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Bug in stock to add product in backoffice


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I try to add product in backoffice, in a order but when i add the item....they reduct the stock two times. example: stock before add: 10 add in order: 2 expected stock result: 8 result in TB: 6

I solved here in controller/admin/AdminOrderController.php Line 2429 (comment the line): // StockAvailable::updateQuantity($orderDetail->product_id, $orderDetail->product_attribute_id, ($orderDetail->product_quantity * -1), $order->id_shop);

Line 2775: Before: // Update product available quantity StockAvailable::updateQuantity($orderDetail->product_id, $orderDetail->product_attribute_id, ($oldQuantity - $orderDetail->product_quantity), $order->id_shop); After: StockAvailable::updateQuantity($orderDetail->product_id, $orderDetail->product_attribute_id, ($oldQuantity - $productQuantity), $order->id_shop);

I dont right if this will impact in more places.... Thanks Mauro

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@traumflug said in Bug in stock to add product in backoffice:

Let's track this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/622

I put here, in production, to test more the solution and working fine with the sugestions. I think this is important to test and patch, about the impact in stock is big if use admin to make orders or update it. Thanks... Mauro

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