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  1. That's true. None of the modules provided by thirty bees are made for PS 1.7. Some happen to work on PS 1.6, which is more by chance than by intention. As @haylau said, this is thirty bees.
  2. Recently I wrote about embedding portal videos into product descriptions. Using videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. is certainly convenient, but they require user consent under EU legislation. The easy way to a smoother user experience for shop visitors is to store such videos locally. No third party server touched -> no GDPR issue. Embedding local videos is even easier, see this blog post: thirty bees and Videos, Part 2 Enjoy!
  3. Probably because PS was the newest version when this spec page was written.
  4. That said, the migration module is free and works just great. It replaces pretty much the entire PS installation and upgrades the database. No need to have two installations for upgrading.
  5. Invoice templates are Smarty templates, which are HTML with variables. You'd need an HTML editor. That said, there are quite a number of 'advanced invoice' modules for PS 1.6, which also work in tb.
  6. Yes, price without tax is the fixed price. Which means, a different tax rate gives a different customer price. That said, in EU legislation VAT gets always paid in the home country. If your shop is in Danmark, you always pay tax in Danmark, even when shipping to Cyprus. When shipping to outside the EU (U.S., Switzerland), you pay no tax at all (but customers have to pay import tax at their customs office). All this to my understanding how current tax legislation in the EU works, it's no authoritative legal advice.
  7. These actions rewrote .htaccess, so it's quite possible this fixed an issue.
  8. Traumflug

    Curl error

    The APT/dpkg package you want is 'php-curl', not 'curl'.
  9. Please right-click on this button and copy the link URL. Then paste it into here and also try this URL in a new tab. Does it show the same behavior? If this URL contains 'tab=AdminAddresses', replace 'tab' with 'controller'. Does it work then?
  10. Gerade ist mir die Ankündigung auf der Bundespressekonferenz über den Weg gelaufen, ab Minute 1:50: https://www.jungundnaiv.de/2020/09/02/bundesregierung-fuer-desinteressierte-bpk-vom-2-september-2020/ Da werden unter anderem einige Änderungen im Steuerrecht vorgestellt, 2 Minuten lang. Darunter die Änderung, dass Plattformbetreiber in Zukunft für die Mehrwertsteuer haften, nicht mehr der tatsächliche Verkäufer. Das dürfte wohl für Shops eine Änderung bedeuten, die als Vermittlerplattform agieren, z.B. Amazon. Auch eine Änderung bezüglich der Steuererklärung. Die müsse man nicht mehr in jedem EU-Land einzeln erklären, sondern könne das alles in Deutschland machen. Allerdings war mir bislang keine Pflicht bewusst, in Frankreich, Polen oder Spanien Steuern zu erklären.
  11. Not really. Hacking as well as ransomware is dangerous to those not updating their operating system only. Everybody can keep the system up to date. It's "just" a matter of actually doing it. However, most people see their system working and are unwilling think beyond that. There's more necessary than "works for me". If there's something making small companies more vulnerable, it's that small companies are typically using managed hosting and there's not much influence on how carefully hosters keep updating the OS.
  12. Usually they don't pick anybody. They simply try their intrusion scripts everywhere. At least first steps are automated. Everybody running a bare bones server is well aware that a server receives hundreds of hacking attempts every day just because this server happens to be connected to the internet.
  13. Traumflug

    Belvg Theme

    Unlikely theme packagers misplaced this file. More likely is what @veganline wrote: many Zip packages come with all kinds of extra stuff, one has to look as the directory structure to find out which part is the actual theme. Every theme comes with pretty much the same set of files as both default themes. One can compare to these to find the right directory.
  14. With some mails working, email sending is most likely set up correctly. However, many mail servers and email clients come with all kinds of spam protection, blacklists and whatnot. Accordingly it's a good idea to check logs of the email server to find out whether mails were sent and perhaps discarded.
  15. On the page listing modules, there's a 'Add a new module' button in the top toolbar. Click that and an upload panel will appear. Upload the Zip file there. Also, grab the Zip from the 'releases' section on Github. Github also packages other Zips on other pages (sorry, one can't prohibit Github doing this), these don't work. Name of the right file is psonesixmigrator-v2.1.0.zip. When unpacked, it's a directory 'psonesixmigrator' with one of the files inside named 'psonesixmigrator.php'. Sometimes file backup doesn't work. In this case, backup by other means (e.g. FTP) and flip this switch off before trying again. It's harmless to try multiple times.
  16. Yes, HTMLPurifier should be off. Apparently TinyMCE still doesn't like it. 😕
  17. Whatever you want to do with the new domain, it needs a DNS entry. This DNS entry can point to the same IP address or another one. DNS is this. Having a full thirty bees installation just to redirect to another domain is quite wasteful. A 3-line static HTML page sending a 301 redirect is entirely sufficient and much faster. Others do such things directly in Apache/Nginx configuration.
  18. HTMLPurifier turned off in Preferences -> General?
  19. That said, if you don't feel like gaming, I'll write a PM in a minute with another solution.
  20. Yes, these are hard to catch. Usually a problem with one of the used Smarty templates or PHP code loading this template. First steps to find the issue includes finding a trigger to reproduce the problem. Which page to load to get another entry in the error log. Being able to reproduce a problem is the key to fix it. Did you perhaps edit templates? Replace them temporarily with their originals to find out whether this changes something. Another fairly simple procedure is to disable overrides. Does this remove the log report? Then the problem is triggered by one of the overrides. Next step would be to disable modules until the log entry vanishes. This narrows down the problem to just this module. Bug hunting is much like one of these early adventure games, where one had to look here and look there, collecting hints and ask questions in order to find the door to the next room. Then going on to the next room, finding more hints and more doors. At the end there is the glorious last room, where fixing just a typo magically morphs an error log entry into a newly appearing feature. There are more expert procedures, of course, like injecting PHP debugging code or attaching a debugger. For those which feel comfortable with it. Still the same kind of adventure game, just a bit faster.
  21. How disappointing. All the efforts to move thirty bees code to Guzzle, and now this: one of the other dependencies doesn't use it.
  22. 18 hours ago, unica e-shop said: Now to change the old domain for the shop to the new i had to buy another webspace/hosting on the same host Not really. Make the new domain pointing to the old hosting and it should work. No need to copy files around. This said, it looks like the new domain doesn't point to any IP address at all: > $ ping www.unicaedesign.dk > ping: www.unicaedesign.dk: Name or service not known A first step would be to get the DNS entry of the new domain right, else a browser can't ever find it.
  23. Nah, not delete the thread. Others want to learn as well. Perhaps next month or next year. Glad to see you got it solved.
  24. Is there perhaps another category or a product with the same name? This would result in the same URL. There's a module 'Duplicate URLs', which detects such issues.
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