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Catalog price rules: discounts for multiple items of same category / manufacturer purchased




The catalog price rules are great and permit you to give discounts across categories and brands. However, this doesn't seem to be communicated properly to the customer.

An example to explain what I mean:

All products in category A receive 5% discount if 3 or more are bought.

When the customer visits a product page in category A, she will only see Volume Discounts like this:


This doesn't indicate anywhere, though, that the customer can mix and match any items within category A to receive the discount.

Is there a way to dynamically have this? So if it's across category A it'll say that, if it's for manufacturer M it'll say that?

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As far as I know there is no way to do it dynamically by default. What everyone usually does is putting a banner in each category that features the discount. Of course it can be done as a third party module, you'd have to fetch all rules for that specific product in the product controller, check the conditions and assign them to the template

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