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  1. Ouch, I found the issue. Naturally I had a Cron job configured as instructed by the module, I just forgot it. However in the CPanel it said "url" instead of "curl", I had a simple spelling error, causing the Cron call to fail. Thanks for the help
  2. I have a question about the automated review emails. They are not sent and I can not find anything strange with my config. - I have version 2.1.0 installed. - Consent is set to Not Required Automation settings are: Order created after : 31/07/2019 Max order Age: 7 Min order days: 1 Delivery days: 1 Customer groups: Visitor, Guest, Customer Order Statuses: Delivered checked Since I was not receiving any reviews I made a test order on the 21/9 and set it to delivered but I have not received any email about reviewing the product nor any other reviews since I installed the module (with few sales but my test order should have received the mailby now). All other mails from the shop arrive fine. Is it possible that I am missing something, there is no need to setup a Cron right? The module config looks ok to me but no mails seems to be sent.
  3. @nickon I think the mail is sent after a couple of days. In the automation tab you find a button to manually send the mail. In the image above you see the little letter icon on the right. The regular automation is done with a cron job that you can configure the interval for yourself. You can access the module from the quick access menu in the top menu.
  4. @lesley I like the way you think about 1.1.x vs 1.2.x. I saw that Prestashop has just finished updating to Bootstrap 4 in the backend and I think they will support it in the Frontend for I think it is more important to fix the customer facing issues first. I am hugely interested in a modern bootstrap 4 based theme that covers the basic usecases with modern technologies. Any rough timeframe on when you will be able to work on 1.1.x? Frontend uncertainty is currently the only thing that holds me back.
  5. I think it is a creative idea. However I am not sure if it is more clear than a good one page checkout where. The summary of your cart in their example is very simple and you would have some issues with leaving a message or seeing the estimated delivery time. But if none of that is an issue you could basically avoid the whole checkout page. What I do like is the stripe checkout popup. I have something similar that I implemented myself directly on the checkout page. Does the TB Stripe module use the native stripe checkout popup already?
  6. I am not arguing in favour of a specific technology. I just wanted to raise my concern about getting stuck with legacy frameworks. Having something more up to date could perhaps offer a competitive edge for TB. Bootstrap do have some nice things outside of the gridsystem as well which might be helpful.
  7. Thanks for all your comments. Glad to see there is a discussion and I understand everything is based on what resources are available and what the priorities are. My initial point was quite simple. 1. It seems both PS and TB use outdated versions of bootstrap. Lighthouse complains about this and it seems suboptimal to use things that are years old. However I am not an expert. 2. Without going into personal preferences like Material design etc. I still think the basics of almost any theme is the same, then you have to suffer some customization on top of it. What worries me is that the base is often not that great or up to date. I have to say how the .tpl files are structured in the classic theme made it incredible simple to modify but on the other hand, it was using an alpha version of bootstrap 4 which made searching the docs a nightmare and it was also just half baked still, lots of details not working. My humble point was simply that having a clean but polished starter theme in TB built using up to date versions of bootstrap, jquery or what is needed would be a differentiator and I think a lot of people would be interested in helping ironing out and polish the details. Then after that, shiny features can be added through modules and skinning can be customized. However someone with the right skills has to set the baseline to start from :-) Just my two cents
  8. For the last couple of months I have been following the evolution of TB vs PS 1.7. We have a very small shop that is barely avoiding loss that is running on 1.5. At some point https etc is needed so within the near future I will have to suffer an update. From a technical perspective TB has all that I would need and I love the community. However I keep coming back to the theme issue so I invested some time in looking into and comparing themes and I have to give Prestashop credit for designing a nice default theme in 1.7. However when looking a bit deeper I noticed it was still using an old bootstrap and patching it was impossible. Then I checked TB default theme and it was using an even older one and for instance Lighthouse raises both the bootstrap and jquery versions as security flawed. Also, to be fair, the community theme is not that attractive out of the box (sorry). Then I tested some sites running Panda etc and got quite poor results, worse than what my 5 year old shop is delivering on a shared hosting. So, where am I going with this. What I am trying to say is that while TB has advanced massively in the platform side, I think a nice, modern and up-tp-date front office experience is critical. Having this out of the box for TB would be a major differentiator. There will always be a need for some customizations but I think it is better to have someone help you with that if you can not do it on your own (paid customization service). Everything I read about ui builders etc only seems to cause people problems and worsen performance. I would be willing to help crowdfund or participate to the best of my ability in the work of a modern community theme, covering the basic functionality using an updated toolset. There are so many things happening in this space, not only with bootstrap 4 but with PWA's and so on (I think PS have started to use vue.js in the backend etc). I have just begun to scratch the surface of this topic but it seems super interesting. It would be interesting to hear what others think?
  9. Ok, it sounds like it could work. I will try. Is it possible to configure so the voucher is not combinable with other voucher codes (this is the way our current review module works)? The thing is that if the user buys 5 products and write 5 reviews, it is ok if he gets 5 individual vouchers but they must not be possible to combine since that would give him a 25% discount on his next purchase.
  10. @wakabayashi I am testing the datakick revw module that I really like and I wonder if I can combine it with Krona to send a 5% discount voucher directly to the customers when they have submitted a review?
  11. Just to provide more info. I did the exact same operation with PS 1.7 and it behaved as expected. I could create 2 new shops to have a 3 shop multistore. I retried with TB but got the same error. I do not have a PS 1.6 installation to compare with. Again, this is not really critical for me, I was just testing but since it is easy to reproduce if anyone wants to try on the latest TB codebase to see if its an issue it might be useful.
  12. Hi For fun I tried to activate multishop today on my test ThirtyBees installation 1.0.4-RC1. I just have a vanilla installation so I am not trying on a real shop so there is no urgency, I am just trying to understand how multishop work. I have set things up and it seems ok in the backoffice and I have the multishop menus available so the backoffice part seems fine. The issue is that the frontoffice just gives a page not found. I am using the Virtual URL option so the multishop should be available on www.myshop.com/multistoretest but when I go to that page I just get "This page is not available". The setup in the backoffice looks ok and I have activated Friendly URL's. Any ideas, I have zero experience from multishop.
  13. Ok, that is probably a bug but to me that is another topic. I am not using the webservice and the 2x images are generated just fine but it seems they are not used.
  14. I tried on both the iPhone and newer Android models with hi-res screens and it never loads the retina images as far as I can see with the default theme.
  15. @lesley maybe I am just not understanding how this should work but I am on 1.0.4-RC1 so if the above is not the expected result something is wrong.
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