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Back Office side menu labels all prefixed with 'AdminParent' or 'Admin'




I've just installed TB locally (via xampp) for testing and it was all working fine as far as I could tell – though I'm new to this, so maybe not. Anyway, all I did was change the default language to English-GB, remove English-US and disable the Block Languages module. After that it suddenly started prefixing all the side menus with Admin' or 'AdminParent', thus:

alt text

They all still seem to work ok but it makes navigating them hard work.

I'm not sure if this is because of something I've done or a bug, but any help would be appreciated.


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Maybe on Windows OS? This OS is a known source of trouble, because it uses non-standard directory separators. And also not supported by the thirty bees team, we just accept patches.

In case it comforts you a bit, British English is translated by just 5%, so you'd get 95% US-English anyways: https://crowdin.com/project/thirty-bees/en-GB#

Strings for these menu entries are in file tabs on Crowdin.

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Thanks for the reply, Traumflug.

Yes, it is on Windows, but I thought xampp was supposed to take care of intrinsic differences like directory structure, separators, etc. I'd try it in a subdomain online, but I'd have to persuade my hosting company to make Thirty Bees available and that seems like a lot of hassle just to test it.

Something I discovered whilst waiting for this post's approval was that xampp actually uses MariaDB rather than MySQL – even though their config pages still refer to it as MySQL – and I wondered if that might have something to do with it. Although they reckon they're supposed to be structurally identical, given that MariaDB is a fork of MySQL.

As for the language thing: well I just wanted to ensure the front office didn't have the choice block and it seemed to make sense to add British English and make it the default at the same time. I'm not really bothered about US spelling in the back office.

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