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Hi everyone!

In our store, we want to implement subscriptions to magazines. I found a few modules that technically allow this using Stripe. However, the real world and what these modules seem to be able to accomplish appear to be at odd.

We want to offer comic books subscriptions. However there are a lot of exceptions. Some have limited runs (6 issues), some are bimonthly, some have the first issue being more expensive than the others in the series. Some have annuals (a single issue, usually more expensive, released once a year in the midst of the run of a normal subscription).

Most modules seems to request to create a product, assign it a payment schedule and that is all. Is there a way to deal with all the exceptions by making them features? I am not super clear on the concept of features (and if we can add or remove amounts to them if necessary). How do we assign a series of titles to one subscription product, which the individual title price being taken into account when it is time to charge the subscription fee?

Any insights on/or similar experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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