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  1. As far as I know he is not. And the deal being worked out is no where around those numbers.
  2. @toplakd @Kashir2000 No, it is true. I think everyone here knows about my health issues being the reason I cannot really continue forward with thirty bees. So a couple of months ago I started exploring having someone buy me out and take over the project. I found a group of active users in the community who were up to the challenge. thirty bees will be under new control shortly with renewed vigor led by new owners.
  3. When you add the tracking code in the back office to an order and save it, it triggers an email to the customer.
  4. Personally I would say no to this. I know I have been away and my opinion might not be valued as much any more, but there would be problems trying this in a wide release. The main issue would be overlapping ranges, it would be hard to hedge against and give proper warnings. It could be done, but if you are using a table rate like this you do not depend on accurate data. What I mean is when you have a weight entered, but you are not passing that rate to an api, its just used in house. So it does not need to be that accurate. It can be totally wrong for all intents and purposes. You can just hedge the weight to and manipulate it to make carriers work how you want. If something like this were to be added I think we would need a full fledged carrier debug system. Its something we talked about adding years ago, but with complications like this it would be helpful. Basically when turned on the system would list all of the non displayed carriers and the reason they are not displayed. Like: Carrier 1 (over weight) Carrier 2 (outside of shipping zone) Carrier 3 (price range) Carrier 4 : $3.56
  5. In the US people do not normally use the dash 4 digits. Some do, just because it is store from some other transaction. Since the US is one of the only countries with this zip code issue, if it bothers you I would handle it at the template level. Just split the string at the - and drop the extra 4 digits and the dash. They add no value in either delivery or tax collection.
  6. lesley


    I am going to try to address all of the posts that are relevant that might need my addressing in this one post, so bear with me. @Mark I understand what you are saying, but at the same time you simply do not understand how opensource software works or where income is generated in opensource software. I can say pretty confidently that both thirty bees, prestashop, shopify, magento, opencart, 3d cart, and others generate only a small fraction of their revenue through module or app sales. The same goes for monthly fees, save shopify. There are two main ways that revenue is generated one is to make strategic partnerships the other is to sell user data. Many moons ago when Dekker and I started thirty bees we promised not to sell user data. Has it hurt us financially? Sure it has. Will I sell user data? No. I am sure people can find a lot of things I have done wrong trying to guide thirty bees, but I am working with the best intentions and not going back on my promises. If you want to try a SaaS version of thirty bees you can, its opensource, you can use it, fork it, change it, do what you want with it. I didn't start my journey into ecommmerce with thirty bees. I was around long enough to see Magento fail with a Saas version, PrestaShop failed twice with a SaaS version. If you want commercial metrics, let e know where you reside and we can get a NDA drawn up that will enjoin you, it will require an escrow. @Traumflug is right about finding developers. @datakick was a godsend. We all approached so many other developers and none would really consider working for thirty bees. Sure, there were a few takers, but generally they wanted upwards of $120/ hr and wanted to learn as they went. @rubben1985 I am frustrated as well. This is not what I wanted, I have a ton of people that I am friends with that are in this boat because I led them to this boat. That is why I am actively trying to find someone to take it over and not trying to sink it. Me getting sick royally fucked up all of the plans I had thirty bees and my life. @toplakd I realize this. I actually saw this coming and the company paid one of Dekker's people that works for Mollie to make a free GDPR module for thirty bees. He basically took our money, Dekker said the module was good, he just needed to tweak it, it was never finished and he left. It was a narrow scoped module just to provide the basics, but it was never released because we made a bad investment in a bad person. @datakick There were several campaigns. Both mailings and me physically calling people. I reached out to everyone I knew / know in the industry with varying degrees of success. Every dh42 email includes information about thirty bees in it. I have a decent size list of customers that have downloaded our free modules (over 26k ) they have been marketed to constantly. Could I have done more? Sure, at the time I didn't know what more to do though. As I mentioned in the past I did get into a partnership that provided money, but also took a lot of my time too. Builtwith is not accurate. I have seen internal metrics from a couple platforms as compared to builtwith, they skew both up and down. I would say its no more accurate than Alexa for domain rank. @wakabayashi You could be correct on the valuation. I shot from the hip trying to figure out a number. @Sigi Sorry about that, like most of our stuff the last 8 months or so, the forum has been under constant ddos attack or spammer attack. That has actually what has consumed more time than anything in the past 6 months, just keeping things up.
  7. lesley


    I am generally very open about things with our community. Some people might not like the answers I have given at any given time, but I have always tried to be forthright with them. I am unsure where you recent hostility against me or thirty bees has come from. You contacted me last year about partnering on a project roll out. You asked several different questions / opinions and I told you what I thought. You mentioned you might want to invest in thirty bees, but never anything past that, until you contacted me a week or two ago just to tell me to fuck off basically. You were mad because your bug reports were not handled satisfactory. Here is the last conversation for the people reading and wondering. But yes, I am up for whatever works, as long as it works for our mission and our community. I am not up for scaling module prices based on how much business a shop is doing. I am not for selling code that thirty bees produces. From the start of this company / project those have been the values. I might not be capable of piloting the company or project much longer, but I am not going to turn it over to someone that will exploit the community. These people have been awesome to me and thirty bees over the last several years and I am trying my best to leave them in capable hands with my integrity intact.
  8. lesley


    @toplakd apparently so.
  9. lesley


    @toplakd I will have to see how to report that. It might be fixed in a later version, we are not on the latest version due to some customizations in the forum.
  10. lesley


    And since it is a company, if it folded, you would not be harmed economically. It was just an off the cuff offer as well, using standard valuation models. The most important thing for me is putting someone at the helm that can take the company into the future. I feel I am no longer that person with my health challenges and everything that goes along with that.
  11. lesley


    @datakick is right. I did offer to sell him the company, with the company paying the fee, so he would not be out of pocket anything.
  12. lesley


    @theo I am not sure to be honest.
  13. lesley


    @toplakd Its because we have a better community. They care more about the product than just bouncing in once or twice to ask a question. Most of the negativity comes from strong feelings towards the project just expressed poorly.
  14. lesley


    @theo Currently there is no plan. I have actively been looking for someone that is capable of taking over. I had a talk with @datakick about it before he made this post, he was not interested.
  15. lesley


    I know everyone here is waiting for me to come and comment, to say that everything is under control, but if I said that we all know that would be a lie. The fact is I am getting better a lot slower than I anticipated and I am unsure what the future holds. But I am open to what it does hold. I am also open to answering any questions you all might have.
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