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Hi guys.

I have an interesting need and I am not sure if there is something out there that might help me so I decided to post here in case any of you have info on this topic-.

What i need is to be able to select orders to fulfill and then print a list of the products to be fulfilled grouped by variants.

I would like to have a list in the form of:


That way i can hand the print to the person who goes to the depot and just looks for all those products. Then they go ahead and fulfill each individual order after they fetched the products to the fulfillment center.

Is that something that can be done with vanilla thirty bees? Is there a module that allows me to do it?

I have been printing invoices and it proves to be cumbersome because many different orders have the same product... and also thirty bees limits the size of the product photo and sometimes is difficult to just get the item if the id is not on the product itself.

So i need a "custom made" solution for this problem or any module that allows me to do this.

Any help/pointers would be appreciated!

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