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  1. or take a look here if you have more languages active i use 4 languages change/disable english
  2. wenn nicht schau mal bei den beiden infos rein. evtl hilft dir das weiter. muß ich mir auch erst noch in ruhe anschauen und probieren. mir eben erst eingefallen, dass ich das mal gesehen hatte und eigentlich schon vor vor 2 jahren testen wollte. jetzt hast du mich wieder daran erinnert.
  3. da ist meines wissens bisher keine übersetzung möglich bzw mit integriert. daher schreibe ich dies bei den anderen spachen mit anderen maßangaben in die beschreibung rein. da kann man nur den nettowert (zb 4,96 €) eingeben und dann auf das jenige was es betrifft (zb je 100g)
  4. @datakick @Smile what can you say about it? Request to https://api.thirtybees.com/coreupdater/master.php failed with status 'rejected'. controller.js:102:15
  5. at the moment no update possible "request failed, see JavaScript console"
  6. example catalog price rules with 2, 3 and 4 items i used %%%
  7. the panda template (thirty bees - version) has already integrated these functions and many other options https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme
  8. In the standard template, there is no display of product variations in the product list for the products. to display the short description in the product list, you can: 1. Change the list view from grid to list 2. change the template (e.g. here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/3413-niara-theme-short-description/
  9. I had the same problem for 2 days now. Now it occurred to me that it wasn't the first time. i mainly use firefox. simply deleting the cache in the shop and in the browser is not enough. firefox -> settings -> cookies and website data -> manage data -> select website and then remove it, after that it worked for me that I was able to log in with my test account / customer account. now it works for me again with logging in as a customer. chrome browser, no problem on my store. -> i think firefox!!!!
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