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  1. example-image - try the first or the second option
  2. The other web hosting is probably not good enough. I don't have the requirements in mind. For example, there may be a problem with the TLS version, with openssl or something else.
  3. I'm not sure. but i suspect that you have problems with your server/settings/php - etc. i think the requirements for paypal and stripe are not fulfilled for this to work correctly. since september or so it is mostly due to the problem with tls version etc. if i am wrong please ignore this info.
  4. EDIT: i see now - no option for newsletter - sorry I think that's why I removed the module in the front office
  5. module "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" can help
  6. i´m not sure - not tested yet mark required
  7. settings under module/paymentoptions ok?
  8. ich habe (wird bei mir gesetzlich benötigt) eine cms-seite widerrufsbelehrung. diese dann im aeuc modul mit aktivieren. I (is with me legally required) a cms-page revocation. then activate them in the aeuc module. ergebnis / result
  9. ich hatte ebenfalls das gleiche problem. mir fehlte im text der link zur widerrufsbelehrung. im modul aeuc habe ich die widerrufsbelehrung zur agb hinzugfügt/aktiviert und schon war die checkbox sichtbar.
  10. @AndyC alternatively you can also try the (for example) free stripe module from prestashop (for ps version 1.6). if you haven't tried it yet.
  11. maybe that will help you to change it for you
  12. The only thing I know on the quick is that text can be added. panda theme editor -> header/mobile header -> scroll down to mobile header
  13. @datakick is it possible: - remove the discount coupon from the shopping cart - display of available discount coupons to integrate this into the module?
  14. @AndyC tb stripe doesn't work for you? just to be sure: - you have also entered the live access data in the shop - is the server / hosting suitable for this (the requirements) - the payment settings in the shop are activated for stripe - etc ... EDIT: i have been using datakick's chex module in a shop for a few weeks now. it is not yet perfect for all my shops, but stripe and paypal also work very well here
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