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  1. lesley

    Custom canonical urls

    You would need to override the function we are using for canonical urls and make a module to interface with it, doing what you are looking for.
  2. lesley

    Modules with migration

    What version of php are you using?
  3. lesley

    Modules with migration

    Did you install the updater?
  4. lesley

    New forum has launched!

    Great, progress on things that I can control. The new forum is a lot more stable than the old, which helps us out a lot from having to fix things on the old forum.
  5. lesley

    New forum has launched!

    I made the window a few days now, so that should correct most of it. It was just 5 minutes.
  6. lesley

    New forum has launched!

    Also, is the search better now?
  7. lesley

    New forum has launched!

    Can you edit it now?
  8. lesley

    New forum has launched!

    What did you search for that broke? What happens when you edit a post? I have edited a couple and not had any issues. If you clicked an old link, we are trying to manually write redirects as we see them hitting the log, but there are a virtual ton to rewrite.
  9. lesley

    Softaculous Clone and Staging

    I just think that the updating is something we want to control and shop owners would want to control the time and date it happens as well.
  10. lesley

    Softaculous Clone and Staging

    I am not sure how I feel about the upgrading to be honest. I am on the fence about that.
  11. What does debug profiling give you on the back office order pages? It works there as well.
  12. I would start disabling modules one by one and test. I would start with the myparcel module. I have a feeling a module is holding things up.
  13. Turn the cache on, reload the site a few times to build up the cache, then turn debug mode on again and copy the output of debug mode to a reply again. We can better tell what the issue is with the cache on.
  14. If it were me, I would write a simple php script or a shell script to just dump the cache directory once a week. That would solve the problem and let your site use the cache.
  15. @Smile How many products do you have between the two stores?