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  1. Most Prestashop 1.6 themes are compatible with thirty bees, yes.
  2. I think you are missing something, viewing the source of your site I can still see its in the head going to bootstrapcdn
  3. @datakick font awesome is not hosted by google usually, its hosted by either cloudflare, stackpath, or cdnjs, which if they were blocked would be a huge problem because a lot of shims and other js files are hosted there. @veganline have you considered using the google font loader? That can get around some speed test issues.
  4. Why? Are you trying to make a online speed test happy?
  5. Have you looked into sendy.co that is what I use and what thirty bees uses.
  6. I assume its because both of you are in the UK and the UK and EU do not have any countries with required states (except italy). I am not a fan of the big address format either to be honest, but paypal kind of ties your hands. For the autofills those are great, but generally not free. Algolia used to offer a free one, but they have twilighted it. And I know a lot of people in the EU would be upset if the google one was offered as a standard component, they do not like sharing their information with google and clicking no in the gdpr box would break the checkout since they would not allow google to look up the address.
  7. @AndyC Not all processors require a state to be passed. With paypal, that is honestly the main reason that PrestaShop and ergo thirty bees ever included states. If you look at the list of the countries with states that comes with the default installation, those are the countries that paypal requires states from. This is the current list of countries that require a state to be passed, and the state / province code that they need. https://developer.paypal.com/docs/api/reference/state-codes/
  8. You can't do that, that would really defeat the purpose of the software.
  9. @AndyC The reason that was never done and isn't done in any third party modules is because the data needs to be sanitized. Take paypal for instance, if you pass a payment with a state name, the payment will fail and the user will get an error. It has to be passed with an iso code of the state. That is how most gateways are. So having a typed state really does not work.
  10. @Rhapsody The main reason I am suggesting adding more tables is because the data is not going to be accessed internally. In wordpress you have their plugins grabbing the data and sorting through the json looking for what they need. What I am suggesting is for to make it all accessible through an updated web service. That way people do not have to run a theme at all, it can be a completely separate application accessing the data in the shop. This would standardize things.
  11. I want to throw my 2 cents in the ring on this. What I would like to see as a new feature is likely something most merchants would not care about, but I think it would be instrumental in pushing thirty bees forward in the future and expanding the base with more developers and larger tier users. 1. Push a change to how modules store data. I think this will get a lot of push back, but I think its needed for the end result. I think modules need to start adding columns to the default tables, with maybe more default tables needing the be added. Say you have a module that displays a custom section of text that is editable on a per product level. Like a module that hooks under the productextraleft that says "Free Shipping" on the front. I think that module needs to quit relying on its own table and store in the tb_product_languages table by adding a column. I think every possible module needs to start extending the default tables and storing data there when ever possible, 2. I think the current webservice needs to be left as is, completely compatible with prestashop, but a new version 2 needs to be built out with a different end point. But instead of building it like the limited webservice that prestashop has, build a really extensible, resilient api. There are a ton of limitations with the current webservice, its only good for getting (some) data and storing data. What I am talking about is bringing everything online with the api. It needs the ability to build carts, query the api for shipping prices on those carts, get payment gateways, pass payments (which I do understand the modules have to be written to support this). Where the adding columns comes in, is in the resiliency of api. Where someone working with the api can just get product id -> language - > moduletext. The idea is when a module is added since its adding a column to the table, that new column becomes available in the api. Bringing an api like this online and making 100% of the core available through the api will expand the thirty bees universe more than anything. Look at PrestaShop, they are working towards a better more modern smarty integration, taking logic from their templates, ect. But in the end they are ending up with the same thing, just organized differently. Bringing the whole api online will make it possible for thirty bees to be headless, which will open doors of new technologies as the come out. Want to run a node front end? Sure, you can. Or React? Ok. Static html? Yeah, that would actually be possible. That (those) are the features I think need to be added.
  12. It means you need to create a carrier for each shipper.
  13. No, you have to manually change it.
  14. Yes, it matters. Try with a new order from scratch. thirty bees saves carrier information in a way that does not break orders using a carrier of a previous save.
  15. I am all for consumer protections, but it gets to a point where it becomes a bad thing and this is one of them.
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