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  1. Hi, Hope somebody has some tips for me. On my productpages i have entered the meta title and meta-descritpion. When i search for products, i'm often listed on page 2. Does somebody have some tips for me what i can do to rank higher ? Thank you.
  2. Maybe this is something for you : http://www.myddleware.com/ I haven't tried it though
  3. Is it possible to have multiple selections in one category with the filter option in Elastic Search. If so, how do i configure this? Example. For the boardgames is sell i have entered multiple 'values' in the category skills. I want people to be able to filter in the category skills like skill A AND C AND F
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    You can add me too
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    You have made that very clear. However, the fact is: it is not your company. "Acceptable commercial fashion" This is just your opinion. Maybe someone else thinks it is run in the right way. I always tell my children: by screaming louder your point is not more valid.
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    Sorry to see you leave. Thank you for all you have contributed to the project
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    Hi, Does anybody successfully use Mautic with TB (with a paid module or with a free module) ?
  8. What competing shop systems are you referring to ? They may not have this 'issue' but will have other issues such as lack of support, very high costs etc.
  9. @30bees you thank the wrong person. you have to thank @wakabayashi i have nothing to do with the module
  10. Hi, I was wondering: Is @lesley still involved in the project ?
  11. No. that comment was made when the conversation was about affiliates. In general: Affiliates wants to get paid in cash and not vouchers. You must see my comments as 'brainstorming'.
  12. @wakabayashi yes; in combination with theme. That's why i'm a big believer of crowdfunding module that are written for TB. The more native TB modules, the lesser problems. But this is another discussion 😉
  13. @wakabayashi That's right, but is has nothing to do with your module. My site not functioning well. I think this has to do with the fact of upgrading from PS1.4 > PS1.5 > PS1.6 > TB1.0.X >TB1.07 I can't upgrade to TB 1.08 without breaking al sorts of things. I first have to hire someone who can clean this mess up for me. Once that is done i will definitely use your module.
  14. You can overcome this buy using % of order instead of fixed value. Furthermore i would like to have the possibility to set different values (€ / %) for referrer and friend. Also i would like to see that the coupon is activated after x number of days. Here in the Netherlands, people have the right to return the products until 14 days after delivery. The coupon should automatically be activated only after these 14 days. Otherwise people could buy for a large amount, get an coupon , use the coupon and than return most/all of the products
  15. @wakabayashi both ways has advantages and disadvantages: Wit the "fixed way" customers can't hoard loyalty points. As i understand this works according to the FIFO principle (the oldest point will be used first) From a merchant perspective i think this is the best way. From a customers perspective this may the a less friendly version. With the "refresh way" it is possible to to hoard the loyalty points. Hoever, personally i think the "fixed way" (FIFO) is the best way. If we the merchants can set the expiration time it think every merchant can decide for for him/herself what he/she thinks a reasonable expiration time is.
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