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  1. lesley

    Strong Customer Authentication - SCA

    Yes, it will.
  2. lesley

    Move between VPS

    You mean where we update it today before you transfer?
  3. lesley

    Move between VPS

    Pretty much yes, that is all you do. You might disable the shop after you make the sql backup just so no new data gets added to the database. Also, be sure to change your domain records to point to the new server.
  4. lesley

    Problems with CCC and shopping cart after changin webserver

    Something is blocking your access to them. Its either your host is black listed from accessing Paypal, which would be strange, or something is wrong with their cURL implementation, or a firewall iss. Do you have ssh access on the server?
  5. lesley

    Value of inventory

    There is no way really. You might be able to find a 3rd party prestashop module that can do it.
  6. lesley

    Problem With email

    They changed to them a few months ago and it wreaked havoc with figuring out why a lot of people's emails broke.
  7. Did you redirect all of your old urls?
  8. lesley

    Can't contact thirtybees store...

    Hey, sorry, I missed your messages, I will contact you now.
  9. lesley

    Full page cache with different devices

    This is by design. The cache would be huge if it generated a stratified cache like that. It would end up being a really deep rabbit hole when you factor in its not only modules for devices, but also user groups can be excluded as well. It would add so much processing in the end that the cache could become useless or huge very easily.
  10. lesley

    htaccess regenerates by cron or something?

    The htaccess file regenerates when you save on the SEO and URLs page. If you want to enter redirects, you can enter them in the back office in the htaccess editor. Or like @Traumflug said before the comments in the htaccess.
  11. lesley

    Question about store phone number

    Or more likely there is a problem with your order and you are not answering emails. That is what a lot of my clients use it for. Remember, old people that do not check their email very often still have to use ecommerce sites.
  12. lesley

    Problems with CCC and shopping cart after changin webserver

    Contact your it sounds like the firewall might be blocking either curl or the paypal response.
  13. The message is caused by either a 500 error or php notices / warnings. Check the php error logs to see what error is being thrown.
  14. lesley

    Unable to create the "AdminThirtyBeesMigrate" tab

    Which subversion of 1.6 are you on?
  15. lesley

    activate viewing others forum signatures

    For some reason it is not in the easiest place to find, click here, and you should be able to edit it.
  16. lesley

    activate viewing others forum signatures

    They should be enabled actually. If you go to your profile you should be able to add / edit it there.
  17. lesley

    Problems Installing Through Softaculous

    You might not like this answer, but I think the best thing to do would either be to contact your host or Softaculous. The reason being is that their software does not actually use our installer. What it does, is use their custom installer to import a database dump. So I am thinking the problem could be on their end. You can try to manually install thirty bees and see if you have an issue with it, then it would be something we can debug.
  18. lesley

    Problems Installing Through Softaculous

    Usually by what hosting plan you have and how much you pay. Where are you hosted at? Which plan?
  19. lesley

    Problems Installing Through Softaculous

    It looks like your host has mysql set up incorrectly. Are you using a shared host or a vps that you have root control over?
  20. lesley

    PayPal v5.4.2 - not passing on address

    That address is only enforced with the express checkout method. The express checkout method is not something that should be used really, it has very limited use cases.
  21. lesley

    PayPal v5.4.2 - not passing on address

    Yes, what ever address they put in the shop will be the address.
  22. lesley

    PayPal v5.4.2 - not passing on address

    To illustrate @datakick's point even more, these are some of the scenarios that we were facing. For some reason paypal requires states to specific countries depending on where the paypal account is located. So like me being in America, I might be able to have people order from japan fine. But a shop in Germany might require japanese states (prefectures) to be passed in the address. This makes things extremely complicated since there is no published list we could find. So the easiest thing to do was to remove the address from being sent. Its better to not get an address than to have transactions not work. As for the line items, paypal is the only gateway I have seen that actually uses math on the line items. Here is a scenario I was seeing happen. If you have a $10 product on sale for 33% off, the price is 6.666666~ So we would just round that to 6.67 and that would be the end of it. What happens if someone buys 3 of those products? What should the price be? Should the price be 20.00? Or 20.01? Paypal applies their own rounding, which is different than the merchant rounding. When that happens and the price if off, it gets kicked out on paypals side as an invalid transaction. There is not chance to actually pass the amount to paypal and adjust it when it comes back to the shop, its just a hard "This transaction cannot be processed" error when the user goes to the paypal site. So those are the reasons we removed the data, since removing it there has not been one transaction related bug post / issue either.
  23. lesley

    PayPal v5.4.2 - not passing on address

    I removed it to make the module more stable, because the paypal api sucks to be frank.
  24. lesley

    Shipment issues

    Are you using built in carriers or modules?