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  1. movieseals

    Abandoned Cart Module that Actually Works?

    I have had good results using the mailchimp module for TB. You can setup an abandoned cart message through mailchimp and it is the most efficient I have seen so far. I have to say that most are very disappointing and appear to not even work for the most part. But I did not test them all. The mailchimp solution has been the best for me so far. Not perfect but better than the other solutions I have tried that cost a lot more.
  2. Hi! I am trying to figure out a way to make certain products available to order only for certain groups? Meaning that everyone could see the products, but they are not able to order them (at least for a time) unless they belong to a certain group. I found some modules that hide products unless it is for a specific group but we want people to see what is coming down the line, not hide it. Any suggestions, modifications or perhaps modules suggestions? Been searching for a while without success. Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you!
  3. movieseals

    Make certain products orderable only by certain groups

    Yes, I can do that for the others but it does not solve the problem of the customers who have reserved titles - I cannot put their titles available so how can they buy them? I created a group for those who reserve stuff. I need to make some products only orderable for that group.
  4. movieseals

    Make certain products orderable only by certain groups

    What I want to do is have a product visible to anyone who visits but being able to order only for a specific group. I sell books and some people have books that they preorder in advance. When the book arrives, I want to be able to put that quantity available so that they can order it. However, if anyone can order it, then the people who have reserved books run the chance to not get their books if they do not check out immediately. So I want to create a specific group where I put the quantities reserved available for the customers who reserved them and not available to be ordered by those who did not.
  5. @datakick Cool! Thanks! Everything works like it used to, very appreciated.
  6. @datakick So basically I remove the red lines and put back the green ones in classes/Configuration.php? Sorry for my ignorance
  7. @wakabayashi I understand enough to know when I am in debug mode or not. The issues I am having directly affect the visual representation of the module, with portions disappearing and reappearing (I assume because of the cache issues) and some options literally missing. This was not a problem in 1.0.7 - we use this module at least once a week and it we never had a problem until this week after upgrading - that is when I put in the debug mode to see where the problem was.
  8. @datakick Sent! Thank you for taking the time!
  9. I have not changed the PHP version - currently at 7.1 - will look into it. But I have been using 7.1 for a while now. How do I switch off the Smarty cache? All my caches are disabled at the moment. @datakick I can send you the module if you want to have a look.
  10. movieseals

    How should I have handled this?

    This module works with TB and is pretty inexpensive: https://codecanyon.net/item/super-user/18391384 This is what we use in our shop.
  11. movieseals

    Website slow

    For the record, still need some optimizing, but I got the loading speed down to between 2 and 5 seconds from 15 and up. The animations thingies are pretty well optimized. I found the issues was with hooks - lots of modules are set in hooks that I do not use and it seems to be checking every single one of them before uploading any content. By removing the hooks I do not need for some modules, the time to first byte and the loading time increased exponentially! So perhaps it is something worth looking into. Although, a caveat is that you have to make sure you are not removing an essential hook - like I would not touch those in Header and so on, only the display ones (which are probably the ones that are affecting the rendering of the page anyhow).
  12. movieseals

    Website slow

    I have issues with speed too... I am using the various caches, loading js at the end and css asynchronously, I set up three cdn to lighten the load (and it has helped somewhat - we have a lot of products and big images), I periodically delete all unused images from the server, clean up the database daily with a script and keep it around 200 MB, using MariaDB, compressed and Barracuda... Yet the page load time is still horrendous (better than it used to be but still). Also anything that requires logging in takes forever. Forever to login, forever to do anything that has to do with the account (when logged in). Not too sure why, nothing really pops up in debug mode. The backend overall is fast except when loading images in products - that is dreadfully slow. I run them using imageoptim first but it is still slow. I also tried running nginx for static files over Apache using engintron and it worked a bit in the beginning but it does cause issues with some script, getting 504 errors whenever I run search indexing or sitemap for example. I tried various things to extend the timeout but to no avail. These scripts work fine under Apache alone however.
  13. movieseals

    A question I shouldn't ask here

    @datakick I agree wholeheartedly. 75% of the problems I had with my shop had to do with overrides or conflicts with overrides. Whenever something goes wrong now, it is usually the first thing I check. It is also what generates the most errors. I like the flexibility it provides but it lacks stability.
  14. movieseals

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    I was wondering if it would be possible to make rating the shipping as optional for customers. We have a brick and mortar store as well as an online store and people often come pick up their stuff in store and they are wondering what to do with the shipping rating.
  15. movieseals

    How to activate WebP images

    OK. Thanks.
  16. movieseals

    Issue with Google Analytics modules

    I went into the database and in tb_configuration, erased the tables related to the two Google Analytics modules. I then created a fresh API in Google and entered the new credentials in GAPI. I get the exact same result as before. Is there something I am missing???? Any help? Someone?
  17. movieseals

    Issue with Google Analytics modules

    Yeah, it works normally but it seems to have stopped for me on 1.0.7
  18. movieseals

    Issue with Google Analytics modules

    What I want is to have the Google Analytics data in the dashboard, instead of piwik (which seems way off). Disabling GAPI totally removes the Google Analytics data from the dashboard.
  19. movieseals

    Issue with Google Analytics modules

    I get the icon in the traffic block. I know that the data mining thing is from the old ways - but I used to be able to have access to the most viewed pages before - not anymore. Yet, if I look at the GA module, everything is green and good to go.
  20. movieseals

    Issue with Google Analytics modules

    @the-rampage-rado I receive no information whatsoever. I have zero visitors if GA is installed , even if there are some, there is also no information available in traffic sources and the most viewed page asks me: You must enable the "Save global page views" option from the "Data mining for statistics" module in order to display the most viewed products, or use the Google Analytics module. Also, if I do not use GAPI, even if GA is installed, I get an icon asking me to link my GA account.
  21. movieseals

    Keywords autocomplete in the products page

    Does that still works with 1.0.7? I get a 500 error when trying to access the product page but nothing shows up in the logs... :(
  22. movieseals

    What's the best theme for Thirty Bees?

    I find that a lot of themes still work in TB. Sometimes, it needs a bit of tweaking, sometimes it will not install the usual way, but with a bit of legwork, you can get most of them to work.
  23. movieseals

    Shopping Cart menu not showing

    @movieseals It works now! Thank you!
  24. movieseals

    Shopping Cart menu not showing

    @traumflug Will check it out! Thank you!
  25. movieseals

    Shopping Cart menu not showing

    @colorful-ant I get the following whenever I try to install it: Module Override check cannot be upgraded: Error while extracting the latest version. thirty bees Updater: There was an error while extracting the module file (file may be corrupted). Module not found