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  1. AndyC

    Error with a module

    Did a search and it may be your friendly URL's causing a issue .
  2. AndyC


    Thanks , I'll try that first as I can easily restore my site
  3. AndyC


    Had a look and there is indeed a update, will give it s shot this weekend , I gather it is just an un-install and reinstall
  4. AndyC


    Only have the community theme at the moment , but if theme comes with a 1 page checkout I may just buy it ,but would like to see it first
  5. AndyC

    Message for Lesley

    I am surprised he hasn't replied .. He has Pm'ed me 10 days ago about stuff.. I'm sure he will now once he sees this message
  6. I had a similar issue when I first set up ( couldn't sign up) .. I started from scratched and did 1 country at a time ...also try leave the postcode blank that gave me a hard time too
  7. AndyC


    Thanks.. I've already got that 1 and although it's nice it keeps breaking.. Right now I can't make any changes and it just disables itself when I do . The only way to get ti working again is to do a site restore
  8. WHat sort of error messages do you get. Try disabling all add ons and try. Double check address settings
  9. AndyC


    Do you have the 1 page checkout for this ,if so is it any good Thanks
  10. AndyC

    installing a presta module

    Or reset your website to a time before you did the change ... Although you should try and uninstall it first then remove via ftp
  11. I know you can remove the telephone number from module Configure Block Contact , not to sure about the rest
  12. AndyC

    Google Search Console

    I'm into Pewter.. For the past 8 years Xmas is my best time of year , but used to get quite a few order each month .. In January I compared 2018 to 2017 and was down by about 2 thousand pounds for the year ..Needless to say I was not happy
  13. AndyC

    Google Search Console

    There was google update near the end of last year that did the same to my main zencart shop , looked exactly the same
  14. AndyC

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    Judging by what's been said ,if you remove you wont see module updates until they finish the core updater
  15. AndyC

    Core updater vs thirtybees updater

    good question , never thought of that , but I realise where the files go though
  16. AndyC


    No but thanks for the website will take a look at it
  17. AndyC

    [solved] http instead of https

    I would get your hosting to recheck your SSL setting , might be someone turned off or missing
  18. AndyC

    The mysterious cheque module

    Have you tried to install it and uninstall ..A few modules have worked for me like that in the past when getting issues
  19. AndyC

    Expires Headers

    What is your take on these . I was testing my website on nibbler and it says I needed to add some expire headers on a few items. So I was trying to find out how to add them or at least how to add them and came across a article advising not to use them https://moz.com/blog/expires-headers-for-seo-why-you-should-think-twice-before-using-them So which way is best , or does it not even really matter either way... I am only asking as my site is 5 months old now and have not made a single sale , which is why I am trying to see what else I need to do
  20. AndyC

    Expires Headers

    Well you could call it dropshipping .. I am selling a lot of unique items of jewellery and as far as I know I am the only one selling these (apart from him) + from another site that I keep stock of . I've tried to use different wording to these websites apart from sizes and the fact it's Pewter...If I search for an item they always most appear on google around page 1 to 3 ( very few on page 1) ... It was really a test site for my main website which is with the dated Zencart..But I'll keep plodding along and carry on with products and page SEO Anyway was just wondering what people thought of expired headers
  21. AndyC

    Full page cache debug mode

    This feature doesn't work right now , so best to leave it off ..Well so I've been told 🙂
  22. I too have a pretty similar problem as my toaster is pretty slow as well
  23. AndyC

    Payment methods after sign in

    Don't think it will speed it up any. But I have tried to find ways to make it show without signing in as I find it weird not to, but haven't had much luck... Also trying to find a way to make the dispatch button be on by default as ATM you have to choose your delivery even though there is only 1
  24. AndyC

    Tab Style Login/Register

    Thank You Even works with my 1 page checkout
  25. AndyC

    Adding Tabs to Default Theme

    Thank you but am sorted now thanks to a great member tommat who talked me though each stage to get tabs working .. I have to say the default template looks 100% better with them all working