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  1. colorful-ant


    try this in your htaccess ->search # ~~end~~ Do not remove this comment, thirty bees will keep automatically the code outside this comment when .htaccess will be generated again after this line, add the redirects # Redirect Redirect 301 /en/home/ https://mysite.com/en/ Redirect 301 /de/home/ https://mysite.com/de/ Redirect 301 /fr/home/ https://mysite.com/fr/ Redirect 301 /ru/home/ https://mysite.com/ru/ Redirect 301 /de/category/product-1.html https://mysite.com/category/product-1 Redirect 301 /de/category/product-2.html https://mysite.com/category/product-2
  2. colorful-ant

    [community theme] how display tags

    i found this at forum
  3. colorful-ant

    Problem With email

    additional: for displaying mails ms outlook I use only for private mail addresses For the business mails I use thunderbird
  4. colorful-ant

    Problem With email

    I have no problem with my shops - the emails work whether it is with the module mailalert or a module for automatic quantity update etc.
  5. colorful-ant

    Empty cart created a user log into front office

    Hmmm, very curious, I've only found so far, if a product was added to the cart and then the product was removed from the cart.
  6. colorful-ant

    Keep being logged out

    im not sure - delete this url-cookies in your browser - login and try again
  7. colorful-ant

    Image issue

    i think you have to regenerate images/thumbnails
  8. colorful-ant

    Emails not arriving since theme change

    It may be that not all mail templates have been integrated into the new theme. Therefore, best check if all in the new theme or modules are available.
  9. colorful-ant

    Best way to find why my site is running slow?

    first problem you have no ssl
  10. colorful-ant

    Emails not arriving since theme change

    I'm not sure if it applies to you as well. Perhaps you are missing in the theme of the mail templates.
  11. colorful-ant

    Make housenumber required field - problem

    The thought of the house number is ok - but I personally would rather set up an extra field. is the label of the field sufficient? eg is your translation also house number with in it or only street? the second address field makes sense for my clients, depending on the region, post office box etc. the problem is probably for some that when shipping with the address in the foreign country, the house number in front of the street name as a field will enter, as it is common in the country. but back to your question: have you checked the data after the update, possibly these were overwritten by this and you must enter the change again / save and possibly cache etc delete.
  12. colorful-ant

    I can't put anything in the left column....

    @jfnewell1965 I see that you want to customize the default template for your shop. have you possibly considered other options? for example to buy a separate theme such as that of Johnny. The Panda theme is superb for thirty bees, it includes several preset designs and is compatible (tb 1.0.3. - 1.0.8) It offers additional functions and possibilities to customize your own shop. maybe you can save yourself a lot of work / time with the changes in the code etc. you will find it here with demo versions of the different themes: https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme
  13. colorful-ant

    Text Attribute

    I try to explain it Jewelery with and without engraving. Sometimes engraving is only possible on one side and some on both sides. The font length is different depending on the size of the article. The article should have no variants in the sense, as for example in clothing, since otherwise it does not work with the automatic adjustment of the inventory of the wholesaler. Nevertheless, the prices of the engraving articles, depending on the option must be changeable.
  14. colorful-ant

    Text Attribute

    One of the problems with me is that the quantities of products are automatically updated by the wholesaler. I do not have the items in stock with me. For this I have not found an optimal solution, because there is no separate item number. Like eg different engraving etc.
  15. ohne großen infos - ne schnelle aufgabe von schmuckchecker ich habe gerade einfach mal bei mir getestet - normaler preis 14,95 € und eine variante runter gesetzt um 2 € auf 12,95 € - funktioniert ohne probleme es kann nur an irgendwelchen einstellungen liegen das es bei ihm nicht richtig funktioniert