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Sitolog is now supporting thirby bees. Enjoye our famous PrestaPricing, PrestaCategories and the very latest Merlin Backoffice


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Hi there,

I'm the manager of Sitolog and very pleased to join your community, sharing our back office alternative addons, like the well known PrestaPricing and PrestaCategories are now compatible and supported on thirby bees.

Even more, our new flagship, called Merlin Backoffice, that will replace the two applications named above, is, from version 1.0, compatible with thirty bees.

Merlin Backoffice is not just another mass edit addon, it is a very advanced Windows application that replace all the catalog management part of the admin back office, providing mechanisms and tools to administer your shop from 10 to 1000 time faster.

It comes with various options, to manage products, categories, generate combinations, import csv and xls file and much more. With very rich features (more than 450), extremely fast, it comes with a fully redesigned interface, thaught to make it easy and intuitive to use by everyone. It will be available for order early January and is already available free of charge to all owners of a license of PrestaPricing and PrestaCategories.

Here is a partial screen shot showing Merlin Backoffice connected to a fresh installation of thirty bees 1.0.3 :

Sitolog Merlin Backoffice running on thirty bees

I whish our innovatives solutions will contribute to the success of thirty bees initiative.

Rgds Franck

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Sorry I'm not very familiar yet with the structure of this forum. For example I wanted to re-edit my post above to add a few screen capture, but cannot find an edit button... so by "compatibility section", I guess you mean on our modules pages on our site ?

I will add a note in the characteristics table on our site for each module.

Regarding Merlin Backoffice, we tested it on thirty bees version 1.0.3 so far. .


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The edit button should be under the post to the right corner of it, it looks like 3 vertical dots.

But yeah, when people look on the site at the modules, I don't think they will look at the footer, I think having it in the compatibility section would be nice too.

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