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How to handle products that need to be in two main categories?


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These are just a few of the subcategories that have both USA Made and non-USA Made products and I need to distinguish which are which, especially because the customers (in the USA) look for USA Made.

Parent category is "home"

Dog Clothes - main

USA Made - main

Dog Dresses - subcategory Dog Hoodies - subcategory Dog Tank Tops - subcategory

How do I arrange the products without creating duplicate content?

Do I create image urls like the below?

https://www.alwayspaws.com/images/USA_made/dogclothes/dogdresses/example-dress.jpg; dog_clothes/dog_dresses/example-dress.jpg

Or how to handle this, please?

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The problem there, although it looks like a good suggestion, is that it will make non-USA made stand out more, which I don't want to do, because I don't want to limit my sales. About the image question, it is the URL I need to add to my csv so it uploads like I usually do it.

I have nine subcategories just in my dog clothes section and each section has several other subcategories.

Any other ideas, Anders? Here is the site: https://www.alwayspaws.com/


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Well, my jewelry is all USA made and so are the collars and leashes, but some tee shirts and hoodies are made outside the USA. There has to be some way to do this.

When I go to upload csv, it says you can't have the same name twice. That's sort of the problem.

"Note that the Category import does not support having two categories with the same name. Note that you can have several products with the same reference."

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@dprophitjr said in How to handle products that need to be in two main categories?:

@alwayspaws Use the features set. How about "Country of Origin" and child items of USA, Etc, Etc.

We're getting way ahead of my "experience" level! I just learned how to create attributes last month.

Denver, Do you have a screenshot of what it looks like, please?

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LOL. I still don't get it but it's not like it's a big secret. Still I'm glad the link is no longer in here, until I'm ready to share it. In any case, fyi, I'm 80% deaf from five y.o., so I speak more or less normally. Except when it comes to Siri who has about seven different names for my dog. lol

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I do that all the time when watching TV or youtube that has captions. Otherwise, I'm not watching tv or videos - I'm reading them. Miss out on a LOT. Facial expressions, etc. That's a nice offer, but thirty bees needs you for other technical stuff. If I have a real problem, I can ask you. youtube captioning is sometimes wild!

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