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  1. I am going to give a little disclosure to this situation. We have worked on a contract to sell the rights to thirty bees assets to a group of members of the community for for several months. We had agreed on everything, just had some language changes in the contract and we would have signed it in a couple days. But right at that time we were contacted about an investigation into a partner with thirty bees. That derailed everything and required a new contract. It was because of neither nothing that the buyers did or me the seller did. But it did change things. If you want to read more about it, here is a good link. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidjeans/2020/09/18/how-a-cyber-fraud-company-ceo-raised-123-million-in-months---and-got-arrested-for-fraud/#3f06e9c2253c
  2. Not that my opinion matters that much but let me say these things. * ASM, the system for ASM does need a revamp and a lot of things taken out. Its complicated, cumbersome, but thanks to @wakabayashi a lot of bugs have been fixed in it. * FIFO this will never be present. The work and overhead this would add would be unimaginable. The data requirements would be as well. This is not something you can find in any open source system, many warehousing systems, and any paid system with under a 100k a year license that I am familiar with. * Handling of combinations As far as I am aware no native solution can handle more connected combinations that thirty bees can. Shopify is limited to 100, woo commerce limits you by not connecting them to stock. I am not sure what changes you are looking for in this system. * Proforma invoice and offer. This is module territory. Not something fit for a core of an ecommerce software. Either is going to be difficult to add to the core, because a new checkout process has to be made for only these things. But like I said, my opinion might not matter much, I am soon leaving thirty bees. But I still do understand how difficult or useful these things are and what it would take to add them into the core.
  3. The short story is the contract had to be rewritten at the last minute because of an event came up that was beyond anyone's control dealing with a company that thirty bees partners with. It was not my fault or the buyers fault, but the partnership was mentioned in the contract, so that part had to be rewritten.
  4. @veganline The price was established months ago with both sides agreeing that it was fair. @wakabayashi I think it will be soon. A contract was delivered to them a month or so ago, we have negotiated all of the sticking points in the contract now. It just has to be amended to reflect everything we have all agreed on, then signed.
  5. I think there will be an official announcement soon. We are almost at the end of the contract negotiations, there are just two points left in the whole contract. They should be cleared up by early next week and we can start preparing to make an official announcement about things. So progress is being made and it is moving forward.
  6. It was forked from the 1.6.1 branch, to be exact.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the payments page in the backoffice and make sure you have the payments allowed for the carrier, user group, and country.
  8. It might not have been answered as fast as he wanted, but it was answered in under 24 hours.
  9. Where did you raise this, I did not see it. It should automatically work off the webhook. It looks like it might not have grabbed your release since it was not a build, if that was the issue.
  10. No, it is a commercial module that was donated to us when we started, with a license just to us. The code for the commercial module works on thirty bees without modification. It is just we needed more functionality, so we edited and wrote in certain things to fit our needs. But yes, that is what the module does, it is for creating a multiple vendor marketplace. The way it works is likely different than you think. It does not create a permission set for the back office of the shop. It does everything on the front of the shop, through the user account. That way it keeps your admin separate from the sellers. Its safer that way, just in case a permission escalation hack was ever discovered.
  11. Its a huge set of like 20 modules. Its what powers the thirty bees store. Here is the module we based everything off of, https://addons-modules.com/store/en/marketplace-modules-all/21-agile-prestashop-multiple-seller-vendor-module.html of course they have been highly edited at this point.
  12. You might ask your host to do this, https://www.mynotepaper.com/centos-curl-error-60-peers-certificate-issuer-is-not-recognized-solved#:~:text=curl%3A%20(60)%20Peer's%20Certificate%20issuer%20is%20not%20recognized.&text=If%20this%20HTTPS%20server%20uses,domain%20name%20in%20the%20URL).
  13. I was just curious, cpanel has some protections based on permissions that could be triggering. You might check that your tmp path as defined in php is writable.
  14. What module are you using for the affiliate?
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