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  1. @bhtoys are you sure that all options are set correctly (modules -> payment)? missing image "setup your carrier price range" second page ???? example: modules -> payment
  2. i have a paid version (noch nicht perfekt - aber ein sehr guter schritt nach vorn - zur übersetzung des buttons gab es bei mir keine probleme)
  3. ein problem dieser art, wurde hier schon mal behandelt und ist bei mir immer noch nicht ok
  4. @Landmücke habe keine ahnung, ob es hilft: probier hier mal die einstellungen zu ändern - ggf shop- & browsercache leeren versand -> einstellungen oder versuch testweise mal das niara theme
  5. you can translate it backoffice -> localisation -> translation change to modules, theme and language modul name -> homefeatured
  6. An import via CSV is no problem BUT .... I don't know if that's a good solution. If I understand the right thing, I personally say no at first. The problem will be "duplicate urls". Settings / texts etc. should fit / different if everything should work.
  7. thanks - this looks very good - I'll try that tomorrow
  8. you can try, to change your (some) ....adresses(-tab).tpl -> root folder /pdf i have not tested ------- $invoice_address $delivery_address original file
  9. im not sure, but check your basic pdf folder and files if you have changed some files .... themes/webpoint/pdf/delivery-slip.tpl (replace webpoint by your theme/panda) missing a ...tpl file example:
  10. example-image - try the first or the second option
  11. The other web hosting is probably not good enough. I don't have the requirements in mind. For example, there may be a problem with the TLS version, with openssl or something else.
  12. I'm not sure. but i suspect that you have problems with your server/settings/php - etc. i think the requirements for paypal and stripe are not fulfilled for this to work correctly. since september or so it is mostly due to the problem with tls version etc. if i am wrong please ignore this info.
  13. EDIT: i see now - no option for newsletter - sorry I think that's why I removed the module in the front office
  14. module "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" can help
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