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Count Time for free shipping


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Hello every body Can this code make a count down for free shipping in TB ?

step 1 in blockcart.php (at line70) add

//get shipping cost quota $shippingcostquota= Tools::convertPrice((float)(Configuration::get('PSSHIPPINGFREE_PRICE')));

and at line 120

'shippingcostquota' => > $shippingcostquota,

step 2. in the blockcart-json.tpl line96 add

"shippingcostquota": "{$shippingcostquota|htmlentitydecode:2:'UTF-8'}",

step 3. to blockcart.tpl line 80, add the formula, (can add it anywhere inside $products) ...

{if ($shippingcostquota - $total)>0}

Remaining to spend for free shipping:{$shippingcostquota-$product.totalwt}€


If you spend{$shippingcost_quota}€ free shipping!!!

{/if} cheers !!

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