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  1. colorful-ant

    Analytics tools

    others were faster today with answers 😉 I'm not sure. I have not used piwik (now matomo) for a very long time. possibly the code in javascipt must be entered with <literal> code .... </ literal>. and do not forget to empty shopcache as well as browsercache. EDIT: oh, a module, that should make things easier
  2. colorful-ant


    I did not know that piwik costs something. So far, I only had to install it on my server and integrate it into the respective system.
  3. colorful-ant

    Vertical Menu

    I do not know if I understand you correctly, probably not. I try to understand the customers and try to make it as easy as possible for them. That's why I installed and adapted the bamegameu
  4. colorful-ant


    do you mean piwik or so?
  5. colorful-ant


    Sorry, I also consider this function to be totally obsolete. the customers / visitors of the page / shops do not have to see that. This may negatively affect actual orders.
  6. colorful-ant

    Vertical Menu

    Do you really need the vertical menu with the panda theme? Do not you use the horizontal menu for all categories? For example, despite the panda theme, I use separately the "Responsive Mega Menu Pro" from buy-addons. I have in the horizontal menu what I want and for the left column I use only the modules blocklayered.
  7. colorful-ant

    Show Barcode

    if one <br> not helps but two you can try use <p>&nbpr;</p> or so
  8. colorful-ant

    Show Barcode

    im not sure - not testet now </p> <br> <p id="product_ean13"{if empty($product->ean13) || !$product->ean13} style="display: none;"{/if}> <label>{l s='EAN: '} </label> or try two => <br><br> dont forget clear shop cache and browser cache
  9. colorful-ant

    Out Of Stock

    ean i dont know - have you used my example? change it a little bit example one <p id="product_ean13"> <label>EAN: </label> <br /> <span content="5055685512015">5055685512015</span> <meta itemprop="gtin13" content="5055685512015" /></p> delete <br />
  10. colorful-ant

    Out Of Stock

    ok - i see now, the one product have zero quantity? example aeuc settings - 1-7 days with products quantity 1+ - 1-2 weeks with products quantity 0-
  11. colorful-ant

    Out Of Stock

    im not sure, but i think its changing your urls / store / etc - you have two differnet stores - new tb store and your old store old store... www.pewterworld.co.uk/PwTb/ .... new store ... www.pewterjewellery.co.uk .... without PwTb
  12. colorful-ant

    Remove Customer Date of Birth?

    @Brent Dacus transformer is not complete compatibel -> sunny.to only panda theme is full compatibel with tb
  13. @Jonny @toplakd Thanks, your ideas are great. Unfortunately I did not think about that and try to deactivate the codes for the last page of the order. To use the last page only as an order summary. I think that the deletion button should be deactivated as well. As an example shipping from 100 euros free shipping and it will be deleted something, the shipping is not updated and as a seller you have to pay extra for his calculation. Unfortunately, it is a bit user-friendly for the customer. Presumably, the problem with me is that the one-page checkout (OPC) problems are not functioning correctly and I can not use it (AEUC, etc.). I have not tested the module of @datakick yet, but on its demo page, it also does not seem to work properly. At least in the demo the settings are limited and can not test it completely. Here I miss a few things in the order overview, for example, AGB (terms & conditions), or the display price with VAT or the required line of VAT included. TB works much better and faster than PS. Only for the order process I have not found a suitable solution for me.
  14. colorful-ant

    Only Free Delivery is possible, whats wrong?

    The problem can also have other causes - look in your settings etc example
  15. @Jonny Thanks, great - if I take this change, its a little bit ok. The problem on the last order page with the updating of addresses etc is still present. The addresses are displayed, but if changed, they will not be saved yet.The main problem with me is in addition, if the country changes and other shipping costs incurred, this is also not updated.