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Initialization error with JqZoom, any ideas why ?



Hi everyone, I have just put my website online and I was asked why I was not using JqZoom instead of fancybox.

I forgot why at first but now I remember why, can anyone help me fix that ?

When I load a page at first, it looks like it was not initialized properly. It's working only after I rollover on a thumbnail.

Here's a screenshot of what I get if I don't rollover a thumbnail first (the camera image is following the cursor): 0_1516286213450_Capture d’écran 2018-01-18 à 09.31.22.png

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Try modifying you zoom init function to match the name of your large image. look inside themes/yourtheme/js/product.js for initZoom( $('#bigpic').attr('src').replace('large', 'thickbox') ); to initZoom( $('#bigpic').attr('src').replace('produit_large', 'thickbox') );

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