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  1. Hello, I would like to know how many 30bees admin use Involic Prestabay module. How about use this thread to exchange suggestions and hints about it? For example in my case I miss a Fastbay feature that avoid to send to ebay low price items. Right now I "solved" it using price ranges in price templates. I set a price template with a price range that will be multiplie by 0 so ebay will give an error as the price is too low (less then 1€) and the item will not be listed... but I'm afraid that to many errors will trigger some "seller check". What do you think about involic prestabay? Do you miss features? @haylau @Lausli @30knees @Havouza @Leaton @ALM @veganline @Alan @CoffeeGuy
  2. I confirm that prestalia is not supporting ps1.6 and thirtybees any more.
  3. to who asking how to do it: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/5380-restyling-radio-buttons-need-some-quick-js-help-i-think/
  4. To use datakick module you can use some script to convert CSV to XML.
  5. well there's no link in the original post and I don't remember the website...
  6. if a demo is provided you can see and measure the differences enabling or disabling the module options
  7. you should add more products as the benefit of lazy loading will be visible only if there are images not displayed in the windows.
  8. if someone have added this override and now update to thirtybees 1.3, please delete the override as it is now included in the core delete: override/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php
  9. I took a look and I think I modified with this: The thing is that now in 1.3 that mod is included in the AdminProductsController.php core file and dind't figured out until now. So the solution is as you said delete that override file.
  10. @wakabayashi this is great have you done some steps forward? Sadly I don't have expertise to help, sorry. 😞
  11. WOW!! I was sure to have only the ones from Panda Theme and instead I have many unknown overrides!! As far I remember I don't added "manual" ovverrides, any idea on what happended? Excluding the Panda Theme ones what can I do to see to what these ovverrides belong to? I also attathed the archive from my override directory. thirtybees_overrides.tar.gz
  12. I checked the DB with coreupdater and I fix all the occurrence but three that I think are not related for this issue. I didn't fixed because are labelled as dangeorus here's the screenshot: The thing is that if I save any item the features got reset with value 1, even if I choose different value for the features. I now added information in the original question post above.
  13. Thank you @veganline but it’s not my issue. In each products page if I go to the features tab I’m seeing that are not set. But instead in the db I see them correctly.
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