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  1. I have so many ideas for new functions / options in the standard. I cannot list all of them. Some of it would be too much. For some improvements there are already suggestions and tips in the forum. I know they are only suggestions and not everything can be freeware. For some sellers, having as few overrides as possible would be a dream. - add hooks -> module html block (very nice module) -> absolute top (before nav-hook); footer-top, footer bottom (sigh -> best to adapt it with the niara theme) -> footer-bottom, the module "Community Theme Configuration" would no longer be needed. from the tips - date product new example: - keywords / tags autocomplete (admin product page) example: - and yes multiple features example: - Customer service - add predefined messages example: - Adding a 'sort by sales' option example:
  2. colorful-ant


    harry potter time - magical 👍
  3. colorful-ant


    Did you check both options? "Custom Codes" in the "Custom CSS Code" field TB has its own under Settings and the second is in the theme editor of the Panda theme.
  4. colorful-ant


    At the first moment the following occurs to me: did you enter something in the section "Custom Codes" in the field "Custom CSS Code"?
  5. colorful-ant


    please take a look here at the end of the image -> show product attributes - yes or no .....
  6. There are a few good arguments and pointers. These have now made me think again. Since then I have also looked at other shop systems. At this point, none of these are as good as TB for my needs. Since PS made the switch from 1.6 to 1.7, I am not thrilled and have therefore switched to TB. I would like to continue using the modules and templates that I have bought so far and not start from scratch. If there isn't a better solution in the near future, I'll use PS 1.7. The main reason for this is the functionality and the required modules. In the other shop systems, I haven't found another one that gives me options like TB or PS (sigh). positive characteristics: - continue to use previous modules (mostly for PS), - continue to use previous templates (mostly for PS), - Export / import of articles, customers, orders, etc ... - Required functions that TB or PS are available as standard or can be extended by the very large range of modules (most systems do not have such a large selection or already integrated functions that I need) I didn't really want to list the negative ones, like for the example: - where can I adapt my template (since PS 1.6 to PS 1.7 with all the changes, must be found out again) - Changes / adaptations of languages .... - .... So things that have generally changed from PS 1.6 to PS 1.7 - bugs / bugs / bugs I hope there is a solution for the future. A change to another shop system was not on my plan. Despite the pandemic, many online shops are on the rise. Due to Lockdowns & Co, many products from my range are not in demand.
  7. i'm not sure now. take a look at the translations of the modules in the "advancedeucompliance". maybe your problem lies here. EDIT: if you have installed the module
  8. hallo sara - willkommen. eine komplette anleitung gibt es glaube ich nicht. da mußt du dich stellenweise selbst etwas durchwurschteln oder ggf hier nachfragen. für den anfang: 1. das logo (label) kannst du im dashboard unter ->> einstellungen -> templates ändern bzw dein gewünschtes bild für den shop und die rechnungen hoch laden 2. menüleiste - findest du unter ->> module und dienste -> block top menu (beim standardtemplate) 3. suchleiste vermutlich ist der suchindex noch nicht komplett aufgebaut/eingerichtet etc findest du unter ->> einstellungen -> suche -> indizierung (& co)
  9. the bigger problem is probably your template! the transformer template is not fully compatible with TB. only the panda template from sunnytoo is best suited for this. therefore it seems that you have several problems with you. transformer - see compatibility -> no TB panda - see compatibility - with TB best - ask @Jonny
  10. if you have a mobile phone or tablet. provided it can work with a separate internet connection / ip address. you can test it in addition, whether there the same problem occurs. or ask a friend to open the page
  11. @AndyC I've now also tested what zimmer-media wrote. the code was apparently out of date or tb changed it something. try the attached file. she has worked fine for me now. i used folder /override/controllers/admin/ AdminOrdersController.php
  12. have you set to 0? 0 = disabled
  13. great - nice if it helps a little
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