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Display currency on FO but make transactions with another?


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Hi guys I have a curious problem.

As I am from Dominican Republic the currency here is DOP. That currency is not supported by Paypal or other payment gateways.

So I am wondering if I can set up the store with DOP as the display currency on the Front Office (it will be the only currency displayed) but then when the customer wants to make a purchase with credit cards, the amount is converted to USD and then pass that to the Paypal module.

Is that possible or is it even a good idea?

Any workarounds for non supported currencies?

Thanks in advance

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There are a few modules that do what you need.

Our shop is in Canada. We set our shop in USD, because most of our products are in USD, but we use a couple of modules to force the display of prices in Canadian. So you could set the shop in USD, hence ensuring that is what passed to PayPal but your customers would see the amounts in the currency you want. There is also a module that can force the transaction to use another currency.

Here is one of the module we use for that purpose that works currently with TB 1.0.3:


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Hi, I have module that allows you to set a different front office default currency than what is set in your back office. I think rather than switch currency at payment (a visitor surprise) that you should only offer currencies that you have payment option for. https://www.prestaheroes.com/en-us/modules/front-office-default-currency

build for 1.5/1.6 ps so works perfectly for thirty bees.

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@elpatron my problem is that paypal doenst have support for DOP.

So my store would be on DOP but when i will charge the credit card there must be a conversion to a supported currency before the transaction occurs.

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Force Currency at Checkout v2.1.1 - by idnovate Let your customers visit your store in their local currency but force currency in the checkout

one of our clients use this method, works with native checkout or at least one opc module well.

what are local dop methods of payment, it would be great to offer localized payment method.

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