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I would preface that with documentation that explains what functionality in the shopping cart contributes to SEO. The GTIN, UPC, EAN-13, alt image titles per image, social sharing, et al. Everything else boils down to an artistic opinion better served as a blog article.

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Onsite factors within TB that are important:

meta tags

cross linking

rich snippets (that's built in already, right?)


mobile ready

Offsite factors is reviews and reputation. This is becoming perhaps the single most important factor in SEO at the moment for commercial websites. I believe someone has created a review module for TB that chases down reviews from customers. If you see a company with 200 reviews (mostly 5 star) it will typically beat in the SERPs a company with 100 reviews even if the latter has far more back linking and better "traditional" on and off page seo. Back linking is slowly dying for commercial sites and reviews are becoming far more important. Expect to see the birth of spam review sites!

SEO is a big area, is the plan to incorporate best in class seo techniques built in?

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Thank you for sharing such a useful information.

Completely true as far as the Search engine optimization technique is concerned you have to mainly focus on on page activities.

Now a days many things are changed hence we need to upgrade our practices accordingly.

As mentioned above especially for ecommerce sites product reviews and user reviews makes the website more valuable.

While doing this practice we need to take care of spam actions, as Google is keeping eye on all such spammers.

Stay away from spammers. It will harm your website.

To achieve the expected results follow organic SEO service practice that will help you with long term benefits.


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