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Fixer.io out of service

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It just came to our attention that the Fixer.io service was discontinued the way it used to work. The API used by thirty bee's fixer.io module was replaced by a new API. For details, see


Note this sentence there:

all users of the legacy Fixer API will be required to sign up for a free API access key

Which means, there is no quick fix for this issue. The module needs to get a configuration page with a field for entering this access key, this access key needs to be handled somehow.

I'd work on this, but I think I'm considered to work on the new updater module. And @mdekker is expected to finalize the GDPR module.

Looks like merchants have to update currency exchange rates manually for a while.

P.S.: one can get EZB currency exchange rates on the Euro foreign exchange reference rates page.

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