Safari: https://www.screencast.com/t/D9fCUdFws7

Most of all i was confused, someone who was browsing on safari couldnt place an order, after he contacted me i advised him to use a windwos computer with chrome(lucky he had it) and that worked well.

Is there something i have to do to make it compatible or is it coincidence

NB: I tested it with safari for windows as i dont have apple computers ?

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5.1.7 But i also use smartlook on my webshops to see whats going wrong when customers complain, and i see more (mostly minor) problems when people are on safari. I cant actually see if that is also safari for windows.

I think i will have to buy an apple computer to test it in a correct way. Maybe something to ask for a christmas gift :)

But reading your reaction there are no known difficulties with apple users?

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@Baarssen I am on a Mac and I notice this, too, when making changes to my site and then view in FF, Safari and Chrome. (Yes, after doing the “clear browser cache” dance on all of them).

In FF, the text is larger, so I checked font defaults which Chrome suggests no less than 12 point.

I have set all three browsers to 12 point.

After zooming in and out, I also make sure to reset the browser view back to the default view with CTRL-0 (zero) on the Mac.

Can you see if resetting zoom helps?

(Now waiting for @lesley to tell me I misconstrued the topic) ?

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