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Download from productpage after e-mail


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I'm looking for a module/script so that people can download a sheet by subscribing to my newsletter. A small and low-resolution version of the sheet will always be visible on the product page but for a high resolution printable A4 version of the sheet, they need to subscribe. Does anybody know such a script/module? It can be an 'external' script with an executable link to that script on the product page.

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@colorful-ant said in Download from productpage after e-mail:

Create a virtual article

Thanks for your reply If you mean a virtual product than that is not an option because the downloadable sheet is directly linked to the product. Furthermore, a registered customer is not a newsletter subscriber. All my customers are registered since I don't offer guest-checkout, but very few subscribe to the newsletter. But maybe this is because the checkbox in not 'in-sight'

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