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Block Cross Selling v2.0.1 - Displays products on frontend that are flagged visibility: nowhere


So, we have this product, "Aanmaken of configureren account", this is marked as visible nowhere. In catalog or search the product really isn't visible, but the block cross selling product does show this product in frontend.

The product configuration: 0_1535096185962_303fa570-6fde-4774-88c1-bd6eb7d16954-image.png

Block Cross Selling: 0_1535096094807_e563b08c-e7bc-497d-a824-e4eeb7bcb78b-image.png

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To fix this, open /modules/crossselling/crossselling.php

Change: AND product_shop.active = 1 '.(Group::isFeatureActive() ? $sql_groups_where : '').'

To: AND product_shop.active = 1 AND p.visibility IN ("both", "catalog") '.(Group::isFeatureActive() ? $sql_groups_where : '').'

Make sure you clear cache in the BO performance page, then test. Hope this helps. :)

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