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  1. I have several clients that do this. Some of them do it wrong and some of them do it right. If it were me doing it I would either rely on a sub domain for each store or a / for each store. like store.com/us, store.com/ca. One of those would be the best move. Another important consideration is putting people from the right country in the right store. We started using the cloudflare api for that a while back, it is pretty solid on geolocation and is free. @datakick even ended up making a module for it. The third thing I would do is make sure every store can ship to every location. That reduces the hassle of people traveling and not being able to order.
  2. I personally disagree. Its part of the higher rate. You pay 3% because you use a non qualified gateway. Using a qualified gateway you can get away with 1.3% if your volume is enough. So you are paying a premium for paypal and stripe already.
  3. As far as I am aware all qualified gateways refund fees. But I did get that message the other day. https://epl.paypal-communication.com/H/2/v40000016d46c357c0a5b9916e966f4758/a25592af-e4e0-49a5-b52e-038ad5edcbe0/HTML
  4. I did not realize it was a feature change, I closed the github issue.
  5. I was hoping that just the line was removed, but it looks like more logic is removed because the ajax is not working either, I opened up an issue here, https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/issues/16
  6. Hmm you are correct, let me see what took this out.
  7. Are you talking about in this cart popup?
  8. lesley

    Broken images

    I introduced the smaller and smallest images in the community theme over 2 years ago. https://github.com/thirtybees/community-theme-default/blob/1.0.x/product-list-item.tpl#L14 and the commit that did them, https://github.com/thirtybees/community-theme-default/commit/77f3b8ccd1f8fbf55e438411bd1eabb55ea26d7d#diff-e459bd7ac118329219aefa38093f2d1f The reason was for performance, we added the modern srcset tags to the theme. We are trying to keep up with standards on both speed and html5. Not all themes will support them, but we want what we release to be as flexible and as fast as possible.
  9. Oh, I did notrealize you were using windows. I will have to defer to @Traumflug or @musicmaster for that. We don't officially support windows.
  10. If you are running a firewall in cpanel, see if you can disable it and if that will help. I just ran it to make sure it was nothing on our side and everything worked.
  11. Are you checking the xhr request, it should 500 with a message.
  12. K, that is the right one, I just wanted to make sure you were not using the old updater. Hmm, do you know how to check the console for errors? Like on ajax requests?
  13. Are you using the git updater? Can you check your error logs and see what error it is throwing.
  14. What error are you getting in the console? Nice to see you over here btw.
  15. Something somewhere is caching user data on the server. I feel 100% its a server issue, because data is not exposed like that in the application. It would make no sense that everyone is not reporting the same problem.
  16. Are you running nginx? If so change over to php using apache and see if the problem still persists.
  17. I think the caching platform I have seen that integrates with cpanel that causes this is engintron. Ask your host if your server is running that. @Smile had a very similar issue and it was the micro cache in engintron.
  18. I do not think this is a store problem, I think it is a server issue. Is your site running cpanel?
  19. Are you using a cpanel server that has a caching plugin in the cpanel server?
  20. I don't think it had anything to do with that. Paypal is really weird about their fraud settings since they insure payments. If you want to reverse it on your local copy, just uncomment out these lines, https://github.com/thirtybees/paypal/blob/master/classes/PayPalRestApi.php#L419
  21. It looks like a great idea for an update to the module, I am just not sure how we would handle the carrier mapping. It currently looks like it supports like 613 carriers. That would be a pain to keep updated or to map carriers against.
  22. It was actually something I removed sometime ago to make the module stable. I can't remember where the post on it is, on the forum, but it goes something like this. In thirty bees we use 6 digit decimal precision for prices. So if you have an item that is $10 and you have a 33% discount on it, the real price is $6.666666, which would come out to $6.67. But there are so many different rounding methods people use, should they be rounded per line or per item. Like if someone purchased 2 of those products should the price be rounded off the single products then added together? Or should it be added together and then rounded? Then you get deeper in the hole when you start applying currency conversions and taxes too. Basically the problem comes down to when you send products on an order over to paypal, paypal uses their own rounding system on those prices. If they come up with a 1 cent difference they will error out the transaction. Then that stops the customer from buying. Its a difficult system to work against, so the best fix was taking out the details. Then there is no chance for errors.
  23. Hmm. I wonder how we can handle that. We would ideally need to map carriers I guess in the module. And dang they have a huge list.
  24. No problem. I realize I launched this right after the patreon month started, that was kind of bad timing on my part. I had been working with a module called Give on our wordpress site for about a month or two prior planning to launch it. But then I just scrapped the whole thing, because I just didn't have much faith in it. Then I started looking through the forum features and saw that it allowed subscriptions. So that is the story on that. It seems to allow us to do everything we need to have an automated system and also show flare on different users. The only thing I am trying to figure out is how to write up a small module to list the supporters and show the total amount. I guess nothing is perfect, but I feel like this is a lot better for us in the end.
  25. Its only working for people that migrated from patreon so far. I am planning on making a post closer to the end of the month on patreon, so people will cancel there and hopefully renew here. I tried to set up an api connection with the patreon api last month and gave up because it was so quirky. I am trying to get the whole process automated, using this internal api from the forum we should be able to automate things easier for connecting with our repo. Sorry for the confusion / lack of feature with that for the patreon people, but the api library is just so limited and the interface is almost unworkable.
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