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  1. I had a similar issue for the same reasons as you: are you using the old database or the new one you need to register for? Things work well with the new one, you need to download it, change its name and put it in the geolocation folder yourself - the automated download is no longer allowed anyhow. With the new DB, it works for me. Did not with the old ones. Oh! And some modules do screw up with it - I had to uninstall at least one.
  2. @datakick Awesome! Thanks so much!!!! Edit: @datakick The hook does exist, as I find it in modules>positions but it does not appear with whatever hooks are pink in FPC settings...
  3. @datakick, regardless of what I do, the link always go back to Dashboard. So how do I fix server side dispatcher issue?
  4. I know about clearing cache. Manually and otherwise - still does not work.
  5. For example, in the order page, if I click on the View Full Details buttons, the link is correctly created: https://librairiezbookstore.com/<secret>/index.php?tab=AdminCustomers&id_customer=5&viewcustomer&token=<secret> But for some reason, it gets me back to the Dashboard instead of the customer page. It happens with a few other links as well. Any ideas why?
  6. Hello all! I keep getting this error: PageCacheEntry: can't serialize parameter catProducts for hook actionProductListOverride in /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/PageCacheEntry.php on line 191 It sometimes creates 500 errors for customers and can only be fixed by clearing the cache. It appears to be linked to the Block Layered filter. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I would also strongly recommend you try the free module also - they both complement each other nicely and it will fix other issues you may not even know you had with stupid robots.
  8. movieseals


    I see your point. There are no easy solutions, is there? 😞
  9. I had that problem and I fixed it with this module. Not cheap, but the PS 1.6 version works with TB and it stopped the problem dead in its track. It has been years now and I almost never get them anymore. https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/cart-protection-pro.html It would be nice to include something similar in the vanilla version of TB to fix this issue once and for all. Also, @datakick made a free module for TB called blackhole to trap bad bots - that one works wonders too but does not catch all the bad bots. I use both and I cut down tons of issues with them.
  10. movieseals


    I am not in disagreement. Just trying to find ways to keep things alive in a way that make financial sense for everyone. But to draw in more users, you need a massive, aggressive marketing campaign. And you need funds for that too. Also, there is nothing forcing TB to handle the bugs from developers of other modules - Prestashop does not even do it themselves. And I speak from experience! Getting your module serviced, even after you paid big bucks, is often a challenge! It is often not a very pleasant experience. As long as the platform works, if you can get other addons working - and that could perhaps be another source of revenue, having some TB guys fixing the modules so they work. I know it is not for everyone but it might be an avenue.
  11. movieseals


    Not saying that support will need to drop off tomorrow - but it will have to happen eventually. Just with PHP upgrades and so on, eventually, there will be less and less greatly supported PS 1.6 modules as PS moves further and further down their own path. It is just a matter of time, no matter how nobody wants it to happen.
  12. movieseals


    The recurrence to help finance the constant improvements. But I confess that I did not think about all the possible situations. But the truth is, either platforms charge monthly, or take a cut of your revenues, or they milk you with the modules and the support just to get the basic function going, with no more updates unless you pay and so on. Somehow, someway, we have to pay for the development. But I am open to other methods too.
  13. movieseals


    I agree, but I think for the most part, this is the long term plan anyways, right? At some point, anyhow, we will have to move away from PS as they are more and more developing for 1.7 anyways. I think we could, however, buy out the rights from some modules that are particularly useful or integrates some functionalities into the core over time to palliate those issues. Again, I am no techie, but it seems logical to me.
  14. movieseals


    I agree with that. I was already OK with being a contributor for 5$ just for the awesome support. I stopped today because I do not see the point in paying for something while I do not know where it is going... However, that being said, I think a small fee to keep things going and develop the product further is not too much to ask - a model such as what Adobe does, while not necessarily great, if it is reasonably priced, would make sense. If there is decent support, upgrades and maintenance, I do not see why not. The platform is solid, fast and so on. The potential is definitely there! It needs to be more known, bring more people interested in it. The whole getting a cut from modules approach and the awful, let's milk customers for all they are worth Zen system from PS is not a smooth way to go. I think up to even $20 a month per shop would make sense. It is not a lot of money - honestly, if people cannot afford $10 or $20 a month for a piece of software the actually generates them income, then I don't see why they are doing it - and if it can keep things going, and going further because it was promising, I do not see why not. This project was shaping up to be great. It would be a shame to see it die on the vine. I am not a technician, I am nota pillar of this community, I am just expressing my opinion on the project, for which I care about and that has helped me tremendously, more than any other solutions I tried. I would like to see it live on, because, frankly, the alternatives are not thrilling. There is something here. It needs to be shaped up and pushed forward.
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