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  1. Actually, you can ignore this hint. It shouldn't be a problem when importing. Unfortunately, I don't know why this is still the case. If you actually want to link products, the ID of the product is required in the CSV (no product number or anything else).
  2. you can try different versions/designs from panda theme or find one -> then change it to your wishes please read here: http://panda2.sunnytoo.com/doc/
  3. only panda tb version - prestashop 1.7 dont works with tb, and 1.6 prestashop too many problems
  4. have you read the install informations from @Jonny sunnytoo.com http://panda2.sunnytoo.com/doc/
  5. disable and clear caches - etc try again i think its another problem with your theme install Bad or missing configuration file
  6. i have a store with tb 1.0.8 - need more time to update it to "tb bleeding edge" (my own changes) i use it with panda it works and another little store with tb bleeding edge and new panda version works without problems edit - image tb 1.0.8 - with panda tb version
  7. Your idea is a very good thought. I would like it very much too. Unfortunately, from my point of view it won't be very easy. - Module product reviews of Thirty Bees, Datakick, and other compatible modules? - What kind of product reviews is useful? What should customers be able to sort by? - The number of reviews? - Top rated products first? - etc. If you use the Datakick module, you have the option of using shortcodes. It's a helpful variant, after all.
  8. If you are registered in the TB-Shop, the downloads in your customer account should normally work. Personally, I am not aware of any problems. Maybe try a different browser. When downloading from Github, the easiest way is to switch to tags to download the latest (current) version. The version should be visible in the zip file and not master. No matter whether here at TB or free modules from Prestashop that are compatible with TB.
  9. @WildToddMan i am not 100% sure. but at least 98% 😉 1. if you have the zip file from github it is normal. The master zips don't work like that. upload - install. always download the latest version from github. 2. if you downloaded the file from the TB shop, it was probably integrated incorrectly there by mistake. if option 1 applies, then it is normal from my point of view, I know this from prestahop. As I see the first picture (upload -> birthdaygift-master.zip), you have not logged into the TB shop, you just followed the link and downloaded the wrong file. To download the current version, register in the TB shop or switch from master to tag on github simple click master - switch to tags - change your liked version (most the latest) -> then download ........ and modul install works 😉
  10. As far as I know, the "index.php" file actually always has the same content. Since Prestashop 1.5 I know that this file must be present in some folders. The change ('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true) didn't help? or delete or rename htaccess? hmmmmm, the only thing that I can think of as a beginner: Was there a server update at the same time or was data changed or reset: such as. php settings - timeout - and / or other necessary things that are necessary for the shop system optional: search via google: prestashop "HTTP ERROR 500"
  11. can you try another example ? config/defines.inc.php ('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false) to ('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true) example 2 - im not sure - delete (rename - your origin) htaccess file clear browser cache etc "class_index.php" my mistake -> "index.php"
  12. @VERYANGRYUSER thanks - yeah, sometimes i'm funny. - life is too short. - >> It depends on how you divide it up. In my experience, older people have so far been more patient than younger people. - I better not write the rest of what I think. Overall, you seem to be a perfect webmaster / programmer / server specialist. However, I would NEVER use your services.
  13. did you delete too much? is under the folder cache the file "class_index.php" is still available or are other things missing?
  14. Without deleting or renaming the installation directory, you cannot even log in as admin! @led24ee I don't know if @VERYANGRYUSER even needs that. Why was the page overwritten? What kind of side do he mean by that? It seems to me that an existing shop with a different shop system was simply installed with a new TB installation. Very annoying when you do something like that and then just get angry. I can't understand it any other way at the moment. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry. Why did he register here with such a name "VERYANGRYUSER"? Why didn't he choose a neutral and simple name? At the next use he chooses e.g. the name "VERYANGRYUSER_2020-Corona" or something.
  15. It's crazy what some people say. I don't know yet if I'm sorry for that person. Either this is SPAM or too stupid to read. After the installation, the install folder should either be renamed, but as described and recommended in the process, it is best to delete the install folder. I don't remember changing the entire root directory or anything else.
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