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  1. innercode

    Make certain products orderable only by certain groups

    I am not looking at the code right now, but if I remember correctly, modifications would be the only solution, because "Add to cart" display logic is done in template. Maybe it is possible to change it via overrides / module without touching .tpls, but if you have "Add to cart" buttons in other places, like category, home page category, some block modules, etc. then doing only via overrides or module might be quite complicated. Minor override + few .tpl modifications would be the easiest solution, especially if you are not going to manage it from Back Office. If you want assign different products to different customer groups, then probably module will be needed too. Also hiding the button would be enough in most cases, but if done it right, adding to cart should be also blocked, OR completing the order should be blocked until customer removes that product from cart. To sum up, probably custom modifications are needed.
  2. innercode

    TB and PHP 7.1

    We are running 1.0.3 with PHP 7.3. There are some warnings in the log, but they are not critical and basically it will work fine. Not sure if they still exist in 1.0.8, haven't tried newest TB version yet.
  3. innercode

    URLS & SEO question

    IDs in URLs has no impact on SEO. Your customers won't look at these IDs at all, check booking.com URLs :) What happens if you hire SEO guy to fill the fields and texts and he/she modifies them? Probably 404 not found, and it will hurt your SEO a lot. It is possible to create module which tracks these changes, but usually modules that removes IDs don't do that. Also other problems might pop out, e.g. duplicate URLs, you need track that too. I saw one time when product URL matched category URL. Then you will need URLs tracking tool to check if you don't have duplicate URLs. So you stack up module on module (or extend current one) basically for a thing (removed IDs) which gives nothing. Then you decide to have a blog, and guess what? :) it has IDs too.. it is not global change, modules that have pages, like blog, need modifications. For small shop maybe it would be OK, but for a larger one with lots of categories and thousands of products you and your developer will have more work with possibility to break things up. We've encountered it in 2 shops, both had problems from time to time due to these changes.
  4. Except if you have difference with the main product in the CSV, then yes, probably on import it will recalculate automatically and you get not what you want. If you have combination's **final price** in the CSV, then my suggestion above will work. Main product is not a separate product anymore. Combination is separate (physical) product. So if you set weights and prices as they are in CSV, you get what you want. Customer can't choose product without combination, neither it is used in the lists or anywhere else, default combination is used instead.
  5. The easiest way for this is this: set price 0 for products which have combinations, then after import you automatically get the right prices, no need to recalculate.
  6. Not sure I fully understand what you are looking for, but maybe our module will help: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/fast-mass-updates/17917-mass-combinations-update.html We also plan to extend it to work outside of one product boundaries, currently you can mass edit/set combination values for one product at a time. So if you have lots of combinations per product that might help.
  7. innercode

    Problem with specific prices and TAX

    You can add specific price for US only, you can select country in the specific price. This price will have higher priority than the discount for All countries. Also it can be not only a discount, but also a new price which overrides existing product price. I don't understand why you apply discount the same amount of tax, isn't it better to show prices 100$ initially? Discounts are great for the customers but if all products have discounts then it looks a little bit strange.
  8. innercode

    Spam coming through reCAPTCHA

    Usually bots does not use this form at all (only for the first time maybe). You can hide it and you will still get spam. They are doing request directly to submit URL with the POST parameters. So this module with slider is not 100% solution, and won't work in most cases, unless it does more that we don't see, e.g. adds additional field which is submitted and checked in ContactController (overriden), then it might help. We got many client requests regarding spam, we had spam in our website where we used some protection from spam, and it usually helps auto (dumb) bots, but nothing helped, only Google reCAPTCHA. Spam stopped immediately, strange thing that it does not help in your case. Maybe real visitors are sending spam, not sure if it will last long in this case, or you discovered something new, bot which successfully passes reCAPTCHA :)
  9. Just uninstall mailalerts on developer / test shop. Or disable mail sending in the Advanced Parameters -> Email section. Except if you want to test emails. This is good because if you have some data from your live shop, e.g. customers and orders, there is chance they will get email from one of the modules (same mailalerts if they can subscribe to get email when product is in stock again).
  10. Just upload the .zip as new module, it will apply the update automatically :)
  11. @alwayspaws yes, I have that already in mind :) We are going to create topics for each module, so that you can post suggestions under related topic in forum instead of creating multiple topics.
  12. Sorry, only marketing validation passed, not technical. So if you wish to download directly from PS addons, you will need to wait a little bit more :)
  13. Just to let you all know. New version is now available on Addons. Currently this feature is supported only in PS1.6 and TB, but as I understand there are no merchants who use PS1.7 :)
  14. Hi @alwayspaws I have update ready, so if you (or anyone that has bought and wants this small update), please PM via Addons. I will send it as attachment, or you can wait when PS Team validates the module (it takes 2-14 days).