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Spam coming through reCAPTCHA



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Usually bots does not use this form at all (only for the first time maybe). You can hide it and you will still get spam. They are doing request directly to submit URL with the POST parameters. So this module with slider is not 100% solution, and won't work in most cases, unless it does more that we don't see, e.g. adds additional field which is submitted and checked in ContactController (overriden), then it might help.

We got many client requests regarding spam, we had spam in our website where we used some protection from spam, and it usually helps auto (dumb) bots, but nothing helped, only Google reCAPTCHA. Spam stopped immediately, strange thing that it does not help in your case. Maybe real visitors are sending spam, not sure if it will last long in this case, or you discovered something new, bot which successfully passes reCAPTCHA :)

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