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  1. I could not make it work - I tried for weeks. I eventually found a module called elastic search connector on Prestashop and with a bit of help from the dev managed to get it working under php 7.3 with the latest version (7) of elastic search but part of the module does not work, mostly the logging, but the search part works wonderfully.
  2. movieseals

    Graphic engine

    What do you mean, it does not work? What version of the module do you have? Version 1.3.1 works fine with 1.1, at least for me. Perhaps revisit the module if you have the same version as I do: there is a slider that needs to be put to on now in order for imagick to be activated. Other than that, everything works fine.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a module that hide the TB Block Currency module and shows the currency according to the IP or country of visitor. The hiding works fine on every and all pages that are actually from the theme itself. However, whenever a user goes to theme pages generated by a module (blog, a module for events, etc), then the block currency reverts to showing a selector with all the currencies available. Does anyone know why the module pages would not be affected - the code appears to be similar, the only thing changing is the nature of the links. I would like to achieve the same effect on every pages, native or modules, for consistency sake. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone, I am encountering a weird pagination issue on some pages when there is a lot of products. The first and second pages repeat themselves, meaning clicking on page 1 or page 2 shows the exact same products. To actually get on to the products on page 2, you need to click on page 3 and so on. So basically, on some pages, an extra page with the exact same content is generated. Anyone else experiencing this? I believe it is an artefact created by the way pages are counted and when you reach a certain amount of pages, it just breaks. If anyone as a clue as to how I could go about fixing this - it is very weird.
  5. I speak for myself but I can already see the results of that work. Even on Ps 1.6, I used to have all kinds of problems and more often, they were due to bugs or other code issues - things have been night and day even from the early versions of TB up to now - I can see that each bugs that get fixed even help some modules that never worked properly from before. So I am totally down and good with that approach. When the base is stable, it will be easier to build on it.
  6. I did test all my old PS modules with TB. Some no longer work, usually due to outdated programming or aggressive overrides. 95% work as intended. It takes time. I understand wanting a turnkey solution that roars right off the bat. The basic TB works fine for a lot of needs. All I can say is that I spend less time fighting stupid bugs than when I was on the PS platform. That being said, fingers crossed for Lesley. I hope things go well and you are back on your feet soon.
  7. Well, the problem is back again. Still do not know what is causing it but got more useful info in some logs: HP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Shop' not found in /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/Configuration.php:376 Stack trace: #0 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/Tools.php(5259): ConfigurationCore::get('PS_TIMEZONE') #1 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/db/Db.php(274): ToolsCore::getTimeZone() #2 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/Configuration.php(405): DbCore::getInstance(0) #3 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/Configuration.php(371): ConfigurationCore::loadConfiguration() #4 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/Encryptor.php(135): ConfigurationCore::get('PS_CIPHER_ALGOR...') #5 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/Encryptor.php(60): EncryptorCore::getCipherTool() #6 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/exception/PrestaShopException.php(98): EncryptorCore::getInstance() #7 /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/ErrorHandler.php(132): PrestaShopExceptionCore->displayMessage() #8 [internal function]: ErrorHandlerCore->uncaughtExceptionHandler(Object(Error)) #9 {main} thrown in /home/zbookstore/public_html/classes/Configuration.php on line 376
  8. Ah! I see... 😞 I removed all the modules that were not TB and I reinstalled them one by one. Seemed to have worked for now.
  9. If I was able to login in the backend, I would have done it - I know where it is. It's just that when you cannot login in the backend, you are kind of screwed...
  10. Only message in logs are these: Declaration of Link_000_webpgenerator::getImageLink($name, $ids, $type = NULL) should be compatible with LinkCore::getImageLink($name, $ids, $type = NULL, $format = 'jpg', $highDpi = false) in /home/zbookstore/public_html/override_multi/classes/Link_000_webpgenerator.php on line 0 Declaration of Link_000_webpgenerator::getCatImageLink($name, $idCategory, $type = NULL) should be compatible with LinkCore::getCatImageLink($name, $idCategory, $type = NULL, $format = 'jpg', $highDpi = false) in /home/zbookstore/public_html/override_multi/classes/Link_000_webpgenerator.php on line 0 and Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT in /home/zbookstore/public_html/modules/ets_superspeed/classes/cache.php on line 31 They look harmless for the most part. Removing the modules and associated files does not fix the problem so I think those are unrelated. Unable to run the exception I download through the decoder, so I am at a loss as to what is causing this. Everything was working fine. Deleting htaccess does not work. Rebooting server neither. I have tried disabling the overrides folders, to no effect. I also manually emptied all caches in case it was caused by a cache corruption. No dice. I have attached my exception, if someone could kindly decode it and copy the results, it might give me an inkling of what is wrong. exception_2019121519436.txt
  11. I am also on PHP 7.3.12 and no issues whatsoever on that front.
  12. Who cares if it is late a few weeks? It is a small, dedicated team. I would rather it be late than buggy. Worst comes to worst, you can always painlessly experiment with the 1.1.x version. We are getting more than I ever got under the old model. I can be patient. I would rather have something that works than a mountain of hidden bugs like we used to get... The team here has its heart in the right place. They are responsible and meticulous. I am willing to be patient. They will let us know when they are ready for prime time.
  13. Hi again! I ran the module today and everything checked out except for one thing. It said that there was one image missing. It gave me the product ID. I regenerated this image and re-ran the tests. Still got the error. So I click on the fix button in the module and ran the tests again - this time everything is A-OK. Just for my understanding, what does the module do that the regeneration of the product images did not?
  14. Is it me or the Informations.tpl code is missing to make this work?
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