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Slightly confused about Retina support


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I am currently on PS 1.5 so the only retina support I have are some logos I hacked myself to have 2x resolution.

Now when moving to TB I am a little but confused on how retina is working. Someone for instance mentioned that the default theme (and even Panda for TB?) did not support retina completely.

Could someone give a brief explaination on the situation for retina such as: - Is this fully supported in the core? - Is theme support also required or does it come from the core. - When moving from 1.5 to 1.6/TB, what must I think about for my shop. Will images automatically re-generate to also support retina? - If images are re-generated, what happens to the max resolution images where I do not have images sufficiently large to generate a 2x image, will it just keep the 1x image and show that?

Thanks in advance for any clarifications.

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Hi, I am currently running ps 1.5 store also and I am using retina images with a module. I don't think it could be bought at the moment because the author doesn't support it and the site is not accessible anymore. I may send you the module if you need it, since there is no other way to find it. In thirty bees (and ps) it depends on the theme you use if it will support retina images or not. Recently I know @mdekker implemented support in the community theme but I can't confirm if it's working. There is an option in the back office for generating images for devices with high density pixel screens, so when you upload an image it automatically generates x2 version. If you enable the option on later state you should regenerate all your images. I'm not quite sure, but I think you don't have to upload twice larger images to have them 2x, it's not the way it works I believe. But it could be an improvement for the zoomed product images if you upload higher resolution images.

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