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  1. I am trying to get this right in our intitial release, so I would love some feedback from everyone. One of the biggest pain points I see is adding something new to a page, be it a banner, text, or some other function. So I wanted to add some new hooks that can be used with the initial release and in the future. I imagine that merchants get tired of having to edit templates to get extra information across. Here is the list of hooks I have added: {hook h='displayNotFoundTop'} {hook h='displayNotFoundBottom'} {hook h='displayMaintenance'} {hook h='displayAuthenticationTop'} {hook h='displayAuthenticationBottom'} {hook h='displayCartTop'} {hook h='displayCarrierTop'} {hook h='displayCarrierBelow'} {hook h='displayPricesDropTop'} {hook h='displayPricesDropBelow'} {hook h='displayNewProductsTop'} {hook h='displayNewProductsBelow'} {hook h='displayManufacturerTop'} {hook h='displayManufacturerBelow'} {hook h='displaySupplierTop'} {hook h='displaySupplierBelow'} {hook h='displayOrderConfirmationTop'} {hook h='displayOrderConfirmationBelow'} {hook h='displayMyAccountTop'} {hook h='displayMyAccountBelow'} {hook h='displaySearchTop'} {hook h='displaySearchBelow'} {hook h='displayCMSTop'} {hook h='displayCMSBelow'} Most are self explanatory. I am trying to add a top hook and a bottom hook for each page that has no hooks. Right now this is going to work in conjunction with our custom html module. With the module you will be able to create widgetized text areas that can be arranged. In the end the hooks will allow us to make other modules work with the pages as well. One example would be hooking the featured products to below the 404 page, so you are still showing products to people that land on a bad page. That is just an example. Are there any hooks I am missing? Or does anyone think this is a bad idea?
  2. lesley

    Analytics tools

    Our plugin works off of their service being installed, so you would need to add that plugin to your Matomo installation then you could use it with our plugin.
  3. lesley

    Analytics tools

    I don't think he is at that level. There are limits on GA of course, but we are talking millions of views a day limits. I am thinking the likely cause is GA is filtering bot user agents. Things like Moz, Aherfs, Majestic, ect. That would be my guess. You could always do like a 24 log test and test against. Or maybe Matomo has a plugin to filter bot traffic. I just googled, it seems so, https://plugins.matomo.org/BotTracker
  4. lesley

    Analytics tools

    @datakick as a note the thirty bees google analytics implementation should get around adblockers and record basic traffic through any blocker. It has an ajax function that checks if the script has been blocked and will send basic info via the api interface.
  5. lesley

    thirty bees 1.1.0 Preview

    Since a couple of people are already testing the release, can you test a new functional module that I just made public that will be in the release. Here is the module, https://github.com/thirtybees/thememanager/releases/tag/1.0.2 It only works if you are using both the Niara theme and the 1.1.0 release candidate. What the module does is add a new tab to the back office product pages, as seen in the screenshot below. Right now there is only one other template, it is the product wide template. It requires you to add a new image type, that will be added in the installer on the final release. But make sure you add a new image type called product_wide that is 400px tall and 1200px wide. Over the next day or two I am going to add more template files to the theme. The module is set to work on category pages, cms pages, and product pages. So you can create different look and feels on a per page level. I really think this will open up a lot of new possibilities for themes in thirty bees.
  6. lesley

    Translations not saving

    To make sure, are you aware of where the translations files save? If so, can you check the actual file to see if it saves in the file. I have seen this before on a couple of shops where the server is setup to not revalidate in opcache, causing it to load cached data for the translation, even though the change has actually saved.
  7. lesley

    Unwanted accesses

    Have you looked at the raw logs or used the server statistic software to confirm this is correct?
  8. lesley

    Unwanted accesses

    Are you suing the thirty bees google analytics module or the prestashop one? Or module detects users even if they block analytics, so that might be a cause.
  9. It is. I have been holding off on launching the other. We had a bad month at the store a couple months ago and took in a lot of fraudulent charges so I have been kind of cautious about our stripe account.
  10. lesley

    What is in the progress?

    I am going to be honest, there is no good way to display multiple products on the same page. There is however a hidden system for displaying parts on an image map, so people can mouse over a schematic and click on a part. We still haven't figured out how to handle that though. For the attributes, I fee that problem daily as well. Unfortunately changing that would break just about every module. If we shoehorned something in, it would be for lack of a better word stupid. It would maybe work, but it would not be stored in the right spots and would cause a ton of problems later on.
  11. lesley

    What is in the progress?

    I have been nurturing different partnership deals more in the last few months and trying to grow the project behind the scenes. I know its not as visible as what @Traumflug and what @datakick have been doing, they have been holding things up awesomely on the visual front. I will put out a blog post this week letting everyone know what we are up to. What is going one, and what new features / advancements to expect in the future. I have talked with a different shop owners over the last several months and we are wanting to bring things into thirty bees that other platforms do not have. These things take time and consideration. To give a hint about what is to come think of this. When you create a new product, it just adds to you site like a normal product. It could be the main product your site is designed about, but the page looks the same as any other product on you site. Why? Why do we not have different templates for different types of products? We (and most of our competitors) just have one product page template. Why not have several to choose from? This is something we have almost finished to bring to the 1.1.x branch.
  12. lesley

    how to add some custom css to module?

    There is a section under preferences called custom code, you can add your custom css there and it will be saved through upgrades of the core and modules.
  13. lesley

    Google Upload Data

    Oh, the datakick module.
  14. lesley

    Google Upload Data

    I use it on several of my client's sites, its by far the best one I have tried. Its very flexible in so far as what you can send. Its a bit complicated to use at first, but that is just because it is so powerful.
  15. lesley

    What cache is the best and save to use ?

    This is a pretty comprehensive test of the different caches, https://thirtybees.com/blog/thirty-bees-caches-tested/