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Hi there Can anyone help ..As a newbie :( .. I have been doing the newbie thing and have completely reset my modules to my site to almost nothing by unhooking stuff I shouldn't ... Is there a way to reset my site back to the original settings.. Or I am really trying to get my site to look something like ethicalpets (sorry if naming someones site is wrong ) I am assuming it is a bought template. Also do love the way how easy it is to put in a new module too

Thank You for any help

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Always do backups, After new install or begore installing new module(s), upgrading ti new version, etc. - in that case you can always restore your site's initial state.

In your case there's not enough info: which theme you use/installed. I will try to offer following steps to you: 1. If you use community theme bundled with TB, then you can try to install and apply any new theme 2. then uninstall community theme 3. Install community theme and apply it.

All this won't guarantee good result. Re-installing TB will give you needed result.

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Hi Thanks , it's just a standard install with bundled theme. I was hoping you wouldn't say that ..As I know it's my fault lol , also I should know about backing up as it's the first thing I do with zencart I'll try your suggestions in order

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