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Dear thirtybees maintainers!

Let's discuss how to translate recent 30bz core and modules changes?

As far as i see, the your crowdin account does not reflects current state. As a quick decision, is it possible to make a subproject in the github (like thirtybees/translations) to allow people dl needed files in one bundle and then translate/install it on their 30bz instances?

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I mean, these "quick" solutions were the right thing to do to get the project started at all. Nobody would wait a year for a solid solution. We do have translations at all, that's the most important thing. Nevertheless, there is no free lunch. Quick solutions are almost always a lot more work long term. Eventually a whole group of developers is busy day-in, day-out with just maintaining such stuff.

Now is the time to get this done right. "Right", like implemented with an idiot-proof toolchain. Not that thirty bees developers are idiots, but an idiot-proof set of tools reliefs them from remembering how it works, liberating them to put their brainpower into more constructive issues.

Years ago, Makefiles were the tool of choice. These days we have build scripts (some might see this as a step backwards, but that's how web development is). Like this one: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.0.x/tools/validatemodule.sh. Thousand carefully crafted lines of Bash, just to make reasonably sure a developer releasing a module can't forget anything.

Next steps are to make the 1.0.5 release and enhance the release building process for core along the way. Then there's the new upgrader module on the schedule. And then there's probably time to take a visit in the translations machining room.

For merchants this means: thirty bees gets more reliable and more stable week by week. Some patience with the working, but sub-par translations mechanism now more than pays out in a couple of months.

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I offered to find quick/temp solution just because it already was discussion of this theme some times ago and solution wasn't found. I know, there's a crowdin project, which could be a good choise. But as i see, it is almost forgotten.

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