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Combinations import.csv error - does not show combinations - double slash problem



Imported products - successful. Reindexed. Cleared Cache. Imported combinations - successful. Reindexed. Cleared Cache.

On the home page single products show up and work fine, but clicking on the combination tee-shirt goes here:

page not available: PLEASE NOTICE the double forward slash in between .com and dog-t-shirt: I don’t know where it’s coming from or how to fix it.


Please help. Thank you.


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I don't fully understand what you mean with using PS old one URL structure? Will the URLs be with IDs or do you plan to use redirects instead clear structure in the core? I really hope when I start my shop to have clear URL structure instead thousands of redirects, which you know is not very SEO friendly. It's like PS with regular clear URL module.

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@mdekker said in Combinations import.csv error - does not show combinations - double slash problem:

The new URL system has proven to be a complete mess. Nothing ever keeps in mind (modules, even core code) that the URLs need to be written to the database. It also seriously affects store commander, because those apps write directly to the database. Therefore we have decided to redesign the system for 1.0.1 (sucks, I know) and the replacement already looks a lot better. (Based on regex, like ps old one).

We are going to keep the database table, though. It will contain redirects from previous product pages etc. and we'll add a mass import center so you can import the URLs of your previous CMS and turn them into redirects if necessary.

@mdekker @lesley - What can I do in the meantime, please? (Lesley, the issue is a double slash between the dot com and the category name.)

Should I go back to PS 1.1.11 for now?

Even that is a new store, but I can import combinations to it. I really need to get my products online. If I can't get them in my shop, I'm going to have to close my business.

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