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  1. Das sollte kompatibel sein, weil für PS 1.6. Die Erfahrung zeigt, dass etwaige Inkompatibilität durch minimale Änderungen beseitigt werden kann.
  2. Hi, I hope you're doing well again. If you are, may we ask what the current status is? Thanks!
  3. The customer is a nice test subject. 🙂 She also noted that you're first asked for the payment method and then for the email address. She chose credit card and was then surprised, understandably, that she needs to enter her email address. Perhaps this should be switched, i.e. first the email address, then address, then the payment method. Thoughts?
  4. A customer commented that what's typical is to first ask for the invoice address and then ask if there's a different shipping address. That's true (in Germany). How is it in other countries? I note it's the reverse in the module.
  5. It works well but nobody wants to pay with cryptocurrencies these days.
  6. Yep, I agree with the what's been written before!
  7. Kommen erst wieder dazu, uns das genauer anzuschauen. Bei Billbee ist die Schnittstelle zu tb nicht super, zB werden die UmSt-Sätze der Produkte nicht übertragen. Ansonsten sieht es ganz gut aus. Wir vergleichen aktuell Reybex und Billbee. Buchhaltungsbutler macht soweit einen guten Eindruck.
  8. Danke. Der Support meinte, das sei normal...aber ich finde das so absurd. Daher habe ich nochmals nachgefragt. Nicht, dass ich vom Support missverstanden wurde.
  9. @BatmanIch teste gerade Billbee und der UmSt-Satz der Artikel wird aus dem Shop nicht übernommen sondern bekommt den "Standardsatz" aus Billbee zugewiesen. Ist das bei Dir auch so? Wir haben sowohl 7% und 19% Artikel.
  10. I'll take you up on the idea to vote for features, @wakabayashi! 🙂 Nice to see you. YES! is a strong vote and OK! is a normal vote. 😄
  11. I don't know what could cause that but I'm running bleeding edge and it doesn't happen.
  12. One this I just noticed in my store (and I'm not even sure it's the fix, though it's the first time I'm noticing it). On the invoice, some products show the Base price and the others don't. The products all have the same price settings. Do you have an idea why this may be?
  13. I'm also looking for that. I can't find where the "From" is coded, unfortunately.
  14. 30knees

    Reduction by payment

    I use Chex. 🙂 Is anybody in the forum interested in this besides me? I could perhaps fund this if so. Or this route...what module do you use?
  15. But what about commenting on the reason that the copyright notices you introduced apparently make the incorporation of your code illegal? Not infringing on your copyright (and perhaps messing up how thirtybees can be forked) does not sound like an excuse to me but a very wise decision.
  16. 30knees

    Reduction by payment

    I see. And would a hack be possible where you give a discount code that is tied to specific payment method? I see that cart rules can be tied to a carrier.
  17. 30knees

    Reduction by payment

    I'm looking for the possibility to give a discount if a certain payment method is used. Did you find a solution?
  18. Unfortunately, I don't understand the technical intricacies about introducing code from each fork. Independent of that, I feel cooperation would be better (assuming Traumflug doesn't want to contribute to thirtybees (and Merchant's Edition) and earn his money as an established partner and contributor).
  19. Nice! I saw that you implemented thirtybees's bug fixes etc. Do bug fixes also go from Merchant's to thirtybees?
  20. It looks good to me, thank you! 🙂 Will it flow into the 1.2.x version, too, or shall I update the live store to the main version?
  21. I'm still using Coingate with this fix: https://github.com/coingate/prestashop-plugin/pull/11/files See
  22. Looks like it's still working for me.
  23. Fantastic, thank you! I don't have a testing server. I'll set one up.
  24. Das klingt sehr gut, danke! Irgendwann will ich die ganzen Dienste näher vergleichen. Für uns wärem die wichtigsten Funktionen: MHD/Chargen-Management Amazon-Anbindung * Nett wären: Bestandsverwaltung via Barcode o.ä. DHL-Anbindung * Die mit * markierten Funktionen haben aber wohl alle Dienste.
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