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Multiple problems with PayPal




We are currently using Thirty Bees for one of our clients’ e-commerce site, but we’re running into multiple problems, most of them related to PayPal. We already fixed a few other problems by ourselves, but the issues highlighted in this post are making our client upset and dissatisfied, preventing them from easily selling their products online, causing important losses of revenue. We would like your collaboration to help us resolve these problems promptly. If it require updates or corrections on your part, we would like to know how in what timeframe we can expect an update, so we can relay this information to our client.

Here are the problems we encountered.

The first issue we have is that the cart won’t update after we’ve been once on the PayPal checkout page. If a customer presses the Back button and decides to modify the order, the order information on the PayPal page won’t change. The customer will be prompted to pay the amount of the original order, while we will receive an invoice for the actual, updated order. This can cause huge discrepancies between what was ordered and what was charged to the customer.

The second issue is that the discount (voucher) amount and taxes are not displayed on PayPal’s invoice. While the total is displayed correctly and the customer was charged the right amount, this particular order had a $50 voucher and $3 in taxes. Both informations are not displayed, which looks quite confusing. Paypal invoice

The third issue is that once an order is completed, the customer isn’t able to make another one. When pressing Pay for a new order, instead of being redirected Paypal’s checkout page, PayPal returns the following message : "Your payment was completed. To continue shopping, please return to the merchant." The only way to make another order is to clear the cache or open the website on another browser.

We are running the latest version of ThirtyBees, and the PayPal plugin version 5.3.2.

Let me know if you need any other information about our configuration.

We thank you for your collaboration.

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To answer your questions.

The first is a paypal issue, that is how paypal works with carts that have invoice numbers or cart ids. They cache that information and it releases over like 10 minutes or so, this is not something we can control.

The second it because of a reason. thirty bees rounds prices to 6 zeros. So when you have a product that costs $1 and a 33% discount, the price is actually .666666. The reason being is some currencies have little value compared to others, think yen to euro. So it helps with conversion. Paypal also has their own rounding algo as well, it just works off 2 decimal places. We removed sending discount and voucher amounts to paypal because they would display the wrong amounts from what the cart displays.

The third does this happen immediately? or have you given time for the paypal cookie to die, like 30 minutes or so?

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