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  1. Issue has been resolved, it was an account issue with paypal. Mods can delete this thread, as it will not serve anyone.
  2. Quick update, I rewound the server and that broke ALL my pretty URLs. Good grief, I wasn't expecting things to get worse... I had to disable Apache MultiViews. What impact will that have, if any? EDIT: clarity
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't. I tried adding new credentials, uninstalling, deleting and reinstalling the module, emptying cache but nothing helps. I get a message after checkout when logging in to paypal about "This vendor cannot take payments at this time". They also managed to break my atos-sips payment module, the website could no longer read the binaries, so after a server rewind that fixed the atos-sips module but not paypal. My only option at this point is to rewind the server further, hopefully that will work. If not, I'm lost unless someone can help me find a solution.
  4. I'm recently performed a migration to migrate two different websites to the server hosting my thirtybees installation. This messed up my payment modules and was unable to take payments for a week! Long story short I fixed one of the two modules but the Paypal module (thirtybees) thinks the server doesn't support TLS 1.2 even though it does, I checked everything and all is good. It was working fine for years before the migration. Any help would be greatly appreciated in getting the module working again! EDIT: clarity
  5. I'm using this module and all was fine until a few days ago when Google decided to stop showing my ads because ecomm_prodid is missing. How would I send ecomm_prodid, ecomm_pagetype and ecomm_totalvalue to Google? I tried something I found online and only managed to give my product pages error 500... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I would be very interested in knowing how that pans out for you
  7. Thank you! I was going crazy with minute long loading times!
  8. Same issue. It also messes with other scripts I have. I think I'll leave it alone
  9. I heard that the full page cache can replace this module but it doesn't work right now. So, as of right now there is no way to have full page cache on tb. According to the developer the module doesn't work because tb uses a class with the same name. Is there any way to make that module work for those of us who want to use it? Or do we have to wait for the full page cache to work and only use that option?
  10. I get "Refused to execute script from '' because its MIME type ('image/png') is not executable."
  11. I found the issue. I edited the name of the category, so all products automatically changed the default category to the subcategory which changed the URL from site.com/category/product to site.com/category/subcategory/product A bit of a pain to have to go through every product and change the default category back to parent.
  12. The fonts work perfectly on all the pages, except on the product pages of one category in particular. I get this address for the fonts, returning a 404: https://site.com/category/fonts/poppins-v5-latin-300.ttf Instead of: https://site.com/fonts/poppins-v5-latin-300.ttf What's causing this?
  13. Does anyone know if jPresta's Page Cache Ultimate module used in conjunction with a2hosting's turbo cache is any use or is it redundant?
  14. The order confirmation page is exactly what I needed! I hacked something together but it was ugly. Thank you!
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