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  1. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    I had a talk to Lesley, thirty bees will keep this kludge for a while.
  2. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    For tweaking default behavior there's the well established hooks mechanism.
  3. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Maybe it's disappointing to some of you, but thirty bees is going to make running a shop easier, not harder.
  4. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Those who want to run a shop and sell goods rather than wrestle with technical details of the shop software.
  5. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    It'd be better to advance the implementation rather than adding more pain to merchants. Setting up a shop with thirty bees* is pretty complex already and burdening merchants with even more complexity, like additional switches to consider, is counterproductive. * This probably applies to our fellow competitors as well, thirty bees should be better than these.
  6. Traumflug

    Language added every night.....

    Which "TB updater"? Module tbupdater or module Core Updater? Neither of them should do anything on their own, much less install additional packages.
  7. Traumflug

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    What's the point of this switch? It's hardly imaginable a merchant does not want SEO fields.
  8. Traumflug

    Cant get pack product on stock....

    Guess: one of the products in the pack has zero quantity.
  9. Traumflug

    Display Tax

    See https://duckduckgo.com/?q=prestashop+dual+price+display Remember, all PS 1.6 modules still work on thirty bees.
  10. Traumflug

    Display Tax

    Yes, that's what I meant and how I understood the question. Glad to see you answered this as well, so @simon can pick what he actually needs.
  11. Traumflug

    Display Tax

    It's a per-country setting, so one finds a switch to turn this label on and off on back office -> Localization -> Countries, then click on the country, then near the bottom. For displaying both prices one needs a module.
  12. Traumflug

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    D'oh. Forgot the question about whether the old updater should get uninstalled. The answer is No. The old updater is still needed for updating not thirty bees core, but modules. Plan is to move code needed for updating modules back into core, so eventually the module becomes obsolete, but not for the time being.
  13. Traumflug

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    Currently one can use both. After an update with the old updater, the new one would see everything is fine already and do (almost) nothing. Using the new updater first, the old one would refuse to do anything and just report 'your installation is up to date'. That said, forthcoming thirty bees releases are planned to get provided by the new updater, only. Less work for thirty bees developers, more reliability for merchants. I don't think anybody will miss the old one.
  14. Traumflug

    autoupdate module

    For the records, this is a common message for failed Ajax requests. Which usually means a problem on the PHP side, so one likely finds more help in the thirty bees or the Apache/PHP error logs. That said, Core Updater v1.0.0 chokes on large ( > ~60 MiB) files in the file system. They just have to exist. That's why a fixed version was just released, v1.0.1: https://github.com/thirtybees/coreupdater/releases/tag/1.0.1 P.S.: this version should also show up in the modules list in back office.
  15. Traumflug

    New updater error

    Do you have some huge files lying around? Yesterday It occurred to me that every file on disk gets loaded into RAM for a short moment. That's not a problem with thirty bees files, but if there's something like a 100 MiB log file, it exhausts RAM. Removing these huge files should help. It'll take a couple of days until I can fix this. If this still doesn't help, it's time to look up error logs. The one in log/ in the web root and the one for Apache/PHP-FPM.
  16. Announcing this here, because this module doesn't appear in your back office automatically and bugs prohibiting migration from an entire group of PrestaShop versions were fixed. Fixed one general bug which could cause downloads without timeout, leading to unhandled script abortion. Fixed two bugs prohibiting migrations from PrestaShop (and probably similar versions). Make it pass validatemodule.sh as far as expected. As always, find the download on the release page: https://github.com/thirtybees/psonesixmigrator/releases/tag/2.0.1
  17. Traumflug

    New updater error

    Is it the latest version? https://github.com/thirtybees/coreupdater/releases/tag/1.0.0 One of these previews had some debug code inside.
  18. Traumflug

    Modules with migration

    True. Installing tbupdater should mark all the native modules as in need of an update and doing these updates switches to the thirty bees version. Should work just fine. Well, except for modules on disk, but not installed, as uninstalled modules don't get checked for updates.
  19. Traumflug

    The mysterious cheque module

    It's a supported module: https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/payment/cheque These module directories with just translations inside get generated by the translations machinery. It unpacks all available translations rather than only the ones for existing modules. Not pretty, but also harmless.
  20. Traumflug

    Page Cache Ultimate module incompatible with thirtybees

    Yes, Page Cache is a module known to be incompatible with thirty bees. The migration module even removes it automatically. When migrating a shop I usually make a naive speed test (just load the page a couple of times and jot down the loading time). After migration, so far all shops were faster after the migration and after turning on Smarty caching as well as CCC (both on back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance) than with Page Cache before. Having a full page cache sounds good in theory, but in practice it's pretty limited. There are many reasons why page requests are not entirely identical (different language, different currency, different country, ...) and in each case, caching doesn't speed up, but slow down page generation.
  21. There's a module Override check, which lists all the overrides. With some luck, sorted by the module which installed each override. Find it in the list of modules in back office. Other than that there's not much choice than to go through all the PHP files in the overrides folder, to find hints on why they're there. One override = one PHP function. One removes an override by deleting the PHP function.
  22. Traumflug

    Ajax / Server Error for action upgradeDb

    These empty Ajax responses (no text behind errorThrown) are hard to reproduce and thus, hard to fix. My guess is, they're a result of PHP timeouts. Does the shop work after the migration? Being thrown to the login page is expected, a migration invalidates cookies. Just log in, same username/password. If the version shown in the upper left corner reads thirty bees, the migration went fine.
  23. Traumflug

    Official Mollie Module

    If a module developer tries, he can find distinctions in the API, of course. Like by testing for features introduced by thirty bees. Or by testing for the _TB_VERSION_ constant in code. There's nothing thirty bees can do about it, short of going out of existence. That said, I agree with @datakick. Not supporting a platform (like in "we don't care") is one thing, intentionally breaking it (like adding code to prohibit it from working there) is another one. Only an investigation about what goes wrong with this module can shed light on this.
  24. Traumflug

    Thirtybees roadmap

    Not really. PS 1.7 did a few things right and if thirty bees needs something similar, it'll implement this in a similar fashion. No need to alienate module developers more than necessary. But that's about it. thirty bees simply has distinct goals. Like improving reliability and ease of use. Look at the upcoming GitUpdater, Lesley has something in the works, too.
  25. Traumflug

    GitUpdater preview

    D'oh. That's debug code and fits my local installation only. You can delete this line or wait a few days for the release. TODO list has become short: Find, report and uninstall known incompatible modules (which should solve the problem with statistics modules). Add a switch to ignore the community theme.