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I once again spent some hours to work with product images and their compression.

I ended up with the conclusion to use Kraken's API in order to not spent to much time on this. So I bought the Kranen.IO module that is compatible with ThirtyBees. I had some difficulties to understand how to set it up in order to make use of Kraken's 'intelligent lossy" compression.

I also have installed and active ImageMagick 'Plus'. I thought it might benefit me since it changes JPG's to 'progressive' once in the case I might have forgotten to export them this way in Gimp/IrfanView/Photoshop ?! Also I thought the crop setting is cool since the Kraken module does not offer this though the Api would allow it I think.

In summary:

  • shoot product image in raw in high resolution

  • do image proccessing in software of choise, reduce resolution to e.g. 2200 pixels width (in order to satisfy Apple users and those who run displays with mega resolution - or is this the wrong way to do it?) and export it as web image (I use at the moment JPG format with 85% quality and trigger progressive if I not forget it -- but ThirtyBees V1.0.4 supports WebP as format. So, this workflow has to change).

  • UPLOAD it to Thirtybees

  • Thirtbees backoffice image settings are respected and TB produces the given resolutions for the webshop and does another! image compression (or only if possible or not done before? does it recognise in the JPS's that they were already optimized be let's say Photoshop before?)

  • ImageMagick and Kraken modules (overrides) kick in and work on the image (again)

  • Perhaps we and customers can now benefit from crisp and nice and fast loading images.

There is another unknown factor to all this for me. Many shoprunners use perhaps StoreCommander for the daily work. I do so. I think there was also advertisement that StoreCommander is compatible with Thirtybees. The issue is if you upload images with StoreCommander this has its own settings how to deal with JPG/PNG, compression and cropping :( Perhaps here is another StoreCommander user and could haev a look at this and explain it? I attach a screenshot of the settings. I had hoped that it would make use of the ThirtyBees settings but if not... Well at least I wonder in this case if ImageMagick module makes any sense any more (since I believe that SC uses the same libraries to crop and compress?).

0_1520006936935_sccommander image overrides2018-03-02 16_11_49-Catalog.png

PS: The Kraken Module shows this code: //quality images if ((bool) $this->config_vars['KIO_OPTIMAL_QUALITY'] === false) { $data['lossy'] = true; if ($this->config_vars['KIO_QUALITY'] != 100) { $data['quality'] = (int) $this->config_vars['KIO_QUALITY']; } }

So, if module is set to "Optimal" and the module code is $data['lossy'] = true; then it may use Kraken's "intelligent lossy" compression. If we change the code to = false then lossless... ?! Else, if "optimal settings" is off then kicks in an override with fixed set compression in percentage (what is 100% ? also lossless or best lossy?).

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