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  1. You could find the solution here: Some answers are already in the forum
  2. was the shop cache and your browser cache cleared? did you make any other changes in the template or anything else? hooks ... and "header" hook are ok?
  3. I'm sorry, I have no idea about your server. cache/cookie problem?
  4. sorry - it is not meant bad overall. I wish some would search more here in the forum beforehand - or in the prestashop forum. you can change the translation here. translation email -> localization -> translations If you want to change mail templates, there are many helpful tips - as mentioned above in one of the two forums. Unfortunately you have not given any exact information about what and where in which mail template should be changed! So nobody can help further! ! ! ! !
  5. it works for me with desktop, tablets, smartphones etc backoffice module settings
  6. maybe the small module "scroll top" or your own creation is helpful. - block layered - block new products - block viewed etc the column (left / right) can get quite long scrolltop.zip
  7. did you empty the shop cache and the browser cache? i currently only see the maintenance mode. Your php version with 5.6.xxxx should also be updated - this gives more power. try a new update with template change. it can also be due to one or the other module. or change your settings before trying the performance again example and reload:
  8. i deactivated this block for me. otherwise it seems to me personally too much - as well as additional links that interfere with google & co if they are not marked as noffollow. 1. head area - ok 2. footer area - ok 3. left / right column - is too much for me
  9. sometimes it's crazy what kind of questions are asked. you want to deactivate the alt / title texts. Why? actually, they exist for an important reason. what's wrong with this text being displayed when the cursor is moved over it? Usually one says in general that there are no stupid questions or stupid answers. sorry for this sentence. from my point of view, you should deal with the topic of seo - especially in this point with the links. if you want to deactivate it, you have to remove it from all .tpl files of the template and the modules. sorry again - have fun. I myself have no better answer for that.
  10. please show in your theme and/or module file with .tpl no backoffice
  11. falls jemand interesse haben sollte mit einer anzeige des prozentsatzes auf der artikelseite ohne zusätzliche werbung zu machen. da kunden im onlineshop zu bewerben oder so wegen der kurzfristigen steuersenkung, was für die abmahner wieder ein gefundenes fressen ist. im prestashop-forum gefunden und teilweise getestet. leider habe ich hier nur artikel mit 16% (bzw alt/neu-dezember wieder 19%). daher keine ahnung ob es auch korrekt funktioniert. Link: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/560800-wie-kann-man-die-anzeige-des-mwst-satzes-beim-artikelpreis-einbauen/ vorher nachher tb bleeding edge mit niara theme und aeuc-modul habe unter themes / niara / modules / advancedeucompliance / views / templates / hook / hookDisplayProductPriceBlock.tpl komplett hinzugefügt/kopiert und dann den abschnitt geändert alt {else} "aeuc_tax_label" {/if}> {$smartyVars.price.tax_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} </span> {/if} neu {else} "aeuc_tax_label" {/if}> {$smartyVars.price.tax_str_i18n|escape:'htmlall'} {if {$product->tax_rate} <> 0} <span class="aeuc_tax_label">{l s='('}{$product->tax_rate} {l s='%)'}</span> {/if} </span> {/if}
  12. dont forget -> clear shop and browser cache
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