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Product-specific attributes



Hi, I am setting up my store but I just bumped into a big issue.

Majority of my products have product-specific attributes but also have some global attributes too (i.e. Colour). I looked at other platforms (XCart, Magento, eBay, Etsy) and they are able to handle this but I can't find any way to handle it in TB.

Basically, what I want is when I create a new product I want to be able to define the attributes and the values 'on the spot' and also to be able to use some global attributes if need it.

Product 1 -Attribute 1 (global): a, b, c -Attribute 2 (product-specific): d, e, f

Product 2 -Attribute 1 (global): a, b, c -Attribute 2 (product-specific): g,h, i

Product 3 -Attribute 1 (product-specific): j, k, l -Attribute 2 (product-specific): m, n, o

Any idea?

Thank you

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what i do in this case i make all the attributes global for this product and after creating the combinations i delete the combinations who are not possible. In that case the visitor will get a notification when they choose a combination which is not possible. Its not the most perfect solution, but i do not use very much specific product attributes. For me it works this way, maybe for you its not the right solution.

Maybe someone else can give an idea.

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I would take the direct & easy approach & use a bullet list for product specific

Example: Tshirt they can come in a color black blue green etc so these are global

sizes would be as well large small extra large etc

If you have things that are only unique to that product I might add them this way

  • Mesh material
  • water resistant
  • Bullet proof

Unless I missed what you were going for.

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Thank you for your replies.

I should have mentioned that I have around 40 values per global attribute and between 3 and 20 unique values per product specific attribute. The solution suggested by @30knees would work to a certain extent in short term but it will become a real pain in long term.

My global attribute is Colour: 40 values Each product will have its own size (Width x Height), rarely there are 2 products that will have the same size. Some products will have further attributes like 'Set of'.

I pretty much gave up as I do not think this platform can handle my needs so I'm looking at alternatives.

Thank you!

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