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  1. vincentdenkspel

    Front-office product and categories editor

    Hi, I would for sure buy such a module. Will you add the possibility to edit/add features ?
  2. vincentdenkspel

    thirty bees 1.1.0 Preview

    No. Warehouse is deverloped bij IQIT-commerce and Panda by Sunnytoo. Panda and Transformer are developed by the same developer
  3. vincentdenkspel

    Login as customer

    @danwarrior Sorry i don't know. I never use window. I'm to stupid for it😀
  4. vincentdenkspel

    Elastic Search module

    Maybe several people are interested to pay for compatibility. You never know.
  5. vincentdenkspel

    Elastic Search module

    @wakabayashi There is no difference. However as far as i know there are two module that can do AND filters (meet all criteria). The rest do OR filtering. This is not a problem as long as as you do select a option for each criteria. However, i need multiple selections. The modules which can do that costs between €250 and € 300 with one your free upgrades. Why pay that if it could be done with the ES module
  6. vincentdenkspel

    Elastic Search module

    I don't now if this is true. If i'm not mistaken one of the functionalities of the module was the 'advaced search' functionality ( product x in category y with features K AND L AND M AND N). For me this was the main reason to fund the project with a lot of money. I think this is a feature that is not only interesting for large shops but also for smaller ones. Sure, you can buy a module for that (from PrestoChangeo ($250) and PrestaModule (€280), Elastic Search module € 200)) but buy these if you could have a TB developed one. For me that reason the buy a gig. Although i bought a large gig with extra development time included (so my money is not waisted) i can imagine that other people who invested less money will not be very happy. That said i hope that TB will does other crowdfunding projects in the (near) future, because i really think it can be beneficial for TB as a project, for the developers and for the community as a whole
  7. vincentdenkspel

    Elastic Search module

    Hi, Lately there is activity on the forum from people who are trying to get the Elastic Search module working. Most of them, if not all, did not succeed and are looking for alternatives. I'm not a developer but from what i understand one of the problems is because the module is still in beta. I think (most) alternatives will cost money. I was thinking: instead of looking for paid alternatives this money could also be use to help funding so complete the project so we would have a working version of the ES module. I already supported the initial crowdfunding project, but i would certainly be interested to invest a little bit more. So my questions are : - Would other people be interested in doing so ? - Would one of the main developers be interested to complete the module ? - If so, can a indication be given how much it would cost to complete the module ? Looking forward to hear what others think of the idea ? Best regards, Vincent
  8. vincentdenkspel


    @nickon Hi, Which module are you talking about; the official prestashop module or the 31185-gdpr-compliance-pro.html module ?
  9. vincentdenkspel

    Login as customer

    I would love this too
  10. vincentdenkspel

    Login as customer

    I think people are willing to pay for maintenance of the module (crowd funding maintenance). I know I would
  11. vincentdenkspel

    Login as customer

    Unfortunately, not with MacOS
  12. vincentdenkspel

    Categories and subcategories in one list

  13. vincentdenkspel

    Categories and subcategories in one list

    I noticed that i have multiple categories with the same name, but with different id's. I think something went wrong wit the upgrade from PS to TB. Is there a way to find out if products are associated with a specific category id ?
  14. vincentdenkspel

    Categories and subcategories in one list

    Hi, All my categories and sub-categories are listed in one big list (see image) On a clean TB installation the sub-categories can only be seen if you click on the main categories to which the sub-category belong. Is this a matter of setup or did some went wrong when the site was converted from PS to TB ? Is there a way to clean this up ? Thanks.
  15. vincentdenkspel

    Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module

    @datakick Would like to buy your module, but it isn't compatible with two of my main modules (payment and shipping). Sorry