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  1. Have a look into your .htaccess file.
  2. Rent 2 Servers from the same datacenter, one next to each other.
  3. nickz

    Time Exceeded?

    2 Questions I have for yer: How much time passed between all OK and I was updating product and got this error ... Issues? Where do you host?
  4. Do you mind telling us why you want to do that?
  5. Na wenn dir WP lieber ist Leichter ist leider nicht oft besser.
  6. Vertical menus are pretty good. Also having categories orderly arranged in or below the header is great.
  7. Don't you think you should mention the hard labour most influencer wannabes have to go thru to make it even to sustain their lifestyle?
  8. I think that viewing pictures without reading much may leads to dementia and definitely kills the ability to think a little deeper. Reading and writing helps to maintain the biggest muscle we have and shallow picture watching lets it sleep (for years) You can observe the effect in shops done by younger people, hardly any text.
  9. Nö das hab ich auch nicht gesagt. Auch in England gibt es Dropshipper. Durch ändernde Regeln kann das Zweisprachige Shopsystem auch irgendwann mal im Ranking abstürzen. Kann wie gesagt also bracht man das nicht zu interpretieren was IMHO eh schon zu oft geschieht. Eine LTD kann dir sogar mal hilfreich sein so wie die Deutsche Steuer zulangt. Da ist allerdings eine ziemlich saubere Trennung der Shops nötig was auch nicht gerade Ideal ist. Den Bezug zur LTD habe ich da unsere Nationale Firmenform in der EU kaum bekannt ist. Ich lebe auch nicht in der EU.
  10. Darum ging es mir allerdings nicht. Klar wenn die Kunden dich kennen ist es egal, aber bei Neukundengewinnung ist es ein anderes Thema. Darüber mal nachgedacht? 🙂
  11. Das bringt höchst selten etwas. Welcher Engländer kauft bei einem Shop der in D sitzt oder Vice versa? Besser sie zu trennen und für die Englische Seite eine LTD nehmen.
  12. nickz

    tool.js error

    if its the old theme, could it be that the earlier jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2 were a tat different?
  13. nickz

    Admin Best Seller Tab

    In which setup version theme you are wondering about it? And why does it bother you, you are the only one seeing it at set up
  14. Hardly anyone decides to use a guest account. Most know they have to register. To get your order an address is needed. Nothing to do with paranoid. Have a look into your log files and read that line again.
  15. What is the reason for that? I would not advise anyone to accept guest orders as internet is full of people filling in ghost orders.
  16. Go VPS or Dedicated Server More independence.
  17. nickz

    1.2 vs 1.3

    Hi @ll I wonder what is your take on TB 1.2 vs 1.3. I prefer 1.2 as it seems to have an easier approach on customization. I did not install any additional modules just out of the box. Both Downloads from the TB Site.
  18. in my experience the shorter the way to finish the purchase the better it is. ideally clicking on a product picture and have the choice between paying right away or keep reading on.
  19. We found Zerothemes pretty much agreeable. https://www.zerotheme.com/ You need the newest Themes you need to purchase them. Tweaking the free themes works pretty good though.
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