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  1. @Mediacom87 on you site is stated : " Removal of compatibility with PrestaShop 1.5" Is it a matter of time before compatibility for PS1.6 /TB also will be removed ?
  2. Why not see if there would be interest in crowdfunding this ? BTW: What software are you currently using ?
  3. @colorful-ant Thank you for your help
  4. Hi all, When people visit my site they are shown the English version. I did set the language to Dutch in the backend (See screenshot) Can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong ? Best regards, Vincent
  5. Hi, The theme looks nice. When i select a category and form within the category list click on 'add to cart' the product is added to the cart. It would be nice the the popup is show in which is confirmed that the product is added to the cart. You now have to scroll to the top in order to make sure it is addes. Hope you can add this. Will there be a free version and a paid version of the theme ? If so what will be the difference ?
  6. Hi, Hope somebody has some tips for me. On my productpages i have entered the meta title and meta-descritpion. When i search for products, i'm often listed on page 2. Does somebody have some tips for me what i can do to rank higher ? Thank you.
  7. Maybe this is something for you : http://www.myddleware.com/ I haven't tried it though
  8. Is it possible to have multiple selections in one category with the filter option in Elastic Search. If so, how do i configure this? Example. For the boardgames is sell i have entered multiple 'values' in the category skills. I want people to be able to filter in the category skills like skill A AND C AND F
  9. You have made that very clear. However, the fact is: it is not your company. "Acceptable commercial fashion" This is just your opinion. Maybe someone else thinks it is run in the right way. I always tell my children: by screaming louder your point is not more valid.
  10. Sorry to see you leave. Thank you for all you have contributed to the project
  11. vincentdenkspel


    Hi, Does anybody successfully use Mautic with TB (with a paid module or with a free module) ?
  12. What competing shop systems are you referring to ? They may not have this 'issue' but will have other issues such as lack of support, very high costs etc.
  13. @30bees you thank the wrong person. you have to thank @wakabayashi i have nothing to do with the module
  14. Hi, I was wondering: Is @lesley still involved in the project ?
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