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Too much languages available in multistore (bug?)




I am using multistore and I have 4 languages, EN, ES, IT, EN, DE. Each of them is only available in some stores. For example, Spanish shop only have Spanish language, swiss version only have French and German, and international sore have all of them.

Well, the problem is that the Swiss version, even if it has only 2 languages to be selected in the language selector (ch/fr or ch/de), have 4 languages available doing it manually (changing the language prefix) so Google is also indexing ch/es/ for example.

I have checked and the Swiss store only has French and German. As you can see in the screenshot Spanish is not available for the Swiss store 0_1539940559495_7f5e4c22-10d1-4445-b850-f642dda3e515-image.png

but you can get access anyway (also google) going here: https://www.lesielle.com/ch/es/

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