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  1. I wonder if something has been changed since we last updated the module. I will have to look and check it out in the next week or so.
  2. @musicmaster I filled out a bug report to other developers from another platform this week. Let me quote that report. "On line 223 of the /classes/productexport.php file I think there is an issue with the join you are using to retrieve the images. Something around there seems to create an infinite loop which is eating 200gb of drive space up." That is how one developer tells another about a bug. More fixes under the hood, things are broke, ect are what shop owners say to me. If you have specific problems and not vague concerns, please describe them in as much detail as possible. I know of the course of this project you have been pretty good at describing windows related bugs / compatibility issues and they were fixed because someone knew what to look for and how to reproduce them. For smartlook, all it is, is a snippet of javascript. You put it in a site and when a merchant contacts you and says hey a guy named bob said our checkout is broken. You can go through the user accounts and look for bobs account, see when he created a cart, then go to smartlook and watch the video. You dont need any customer interaction. Just a name or a broken cart number. Regarding backwards compatibility, let me give a great example. @Traumflug spent a ton of time rewriting the whole rounding system in thirty bees. He basically rewrote the way that thirty bees handled prices so they would be correct. Are you suggesting that he should have written a shadow system that still spit out the wrong numbers that module developers might have expected in some modules? That is insane to me. I am not sure if we are having an error in translation, or if we have different views on what compatible is. If we fix a bug and it breaks something, we do not consider that a compatibility problem 9 times out of 10. We consider that a core improvement. Now on the other hand, if we remove functionality or say change how the shipping system works and break all of the shipping modules, that is a compatibility issue. Fixing bugs is usually never a compatibility issue.
  3. Here is what we fight against. Fixing one bug in say shipping, that breaks a module that exploited that bug. When we decided to upgrade smarty so that we could be compatible with php 7.3, that broke some themes where the shipping exploited a bug. There was no way around that and also upgrading the smarty version. We try to maintain compatibility while moving forward. If we stopped supporting new php versions people would not be able to use thirty bees on many hosts. Its a tough position for us, but we have to move the software ahead. The easiest way I see to get at least two of your problems fixed is to reach out to the people that made the module and the theme. Ask them to update their software to support the latest versions. I feel @Jonny will likely update his. myparcel, I am not sure For your checkout issues, if it were me, and what I do constantly, is install something like smartlook on the site. That way I can see exactly what people are doing when the order fails so I can diagnose it. It makes repolicating the problem 1000% easier. You are not seeing the same thing that happened with 1.7 and you know it. If you look at most module and theme developers they release new versions when a new version of the underlying software comes out. We are not breaking things on purpose and telling people tough luck, we are fixing bugs. If a plugin or a module relied on that bug, that was bad practice. We can't bloat the software to leave bugs in it and try to detect when we think someone is relying on a bug.
  4. Argh, the messaging system must be broken again. Let me take a look at it.
  5. Oh, you might be right. I never saw a bug report for it come through. I will need to get him to check the bleeding edge against his patch.
  6. I will need to defer to @Nemo for the fix, but there is a bug when using multi-shop and smtp email, that the registration and password reset emails do not use the smtp settings. I will get him to file a bug report with a fix.
  7. The module could have a bug in it, but it only tracks the conversion event on checkout, none of the other events like the more modern modules.
  8. @datakick The attacks that we were referring to generally require file system access. Like the one mentioned in the article that was posted, I have seen that one on a few prestashop sites. Basically they either upload a malformed paypal module or edit the existing, then point it to a local directory with a fake paypal login page that sends the creds to the hackers email. @Briljander its not the easiest thing in the world to set up, but you can use local git or github, with hooks and have an email sent to you when there has been a change. You might be able to accomplish it with a shell script as well, just running every 30 minutes or so, staging files and if there is anything to stage, trigger an email.
  9. These attacks have been around for years, but they all rely on someone getting file system access. If they have that access they can do anything they want. If you are looking for an easy way to be alerted if something happens git could be a good early warning system. You can trigger an email if changes are staged, alerting you to an issue with your site being compromised.
  10. I am, I have just been busy on some projects around thirty bees that don't require coding.
  11. Hey, I missed this, are you still getting this error?
  12. Do you have debug mode on? If so turn it off.
  13. @x97wehner They likely need the code updated and cleaned and the modules extended. They don't track anything other than conversions.
  14. Did you install the thirty bees authorize.net module?
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