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  1. @x97wehner They likely need the code updated and cleaned and the modules extended. They don't track anything other than conversions.
  2. Did you install the thirty bees authorize.net module?
  3. What plan do you have and how are you trying to install it? Like automatic installer or uploaded? I want to get an account with them and test.
  4. I think a zip file would be best, email clients are very finicky on how they handle files.
  5. What I recommend to people is this module, https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-16-modules/111-prestashop-tax-cloud-module.html It is compatible with thirty bees and handles the taxes for you.
  6. Hey, you are right. I have it fixed now.
  7. Its showing an error in the console, I think the module will need some changes to be compatible with 1.1.x
  8. Things might be looking up, https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/25/business/universal-postal-union-withdraw.html
  9. Enable error reporting, the module is spitting out an error it looks like.
  10. You are correct on the USPS making a wash, that is the idea at least. But on thing to consider is the ageing fleet that no one wants to deal with. https://www.uspsoig.gov/document/delivery-vehicle-fleet-replacement Most people do not give it second thought, but those mail trucks that deliver the daily mail are 25 years old. https://about.usps.com/news/statements/011516.htm Thats pretty old, when you consider they have 190k of them. Something is going to have to be done at some point. As far as cheap goods pouring in, its an amazon problem. I am not sure if you saw, but amazon got nailed on a lawsuit about them a couple months ago. Basically it was a fly by night cheap chinese good company that made leashes, someone got their eye poked out with one and amazon does not keep enough records to know who the person should sue, so the court allowed them to sue amazon. As that becomes more common place amazon will either crack down, or just die by lawsuit, so that problem will be handled. But granted, I will say, most of my clients don't have to deal with those issues because they manufacture their own products or have their own brands, so they have to deal with brand loyalty issues.
  11. I don't think our postal rates are going anywhere, especially considering the state of our postal service, they are liekly to rise again in the next couple years no matter what we do with foreign packages. But at the same time I have not heard any of my US clients be upset over chinese products coming in, but my CA clients are worried about how they will still ship here.
  12. Simply put it is because the US is being led by someone that does not understand how a global economy works. Its not something we can say "opps, we messed up, lets file bankruptcy and get new backers" on. ITs trade and people's livelihoods.
  13. I have several clients that do this. Some of them do it wrong and some of them do it right. If it were me doing it I would either rely on a sub domain for each store or a / for each store. like store.com/us, store.com/ca. One of those would be the best move. Another important consideration is putting people from the right country in the right store. We started using the cloudflare api for that a while back, it is pretty solid on geolocation and is free. @datakick even ended up making a module for it. The third thing I would do is make sure every store can ship to every location. That reduces the hassle of people traveling and not being able to order.
  14. I personally disagree. Its part of the higher rate. You pay 3% because you use a non qualified gateway. Using a qualified gateway you can get away with 1.3% if your volume is enough. So you are paying a premium for paypal and stripe already.
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